9 Lives Gone in One Go

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  1. Kastra McLinin was sitting at her desk as she looked at the papers she needed to grade this evening or else risk not getting them done at all. Fifty ten-pages papers from 50 students that didn't give a crap about the topic. Well, she hoped they cared, but many times they didn't. She picked up the first paper in one hand and a beer in her other hand. She was tired, exhausted from previous days that seemed to run together. She had been so busy with her new classes and getting the papers turned in that she hadn't been allowed to change her shape like she was so used to.

    "Screw it," she grumbled, putting the paper back down and chugged the last of her beer, the small buzz it was giving her allowing her to act this way. She jumped around the desk, getting her stiff muscles ready for what she needed them to do.

    She closed her eyes and stretched her arms over her head as she grinned and allowed her body to change. Panther. That would relax her the most of all her shapes. She could feel extra bones beginning to build near her tailbone, creating a tail that formed up and out the top of her pants. She shimmied her hips a little, making the pants lower so the tail wasn't in such an uncomfortable position. Next a pair of flexible black ears appeared on the top of her head which twisted and caught up with the rest of her senses.

    "Myah!" she said with a giggle as she stretched again and bent over, tail lashing over her back, getting used to having one again. She didn't hear anything but the popping of bones into the right spot to accept her new tail and ears and the shifting of her hand bones to form clawed fingers.
  2. Andrew Gregor was failing this class, and it was his fault that he was.
    Miss McLinin was riding him on the ten page paper he wrote and when[​IMG]
    he was going to turn it in. Honestly he didn't care, he just wanted to make
    it through college.

    He didn't care that Miss McLinin was going to give him
    a bad grade or anything. All he cared about was his artwork. Too bad
    she didn't care about that either.

    It was like she didn't have one single good fiber in her and it made Andrew
    mad. Andrew's parents only paid for him to go to the college to be able to
    earn a degree in becoming a lawyer. Just like every other parent in the world.
    He didn't hate his life, but he was more irritated at this point in time than any

    His friends were all doing well in this class too. They said it was "easy" and you
    didn't have to do much work. They sometimes don't get the perspective Andrew
    is in. All the advice they could give him is that he should work harder.

    Now that the paper was turned in all he could think about was how
    he was going to do bad in this class and would have to retake it next
    semester, which wasn't according to plan. Andrew sat on his couch while
    his roommate was out and thought about it for an hour.
    Finally he after much contemplation it was time to beg, as in get on his knees
    and beg for a chance to redo the paper.

    Andrew walked over to Miss McLinin's classroom and walked inside.
    She wasn't in the class room so she must have been in her office.
    Step by step he walked as his heart began to beat like a drum.
    Then he reached the door and put his hand on the doorknob.
    He turned the knob and saw something that he had never seen before.
    "Excuse me Miss McLinin- AHH." Andrew closed the door and put his
    back to the door and looked out into the classroom.
    "What the hell was that?"

  3. The woman froze from tip of black velvet ears to tip of her tail. The woman had been so involved in the ecstasy that her shifting was giving her that she hadn't had time to react to the door opening. There she stood body stretched out making it very obvious that she had a tail and ears. "Shit!" She hissed, quickly hiking up her pants as she gathered the shifting energy back into her body, making tail and ears slip back into her body as fast as she coould without causing permanent damaage.

    When she was done she straightened her appearance and went to the door with the coolest look she could muster. Opening it ahe looked at the yound man that had just seen a part of her that very few people had ever seen before. "Mr. Gregor would you like to explain why you opened my door, screamed and then slammed it ahut likethat
    when I am busy grading papers?"
  4. Eternal's last post that was lost due to website crash:

    Andrew held his back to the door and didn't know what to do. His heart was beating faster than it ever has.
    Was that a panther in her office?
    Andrew looked behind him and saw the door was still closed, he may have time to leave.
    He began to creep away when the door opened behind him.
    Andrew almost jumped until her realized that it was her.
    "Mr. Gregor would you like to explain why you opened my door, screamed and then slammed it like that
    when I am busy grading papers?"

    "Oh, I'm sorry I just wanted to speak to you" replied Andrew.
    Andrew put his hands and his pockets and looked up at her. Then he looked into the room.
    As he looked in he didn't see the panther that where it was sitting before.
    "Excuse me Miss McLinin, was there a... black pillow or something in there?"
    The woman looked at him and then smiled, shaking her head. "No, there wasn't. I don't keep pillows in my room. Far too much of a temptation to lay down and sleep when I don't have time for it," she said without even looking over to where he had seen her either fully transformed or half-transformed. Act as if nothing is wrong or he saw nothing. Don't play into his hands like that. she warned herself.

    She straightened her back and turned away, going back to her desk. Slowly she tipped the beer bottle off her desk into the trash can so that she wouldn't be considered a bad example. "Come in, I was just about to start your paper. What did you want to discuss Mr. Gregor?"
  5. "I... I wanted to talk about my paper." He looked around trying to see if there was some sort of black object that would resemble... a panther. Andrew could not wrap his head around this. "Anyway, I really don't want to fail this class and I was wondering if I may do my paper." He looked at her hoping for some compassion in her eyes. "I recently uh.. I have been having some personal issues that have conflicted with my work. " Maybe that would work he thought. "I'm not sure what it is but something has been bothering me and I have not been able to work." Andrew could not push away the feeling that something was wrong here.

    "Is everything OK in here, ma'am?
  6. She considered the young man before looking down at the paper she held in her hand. He had the potential to do great things in her class. Hell, they all did if they but tried. "You know my policy on redoing paper, Mr. Gregor," she said as she fingered the paper. She was very strict. If a student could provide evidence and documentation to explain their lack of a good grade or product, she would allow one re-do a semester, many couldn't get past the evidence and documentation part.

    But maybe it was the alcohol in her system. "Andrew, you have been relatively non-responsive to all of my attempts to help you get motivated in my class. I have seen this before in young men and women that don't care about the subject at all. Why should I let you redo the paper? Why should I open myself to being questioned by others--hiccup!"

    Oh it was definitely the alcohol. As she hiccuped, she jumped a little and bit her lip as she felt the one thing she couldn't let happen, happen. Her tail popped out behind her. As much as she sat there the black, fuzzy tail trembled, lashing back and forth. Lords she hoped that it blended in with the black leather chair she was sitting in.

    "Excuse me. I just got finished eating a lot and I end up hiccuping," she covered quickly.
  7. Andrew had hoped that he would be able to get a little slack from the teacher. "You know my policy on redoing paper, Mr. Gregor." That was all she needed to say. Pretty much he would fail the class and retake it, too bad he didn't want to. He looked at her as she kept talking about redoing the paper and responsibility. This isn't high school anymore, why is it this hard? He then was all of the sudden startled by her hiccups.

    "Why is she hiccuping?" Andrew thought this as she moved back to her seat, giving some excuse about eating. Then Andrew new something was up. He looked at her with a brow raised and let her sit down. "Are you sure nothing is going on? Not to intrude but something seems to be wrong." Andrew gave a fake look of being worried and waited for her to answer. Maybe he could rope her into giving him a good grade.
  8. Kastra couldn't allow the students to know that she indulged in some appropriate (in her mind at least) drinking when grading their papers. But that was far from her mind as she felt every nerve ending on high alert as her tail continued to try to lash back and forth behind her. Panic was starting to form, like she was trapped somewhere with no way out. "I-I just-" she stared to say before another hiccup interrupted her.

    Out popped a pair of velvet black ears as her eyes widened in sudden surprise and she slipped off her chair as if she had fallen, hiding behind her desk in hopes that she would be able to contain the situation and said that it was just a trick of the light. At least she hoped it was only that. After all, black ears against her lighter brown hair were going to be pretty hard to miss. "I'm sorry Andrew, could you come back another time? I will hold off on grading yours until we've had a chance to discuss it but I don't think right now could be the best time. "
  9. "I-I just-" she stared to say before another hiccup interrupted her.... that was it.

    Andrew looked at her as she fell out of the chair. There was obviously something going on. Was she having an affair with another man? Was there a drug session in progress. Andrew had to jump at the chance. He quickly unraveled plans to be able to get a good grade and keep it for the rest of the quarter. His plot slowly unraveled like opening a chest full of treasure, he hatched an idea.

    "Miss McLinin, maybe we could work something out. There is obviously something going on here, and I know it." Andrew moved back to the door and locked it, to ensure that he would win her over. Andrew moved to the desk and put both his hands flat on it, waiting for her to get up. "I may not speak about this to the dean, if we can come to an agreement." He looked around just to see if anyone was there if there was an affair going on. "This can be beneficial to both of us, all I need is a good grade. All I need to do is pass, nothing more nothing less." Andrew looked over the desk waiting for her response.
  10. The sound of the lock sliding into place was obvious to her feline ears as she sat there, back ram-rod straight as panic started to take hold of the woman. She scooted underneath the desk as she felt him lean onto her desk, hoping to hide there until he went away. "Andrew, just leave. Honestly, I'll wait until Monday to grade yours if you can get me a good solid copy by then I'll grade more leniently." she called from beneath the desk, not moving to expose her secret if he didn't already know what was wrong. "You have no proof anything is going on. Now just go."
  11. Andrew breathed knowing he had won. All he would have to do the rest of the semester is actually study, and not go to parties. To a college boy, it would be hard to give it up. Andrew knew it was is time to leave but there was still the lingering feeling that there was something going on. He looked around the room once again then looked down at the desk. The way she acted triggered his detective like instincts whenever he stayed up late watching black and white detective movies. Again he looked around the room, but then he realized he shouldn't compromise what she had given him.

    "Thank you for understanding, Miss McLinin." Andrew unlocked the door and walked back to his dorm room. That night he was be kept up by the thoughts of what Miss McLinin was doing.
  12. The woman sagged under her desk and covered her gaze with half-morphed paws, her control over her secret getting tougher to hold in after the shock. An idea hit her as she muffled a panther's whimper. Crawling out from under her desk only after she'd heard no one even move an inch near her for a good long while, she forced her hands to shape back into human ones before she grabbed the lad's paper and turned it over after writing a giant 0 on the front page.

    Her gaze flashed angrily as she wrote a very simple but anonymous note.

    Threaten her again and I'll let Kala here eat you.

    Once it was rolled up and tied to a collar she procured from a drawer, she put the collar on and stripped. The second the last inch of fabric touched the floor, she shifted fully, holding back non of the affects as slender body turned into that of a panther's as black as night. Catching his scent, she slinked down the corridor and towards the dorm room. Twenty minutes later she had finally slipped into the dorm's and was just outside his door. Slowly, she padded at the door, much like a cat would do before adding a dainty mew.
  13. Andrew tossed and turned in his bed all night, not being able to sleep. Miss McLinin had something under her sleeve and Andrew couldn't push off the feeling something was wrong. Was he too aggressive? Andrew looked up at the top bunk and saw that his roommate wasn't there. He must have been partying late that night. Andrew moved around the room trying to do something to make him tired, so he decided to go on a walk. He put on his coat and hat and headed out the door. Then he noticed the panther...
  14. Kastra sat there, watching him. Her body was a tight coil of muscle as she rose from where she had sat and stepped over, bowing her head so that he could see the scroll tied to her collar. With a shake of her head it fell free. Looking up at him one last time with a warning in her gaze she turned and padded away, leaving him with the threat. Hopefully he took it seriously. She returned at a run to her office and slipped into her human form and then into her clothes before collapsing, exhausted onto her couch. She hoped no one would bother her as her eyes slowly slipped shut.
  15. Andrew opened the door ready to go on a long walk but was stopped. The panther sat at the door looking at him, fear grasped his heart. He could feel that this was his last day but instead it stood up and laid a note on the ground. Andrew looked at the panther as if he was a statue looking down at people passing by him. The panther then moved away from the dorm room and out the door. Andrew watched in awe, had no one seen this panther pass by? He walked over to his couch, forgetting about the note then passed out.
  16. Miss McLinin sleep until late the next afternoon, the shape changing destroying her resolve to finish the grading she knew she needed to get done. When she awoke she was content to simply lounge on the couch for another good hour before she stood and went to the mini-fridge that she kept in her office for night just like the last one. Downing half of a beer, she turned and looked at the papers before going over and sitting down. What she had done was stupid. It could have gone so wrong. She just hoped that it had gotten her point across. He would receive an F on the paper and she didn't care what he had to say about it. Or so she thought. Groaning she shook her head as she thought about her actions. She should have been able to control herself. Was that really how she was going to leave it?

    Sighing she pushed herself up and left the room, ignoring her dreadful appearance, stepping towards the on-campus bar that would be opening soon. She needed something stronger than a beer.
  17. Andrew woke up with his pillow in his arms and no blanket. His roommate didn't come home that night so he would have to drive to the frat house to pick him up, like usual. He stood up, got dressed, and made a cup of coffee then headed out. Andrew drove out and saw Miss McLinin's office. Chills ran down his back and he drove by but something bothered him. Was that panther sent by her? His plan most likely didn't work but he knew he had to do something. Failing this paper would be the end of him. Andrew pulled around to the classrooms and headed to her classroom once again not sure of what to do. He walked into her classroom again and looked at the door, then he knocked.
  18. Kastra was behind him as he entered the room. Carrying a bottle of the strongest liquor she had been able to get she stopped as she watched him knock this time. Sighing she walked up behind him and reached passed without saying a word, opening the door with her key, her body mere inches from his. "What is it that you wish to speak about Mister Gregor? You made your intentions quite clear last night before you left. Did you want to make some adjustments to your demands or something?" she asked dully as she pushed the door open and then slipped passed him, going straight for the couch where she slumped and opened the bottle expertly.
  19. Andrew looked at her as she passed and opened the door, noticing the liquor in her hand. He tilted his head at her as she walked in. Andrew was clearly caught off guard by this. He moved into her office and leaned up against the wall. "Look, there really is something up." Andrew folded his hands and put them to his chest. "I have no idea what it is but I doubt the drinking is helping. I may have been rough last night but everyone needs help." Andrew could be a very manipulative person but he knew that something was going on. No one just walks into their office with, he paused for a moment thinking of the right word, that. Andrew looked at the bottle of liquor that he had drank before but only on special occasions, because Andrew wasn't the most avid drinker.

    Andrew ran his hand through his hair and paced around the room. "I just can't wrap my head around this." He looked at Kastra unfolding his hands and puts his hands into his pockets. "Did you know last night that a panther came to my door?"
  20. Kastra took a sip directly from the bottle as she peered at him. Perhaps it was the fact that she knew she had lost and was hating it, or the fact that the alcohol was working it's way through her system like a fire through dry lands. Either way it went, she was tired of the game--wait. A game! That was it! She sat straight up, eyes flashing to life. She had not thought of this like a game. She put the bottle off to the side, face lighting up. This could be a game. A fun game. It had been such a long time since she'd played with anyone that didn't know what she was.

    "You don't know what is up and yet you are blackmailing me with it?" she asked, rising from the couch to slowly approach him. She moved in such a way that her body was between his and the exit as she let her control slip just the tiniest of bits. She blinked once and tilted her head, eyes changing almost instantly to the dark panther ones from the night before that had stared up at him as he had remained frozen in place. "A panther Mister Gregor? Are you sure you weren't dreaming? Panthers have not been seen in these parts in ages." She blinked again and her eyes returned to normal, head tilting to the other side.