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Hey There! All these plots are based on old cartoons that I grew up on (feel free to offer some). In my RPs they are all older than seventeen years old. Also, they are romances.
I will let you know a little about my writing style. I only write in third person, and depending on my muse, I will write four-eight sentences to even two paragraphs. My muse comes and goes... However, I try to match your length... That being said... I do not do one-liners. I refuse to do one liners. Also, I wouldn't call myself 'picky' but if I am spoken to (even outside of RP) like this: i dont know wat you doin .....I most likely won't reply. I have a thing for capitalization and punctuation marks... Also, no text talk.

General Rules
››Must be able to paragraph, though it will not always happen. I am a busy person, as are you, so short replies will happen but I would love for them to be five or more lines.
››No OOC drama, don't have the time for it.
››Do not treat me like shit, nor treat my character like shit. If its the personality there will be a line you should not cross.
››Plot with me first before you send me a starter.
››Be willing for OOC conversations.
››No text talking.
››Sex allowed if 18+, but, plot driven.

Libertine Rules: None of our Roleplays need to be sexual. I am perfectly okay to fade to black.
››18+, I refuse to smut with a minor.
››No Scat, Gore (if blood only by biting), Torture, Harsh Pain, Gagging, or Fisting.
››No Characters under seventeen, Tenticals, or Futas.
››Alvin and Chipmunks will not be sexual at all.

Italicized will indicate my roles.
Bold will indicate my cravings.
Do not need to use the plots I provided. (When I first started I had lots of plots and then forgot.)
I would also do a character's OC children.

Cartoon Network:
Dexter x Blossom: Dexter and his family moved into Townsville.
Mandark x DeeDee
Dexter x Robin Snyder: Robin is from The Powerpuff Girls. Dexter and his family moved into Townsville.
Dexter x OC
Mandark x Dexter
Brick x Blossom
Brick x Buttercup: Blossom broke up with Brick or never got with him and Buttercup just got dumped by Butch because he ran away or he died in the last fight. Brick decided to help his friend for comfort.
Butch x Blossom: Pretty much above.
Butch x Buttercup: Buttercup broke up with Butch for an unknown reason in High School, so he ran off. Its five to eight years later. Buttercup is with Mitch and has a little mini-Butch. Butch returns, mainly for his brothers but he had no clue for a son too. He originally planned to stay away from BC.

Mitch x Buttercup
Ruffs x Puffs: Triple up.
Kevin x Edd

Eddy x Sarah
Edd x Marie: Secret relationship.
Kevin x Marie
Eddy x Lee: Edd ended up going to rehab, after thinking of himself as a failure for graduating his Junior and Freshman year. Ed turned into a Steroid driven man. Everyone else seemed to have either moved away or have a too fucked up life to even notice Eddy alone.. That is until the Kanksters move back.
Jimmy x Male OC
Jimmy x Sarah
BammBamm x Pebbles
Johnny Bravo x Velma
Shaggy x Velma
Alvin x Brittany
Simon x Jeanette
Theodore x Elanor

Nikelodeon Shows:
OC x Eliza Thornberry
Donnie Thornberry x OC: Surely as an adult or teenager he speaks English.
Otto Rocket x OC
Squid x Reggie
Twister x Reggie
Lars x Reggie

Otto x Twister
Otto x Clio
Tommy x Lil
Tommy x Kimmi
Tommy x Chuckie
Phil x Kimmi
Chuckie x Lil
Chuckie x Angelica
Phil x Ginger Foutley
Darren x Ginger
Carl x OC
Arnold x Angelica
Arnold x Helga
Harold x Phoebe

Disney Shows:
TJ x Spinelli
Vince x Spinelli
Vince x Gretchen
Gus x Gretchen
Mikey x Male OC
Bad Boy OC x Spinelli
Ron Stoppable x Kim Possible
Tino x Lor
Carver x Tish
Tino x Tish

Other Shows:
Charlie Brown x Lucy
Linus x Sally​
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