9 Ways to Avoid getting hit by the Banhammer in the Face.

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    Dedicated to Vay's ban list.

    In some cases, you are very mad at the admins. for banning you but you haven't done anything. WRONG. They are never wrong, & in some points, you have done something very fatal without you even noticing. If you are a good user of Iwaku & you are very scared of getting hit by the almighty Banhammer of Iwaku, then follow the rules that will most probably gonna save your account here on this site. Don't be afraid to put in other rules or put in questions.

    1.) Read the Rules & Regulations & Terms of Use before you Sign - Up

    Is my Age appropriate to use this site? Can I use Swear Words? Can I be a giant pain in the ass in here? Can I post in ads of my sites in here? How would I know? By reading the Rules & Regulations first before you sign - up to at least any forum. Even if you signed up already without reading the Rules & Regulations, you can still read the Rules & Regulations. Not reading the rules leads to warnings, wierd virtual punishments, limited ban, or maybe even permanent bans. So, try to read the Rules & Regulations before & after you sign yp, so you don't get screw - ups.

    2.) Try to use as much Real Info as much as possible when you Sign - Up

    This is shouted out to freshies from Iwaku, or guys who are about to sign - up. Typing in Real Information to forums help you relieve the weight from your chest. Lying to a forum such as Lying about your Age will get you BANNED. First of all, don't use fake emails, many sites need verification, & it will save you from losing extra time making do-overs. If you don't wanna use your real name (for security, in your face creepers!), trying explaining to the admins. that reason is acceptable, but don't push your luck, many keep milking this advantage, and those milkers get banned. Also, if you want to share your location, try to make it true. You have a good chance of getting banned if the admins. catch you lying. Making some corny jokes in the location section here is acceptable so your safe.

    3.) Try to Stop doing these Things as much as Possible

    You know that if your a jerk, you get banned right? Everyone knows that rule, it's common sense. & Becoming a Jerk can be very fatal, & most users don't know it. (Those bastards) By all rights, doing these things excessively will get you banned. Permanently. So, try to stop doing these things as much as possible.

    - Being Literate

    I'm gonna try to cover this up quickly, being Literate is bad, & you literate players should feel bad. Bastard sons of bitches. Admins. will throw rocks at you, hit you with a big fucking trout, & other bad things you don't wanna know. Users will report you, well, I, for one, will report you & falcon punch you in the Balls. HARD. They won't even give you chances, they will ban you right on the spot. I know what the title says, but this thing is an exception. Stop doing this thing. I mean, NOW.

    - Swearing

    Yeah, the site may allow it, but we all know some children are using this forum, & we don't wanna influence children with these nasty words. So, try to use it sometimes but not too much. Besides, swearing too much is annoying, & admins will probably ban you.

    - Spamming

    Spamming is basically posting one subject over & over again, often to annoy users, or just basically trolling other users. This Spamming Incidents usually involve advertising one's website. Don't be an Attention Whore people! I hate Attention Whores.

    Note: Spamming is very different in each websites. Ofcourse websites are very different, with unique aspects. A good to know fact of mine is don't spam if it's not about general conversation.

    - Using Cat Grammar

    There are millions of users in the Internet that use Leet Speak (1337) & just really type things in incorrect grammars (oh mai gad, dis is very gud) Some forums dislike that kind of posts, some forums accept it, but repeating that kind of posts can be very annoying if you abuse thine power of thy Cat Grammar.

    - Threatening to Sue a User for the Wrong Reasons

    Trying to report the police to some guy who tried to threaten you with rape is the good reason to call 911. I have known some incidents where a guy sued a user for not looking at his website, & plus, he lied to the administrator. So you know what? The user got banned, & after a cpouple of months, the guy got banned too. Yeah you may escape justice, but you can only do it once. So, it's a win then lose moment. So, try not doing it, because it's very rare an admin. can forgive you.

    - Being a Complete Pain in the Ass

    Yeah, this is pretty much the most used reason why admins. ban people, & why users report guys. Yeah you can't be a pain in the ass, but admins. can be a pain in the ass, they have their reasons, & they control the forum you joined in, so it's okay if they are a total hypocrite.

    - Trolling

    Trolling is basically an action that pranks people in the internet & real life just for the joy of watching people get harmed or be stuck in some sort of situation. Trolling is basically acceptable, for the 2-3 times, but doing it many times gets annoying. With the regular TROLOLOL Scene, it's annoying. Stop it, please stop. Trolling when your a freshie can make the admins. get convinced that aren't a genuine user, making it easier to get banned. & to the ones that got trolled, don't give attention to them. The main purpose of getting the Attention they wanted. So don't feed the Trolls. End of Story.

    4.) Don't brag about getting banned from another forum

    Being Banned is a Punishment to be embarassed about, not an achievement to be proud of. If you got banned from another forum, bragging it in here will make the admins. that why would they invite you the forum anyways? Your already a troublemaker. GTFO of here!

    5.) Don't post off - topic

    That's why they made different forums: "General Chatting", "Group Roleplays", & "Roleplay Institute". Posting Off - Topic is a very bad mistake you can ever make in a forum. Dude, they have different forums, & you posted off - topic. Doing that mistake can make you a psychopathic lunatic, so if your not an idiot, don't make this mistake. If you want to, post your own thread, on your group!

    6.) Think before you post!

    Many forums have sorts of rules of what is accepted & what is prohibited. So try to follow rule #1 always & if you think your post doesen't fit the rules of the forum, then don't even post it.


    EVEN IF YOU ARE GONNA DO THIS SENTENCE WITHOUT AN EXCLAMATION MARK is still shouting. & it's rude. Only use this if you want to shout virtually :) because always doing it like that is rude, & your gonna get a warning or two or just on the spot banned if you keep doing that.

    8.) Do not Advertise your own Website in the Wrong Forum

    It's like the rule num. 5, don't Advertise your own Website in the Wrong Forum. That's why we have the Off - Site Advertisements Forum for. So, be careful where you post okay?

    9.) If a User keeps being rude to you, report it!

    Don't retort to violence, it will get you Banned too. Just Report them & your off the hook. If the User didn't get banned anyways. Just P.M any Staff Member or Adminstrator such as: Vay, Grumpy, Diana etc.

    If you follow the rules then you will have a good chance you'll thrive in Iwaku! So, to sum it up: Be a Good Boy & Girl so you don't get punished by Daddy Iwaku, okay? Now, go along & let's do more RPs!


  2. This is misleading. o___o The only real info we require is people's age (because of legal issues) and a working email address (so you can access your account if you have problems). Nothing else matters.

    This is not true. >> Me not liking the word literate is a personal preference. This is not against site policies at all.

    I don't think we have EVER banned someone for swearing too much. O__O

    No one has ever been banned on the spot for shouting all the time. D: I'd have to ban MYSELF for it!

    In fact most of those things will not get you banned, just complained at. >>; Not unless you were running around doing all of them at the same time and being a huge jackass. O___O

    You should always be more familiar with site policy before instructing other members on it! :D THAT is how many members get in accidental trouble when they spread misinformation.
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  3. I think I'll summarize how to avoid getting banned in one easy to remember rule which @Diana could easily support.

    #1: Don't be a creepy pedophilia-peddling asshole who lights threads on fire for no reason and stalks members of the site, especially if they're underaged.

    The rest, as they say, can be managed.
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  4. We ban people for swearing now?

    What a massive, steamy pile of shite biscuits. I'm gonna get the cunts who decided this.
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  5. lurkmoar
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  6. You think anything ca save you from my list? It is as fickle and changing as the winds of the warp.

    *Shoves a bar of industrial soap into Grumpy's mouth.*

    In seriousness though "Don't be a dick" is pretty much all you need to remember.
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  7. ^ the golden rule, yo.