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  1. About to kill note childhood memories so you've been warned.

    Remember the dad of the show? Played by Stephen Collins? Well, he admitted to molesting multiple girls and his soon to be ex wife has it on tape! I AM IN SHOCK! He seems like such a nice guy. Here's the link.


    Honestly... I feel like we give these celebrities way too much power over us. From drug use, public intoxication to the extreme, hit and runs, domestic violence and so on...most of them get away with slaps on the wrist because of their status. So...when does this stop? When do we stop treating celebrities like they're... Gods?
  2. I'd say this will only stop when moral standards change... I'll be blatantly honest here; some celebrities get away with shit like that, others are bashed for simple mistakes that everyone makes every now and then. Bottom line; celebrities are just like any other human, however because of the sheer popularity they have, even the smallest mistakes are regarded as an "unforgivable crime" while the bigger ones have a history of going unnoticed for the most part... Or just completely overlooked for some strange reason (not saying this is the case for all celebrities but it's a rather noticeable pattern).
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  3. I agree with York. Celebrities get unfair treatment all the way around whether it is too lenient of a punishment for a serious crime or too big of one g or something minor. That's what happens when you're in the public eye. They get to face the wrath of millions of people for the same petty crimes they themselves make, like talking on the ph I need while drivinh.

    As for the article, I'd w a it till I hear it on the news to fully believe it. TMZ is known to exacerbate the truth. He very well might have done those things, however I don't trust TMZ as a reliable source.
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    TMZ is probably the only entertainment news that actually gets things right. This topic has been all over the radio, CNN and other news material. It's quite real at this point and he's being let go from many of his projects (even Scandal fired him!).
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  5. Really? Wow well that shows you how much I listen to the radio ;)

    Well if it is in fact true I hope he gets the same punishment any normal person would get.
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