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  1. See. The only fetishes I don't like are Scat, foot licking and people getting turned on by pee..p

    Anyways I prefer Yaoi MxM and I prefer some mythical creature like demon, etc.

    I also like being sub but I can do dom!

    Also I would love to do some Fandoms!

    * this means I want to do it. The more *'s the more I want to do it!

    Sword Art Online - ******* [ PLEASE ]

    Attack on Titan - ********* [ PLEASE ]

    Hybrid Child - ***** [ Let's do this!!! Eh? ^.^ ]

    Fairy tail - *** [ I like it., but not love a RP about this. But we can do it still! ]

    Percy jackson/ Heroes of Olympus (books) - ***** [ Let's do this!!! Eh? ^.^ ]

    So notify me here! Also, if I don't reply after a day I was busy, ignored it cause of something, or Notifs went funky. If I don't reply after a day, PM me! That'll probably catch my attention. :)
  2. Sword art online? Mxm
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  3. Yesss! @MyInsanity

    PM me!

    Also Dom or Sub or.. I would love to be dom! But I can be sub too!
  4. I'd love to do a SNK yaoi role play with you! I'd prefer sub too.
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  5. Snk? You mean Sao? Anyways awesome! Send me a pm!
  6. Attack on titan is snk... Shingeki no kyojin...
  7. Oh! Yeah! I never put it like that.. XD