80's Movies! (F Looking for M/Double)

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Hey guys, so I've been binge watching a lot of my favorite 80's movies these past couple of days (don't judge :P) and it got me really in the mood to roleplay that specific era of films. Unfortunately... I'm only interested in Canon/OC pairings, but I am willing to double for you if need be. I am also willing to write more casually for those who normally write between 1-2 paragraphs and/or just stick with my normal 4+ paragraphs for my more advanced partners. But, the only things I ask of you is to have good spelling and grammar, be detailed, no CS's, no god-modding/power-play, and no one/two-liners.

So without further ado; here's my top list of favorites I want to do:

- The Goonies
(Looking for Brand)

- Near Dark
(Looking for Severen)

- Top Gun
(Looking for either Maverick or Iceman)

- Top Secret
(Looking for Nick Rivers)

- Indiana Jones
(Looking for Indy)

- Aliens
(Looking for either Corporal Hicks* or Private Hudson)

- The Terminator
(Looking for Kyle Reese)

- The Princess Bride
(Looking for Westley)

- Blade Runner
(Looking for Decker)

- Footloose
(Looking for Ren McCormack)

- Earth Girls Are Easy
(Looking for Mac)

- Fright Night
(Looking for Jerry)

- Robocop
(Looking for Alex Murphy/Robocop)​
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