711 was a Part Time Job!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gwazi Magnum, Apr 21, 2016.

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  1. Just something a bit funny to give people a laugh. :P​
  2. Saw Gwazi make a typo once during a long winded post once. What a complete and total failure he is that this single typo he made who-knows-how-long-ago is the complete culmination of his entire character, personality, and pretty much everything about him.
    That is how dumb this looks.

    Imagine how irritated everyone would get if I did nothing but shitpost about something they support. They'd be pretty fucking mad, don'tcha think?
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  3. Why?

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  4. Is this at me or Windsong?
  5. 7/11 IS...

    hold on



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  6. You, mostly. Windsong a little I guess, mostly you. Hasn't the Trump joke gotten really old yet?

    Also, every time threads about orange crush Trump appear, it starts political debates.

    And I like debates sometimes.

    But I think every possible permutation of a thing that could even be said about it has been done a half a dozen times now.

    Why not make a joke thread about cats or something? Cats don't represent a political bloc on the United States.
  7. Man...I don't care for Trump...but it sucks when he is referring to the Fire Station, and not the Date.

    Too bad people just assume. Too bad that Firestation is #711...
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  8. There's a reason I made it a random thread and not a discussion thread.

    Though yeah I could make a joke thread on something like cats, when I think of it and hadn't already done one on animals recently.
    It just so happened at the time what I ran into was Trump related.
  9. Yeah... I saw this. It was the day before the New York primary -- New York of all places -- and he still won that state by a landslide.
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