7 Deadly Sins of the Heart

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  1. The heat was unbearable, 10,000 years and he still wondered why he stayed in the Castle. Deep in the depths of hell laid the large gothic castle. After thousands of years their was no ware, not broken gargoyles, or cracked windows but yet looked almost freshly built. The Castle of Hell, the people had called it where they said a demon lived un loved by all. He didn’t want to be associated with the people who hated him, he didn’t want the cold hard stares they gave his wandering state. The castle was all he had with his oldest companion, Brutus. The dog was the size of a polar bear, his body was massive reaching to his thigh. Brutus was as old as his master, but less stubborn and worn. Wearing thick leather pants, a silken smooth velvet shirt he walked along the castle halls, looking, waiting. Making the promise to his eldest and dearest friends he would try just one more year to find his other half, he was tired of being alone and barren. Misery was his only company when Brutus was not around.
    “My dear friend, I do not think I can continue much longer.” He whispered to the large dog as if he understood his every word. “I should just leave and forget Shingo’s request.” His voice had grown gruff over the years with little time he spoke.
    Turning away from the window he headed to his office where he had work he had to attend to.
  2. Vera never expected her night out to end up taking her to some castle, but Vera had to notice some strange thing while walking to meet her friends. With her curiosity that always got the better of her she attempted to touch this weird looking doorway. It didn't seem to do anything when she touched it, so as to push the big red button she decided to look further, thinking that no harm would come from it. She way wrong, and she found herself being 'transported', at least that what she thinks it was, to somewhere else. She figured that maybe she had just fallen asleep somewhere and was in a dream. But she noticed the large castle right in front of her, it wouldn't hurt to go to a castle in a dream. Vera got up the courage and went up to the castle door. She took hold of the knockers and hit the door, hoping that the person who lived there would answer. Maybe, it was just one of those really real feeling dreams. Maybe, it would be a good dream.
  3. He had stepped outside of the castle for air Bruttus close on is heels, the scent of the clearing filling his nose putting a slight sting to his eyes. He didn`t look at the people or their companions. His sleeves where rolled up to his elbows, due to working he didn’t want to get them dirty but the tired worn look still stayed on his face. He was exhausted from lack of sleep. walking back was the easy part, but spotting a woman on his door step was another.

    "What are you doing here."
  4. Vera jumped when she heard a male voice asking her why she was there. She turned around quickly to see this guy, he looked kind of punkish with his clothing to Vera but there was something off about him. Not to mention, he seemed tired and angry. "Uh...Well I don't know." She admitted. "Where is here anyway?" She surveyed the area around her, it looked very strange as well. Perhaps, it was just this dream world thing in her head creating some strange scenery around her; dreams could get pretty weird at times.
  5. "This is my home." He looked at her thinking she was intoxicated to not fear the heat and molden rocks around her. Brutus starred up at her with a silght growl eyeing her as if she was food but Josh's hand stopped him from attacking. "Are you looking to leave?"
  6. Big dog...Vera suddenly thought and stepped back a few steps until the guy stopped his companion. She wasn't afraid of dogs, in fact she loved them, it was just this one was so big. "You're home?" She repeated. She took a look at it again, it looked pretty cool actually. "Well, I don't really know what I'm doing. All I did was go through this weird portal looking thing and ended up here." It didn't hurt to go along with the dream, just like Alice's adventures in Wonderland. Good thing she read that awhile ago.
  7. "Then to in your in the way." He muttered Brutus grumbling as he padded forward Josh instantly inches away. Staring down at her waiting for her to move. Growing impatient the longer she didn't move.
  8. Vera suddenly crossed her arms and pouted, staring at him with her blue eyes. "You don't have to be so rude." She stated back to him. "You could be nicer to people who are lost and don't know where to go." She wasn't going to move now, if he asked nicely she would have but the way he said it wasn't to Vera's liking.
  9. His eye twitched in annoyance. "You asked for it." He picked her up throwing her over his shoulder he stormed into his home tossing her down on the couch. As he walked up the stairs to his office. "Intruders." He mumbled.
  10. She screamed out when she was suddenly being picked up and thrown over his shoulder. She hit her clenched hands against his back until she was inside and tossed onto the couch in the castle. She sighed in anger as she watched him walk up the steps. "Geez." She said out loud once he was gone. She looked around the inside of the castle. She didn't expect to end up inside, she more expecting him to leave her there. So, what was she suppose to do now? She could explore, but she was a little worried about getting lost. Who was that guy anyway, why was he the way he was and what was even going on in this dream?
  11. Silently he worked threw piles of paper work. The woman wondering his home made him curious but he didn't object. Brutus wondered the halls following her making sure she wasn't destroying anything.
  12. Vera pouted through the halls, still thinking about how mean the owner of this castle was. But, the castle itself was interesting, she was surprised that no one else seemed to be here yet the place looked like it was just built not too long ago. She wondered what was going on his her head to create a dream like this. She wasn't being really realistic on any of it and why would she dream up someone who was so rude to her? What was his deal anyway? She took out a loud sigh and shook her hands around in her hair in frustration about all of this. She turned around and looked at the large dog following her. "I don't want to cause any trouble, but you know, you're master could be nicer." She said.
  13. He growled at her disagreeing. He knew his master was rough but he also knew how alone he was. He growled at her again his large frame looking her in the eye.
  14. "You don't have to be so mean too, you know." She said to the dog. "It's not like I even understand what's going on." She uncrossed her arms finally, relaxing just a bit even though there was a large dog who she could pretty much see his large teeth growling at her. "If I can just wake up, then there wouldn't be anymore problems."
  15. He gave her a confused look, as if trying to say 'What Dream?' the large dog shook his head huffing as he laughed i his own way walking past her to the door behind her pushinghis way into Josh's office.

    Looking up he greeted his dear friend before looking over at her, "And she's still alive. I'm quiet suprized."
  16. Vera didn't get by the dog looked so confused. She made a sigh and watched it open up a door. She noticed that guy inside. She followed in behind. "Well, of course I'm still alive." She responded to him. "Why wouldn't I be?"
  17. "Your in a house of death." He crossed his arms leaning back as Brutus laid by his feet.his fingers running threw his hair every once and a while.
  18. "Well, so what?" Vera said back. "It's all a dream anyway. I'll just wake up sometime." The dream seemed very strange to Vera, almost as if it was all real. But, she wasn't easily going to believe all of this. No one could go through a portal and end up at a place like this.
  19. "If you think my home a dream your sadly mistaken. The portal on this side only opens every 3 days so go out explore hell but I'm not saving your ass." He shrugged folding his arms behind his head.
  20. Vera stared at him, unbelieving. "What are you talking about? I feel asleep and ended up in this dumb dream where I have to deal with a jerk like you." She responded, she wasn't easily going to believe any of that. Though, she did think that she saw the doorway when she was walking out somewhere, not when at home resting.
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