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What was your station to watch?

  1. Disney

  2. Nickelodeon

  3. Toon Disney

  4. ABC Family Saturday mornings

  5. PBS

  6. Cartoon network

  7. All of them

  8. Toonami

  9. Toon Disney

  10. Jetix

  11. Fox Kids

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  1. who misses the 90s tv shows. The shows were the best were you a Disney kid, nickelodeon kid, a cartoon network kid, ABC Sat kid, ABC family kid, PBS Kid, or a mix of all? Also what we're your favorite shows?
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  3. I tended to watch Disney, Jetix, Toon Disney (Both which later got turned into Disney XD.) and cartoon Network the most. Nickelodeon was my go to when all the other channels only had boring shows going.

    PBS and ABC didn't exist in my country as far as I know, but there was a channel named barnkanalen (kid channel), I never watched it though.

    It was quite interesting watching Nickelodeon as they sometimes aired shows in the wrong language. Sometimes they accidentally aired the Norwegian version instead of the Swedish version (which wasn't that big of a disaster considering our languages are so alike even a child can make out some of it). One of the channels (not sure which) also accidentally aired the English version of cartoon shows at times. They aren't supposed to air non-swedish versions on kid channels as the younger audience can't understand it. The only exception was the live-action series which always had Swedish subtitles instead of a Swedish dubbing. (Now a days they dub all the shows if they are for kids, but they tend to air the subbed versions from around 8 PM when most younger kids are asleep.)

    I didn't really have a favorite show, but I tended to lean towards darker or more action filled shows. Teen titans, Darwking Duck, Kim possible, batman beyond, courage the cowardly dog, A.T.O.M alpha teens on machines, Martin Mystery, Justice league, spider-man, totally spies, etc.
  4. lol Yush
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  6. As Razilin pointed out, where the fuck is Toonami?

    Where the fuck is Fox Kids/Jetix for that matter?

  7. all of them slipped my mind
  8. real, the phail is
  9. Toonami is a part of Cartoon Network guys!

    As for me, on Saturday mornings, I watched FoxBox/4Kids religiously :) When I was a kid, I watched KNO Kids religiously as well XD

    After school I would either watch Toonami or this:


    Of course I watched Disney Channel and Nickelodeon whenever I could and let's not forget trying to stay up late to watch Adult Swim ;)
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  10. I channel surfed everywhere. xD
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  11. Those are almost all American networks >:|

    Where's my YTV Canada? Teletoon?? TSSSS

    But yeah I watched a mix of English and French networks, I remember a bunch of shows but I have no idea what the titles are. French networks were Télétoon and Canal Famille (which later became VrakTV)
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  12. Teletoon at Night still exists, but no longer shows anime. The only two real cartoons they even show are Bob's Burgers and Archer, the latter of which they play twice, because fuck you. Otherwise, they just lift shows from Disney channels now. If you're wondering why that is, it's because Corus Media took 100% control over them and YTV. They also manage the following localization channels: Cartoon Network, Disney, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr.

    With no serious competition left in the market, it allowed them to go 110% lazy and cheap on programming, thus essentially killing foreign imports completely, and rendering most of the programming into Disney show reruns.

    I'm so glad we have a CRTC made to stop monopolization directly authorize this current catch-22 situation that all the channels one could feasibly use for children's programming and animation being near unanimously owned by the same people.


    Can't go home again.
  13. I did not have access to any of these channels until the 2000s.
  14. PBS because up until a certain age, I wasn't allowed to watch anything else. :/

    Also, no cable. :/
  15. Ok, so, I don't normally label myself as a "90s kid" because, having been born in 1996, I don't actually remember the '90s, and so I feel like I can't relate to the usual '90s kid shtick of being nostalgic for the '90s because it seems like most of the pop culture-y things that people associate with '90s kids are just ever so slightly before my time. But I'm going to ignore all of that for right now and vote in the poll anyway because HOLY SHIT PEOPLE ARE ACKNOWLEDGING THE EXISTENCE OF JETIX. O_O

    I don't think I had any friends who watched that channel when I was a kid (or even had a cable package that aired it), and I never heard anyone talk about it. It also probably doesn't help that the #1 show I watched there -- Digimon -- was one that hardly anyone seemed to care about.

    Although, now that I think about it, I'm honestly having a hard time thinking of other shows that I used to watch on Jetix... I know there were TV show spinoffs of a whole bunch of different Disney movies, like Hercules, The Emperor's New Groove, Lilo & Stitch, Alladin, The Little Mermaid, and probably others... Although I remember next to nothing about most of those shows, and I don't think I watched much of any of them. o_o EXCEPT for the LILO & Stitch TV show. That one was good. ALTHOUGH... weren't all these Disney movie spin-offs on Toon Disney, not Jetix? The fuck did I spend all that time on Jetix watching?





    ALSO, I wish we could choose more than one poll answer, because I spent a lot of time watching Toon Disney, too.

    Speaking of which!! House of Mouse -- maaaan I remember that show. I'm a sucker for crossovers, so, an actual licensed Disney show that just tossed a whole bunch of Disney characters in the same building together and let them play off of each other? That got my attention pretty quick, even if the actual crossover-y bits were only on in between the cartoon shorts that each episode centered itself around.

    ALSO!! I don't remember whether this was on Toon Disney or Jetix, but, in any case -- there was that Buzz Lightyear TV show. I remember being disappointed that I could hardly ever find any episodes, because I just really liked the idea of it. For those unaware: it's Buzz Lightyear, but, in this show, he's actually a space ranger, and definitely not a toy. :P Basically, the idea is that this is the character and series that the Buzz toy from the movie is supposed to be based on. So, it has hardly anything to do with Toy Story proper, except... real space ranger Buzz is in it, doing campy sci-fi stuff, and battling Zurg's evil forces and all that. :P (Oh and uh, the little green dudes from the claw machine in the movie are there, too. I don't think the makers of the movie originally intended for them to be part of the same toy line as Buzz, but, eh -- they're aliens, so they fit the setting well enough. :P )

    ...I don't know why I rambled so much about that one show. I don't remember anything particularly spectacular about it. Like I said, I didn't even catch that many episodes! I just remember thinking the general concept of the show was really cool. XD
  16. Ren and Stimpy was my jam. I can't believe to this day I was allowed to watch it. XD
  17. yeah exactly that shit was bad lol
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  18. YTV was the bomb back in the day, Snit's station, the Zone when Snit was still covered in the purple bubblegum as I called it. Teletoon Friday nights, those were amazing. Man such nostalgia.
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  19. I watched them all! Nickelodeon was where it was at though. I remember the days of You Can't do that on Television, Salute your Shorts, and Hey Dude. I feel so old now. :(

    Ren and Stimpy was forbidden in my house. At the time I didn't understand why. Now that I'm an adult and have kids of my own, I totally get it. But hey, where else was I going to learn not to piss on an electric fence?
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