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  1. Hello! I'm relatively new to Iwaku, but I figured I'd give it a try showin' my art and stuff. I hope I'm doing this right..

    First, recent art!

    3R3RF3Q2FD23Q23QDrdmni3mqoewdeqw.PNG er423o8t2fneqfo3uygto3qjgqj48f4gf4ew93098r23tnlk4y53liw42.PNG 1e17b9883ae9fc4d91eff8a5f4fa196d.png

    A lot of doodles since I'm still getting used to my new tablet.

    Now some of favorite older pieces!

    vrewsgfvegfe42wf2ijeikeofcqwor.png x2y239r39r5329r32fdm23i2.png xr3292fd23ifm23308t2j43098t098534r51krfeqwgt.png

    Please enjoy!
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  2. 34wyq3u5uikraetdzmmtrear.png rr32dj9qwfq2g3.png wr423tr3trfqwgt2t4yt42yk5ew.png 5tjeajea54wa3q5j5jaej.png

    A lot of old chibi touhou doodles. Aaand..


    I was pretty proud of this one!
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  3. 5r4ajta5445u54u54uqwu.png j564wiuaetjdfskkk777i.png

    Most of my work is chibi, as you can see.

    ef2392f9k4209f209430943qtq0934.jpg ge3y5ujrara54ejtr6kjswaj6.png
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  4. tumblr_m618sr2vIR1qfrmvwo1_500.png tumblr_m9xvgrLAKr1qfrmvwo1_500.png tumblr_ma2k7jTuS81qfrmvwo1_500.png tumblr_mao9lf4oJx1qfrmvwo1_500.png

    The more I look back at my old art.. aughh, I thought I would hate it but man.. xD I'm REALLY proud.
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  5. 21rf3wqfdqwfewfwqi54aq.png
    Update! Heh, a commission I finished a couple hours ago.. ^^
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  6. Teach me your ways master! #O.O#
  7. Another commission I finished a bit ago. A scorpion gal. xD

  8. @9aia , Welcome to Iwaku,Thanky ou for sharing your work with us. First off, I love the style you use, event Though you have color, traces of the work and sketch lines remain, even in your more detailed work. Its unique and stands out to me.

    also SUPER CUTE!! Keep it coming, I can't wait to see more<33
  9. More pics! :D

    er231tr2314gy2.png rfd23qigf8423j9g2g4.PNG

    The couple there was a commission. Playin' some good ol' SNES. The other was a quick doodle of my character Devet. I don't draw him nearly as much as I'd like D:

    And thank you for the comments, guys. ^^ It makes me happy!
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