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    Every year, the Capitol ties us up like animals. They rope us in according to our ages, our genders, they pick us out at random. Two of us, from every district, one girl, one boy. We are sent to fight for their entertainment, forced to kill each other as our families, our friends, the whole nation watches. Only two come out victorious, bringing honor, glory, and a year of supplies to our districts. Punishment, they tell us, this is our punishment. For rebelling all those years ago. Their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren, all doomed to the same fate of fighting like rabid animals for the promise of their life and their wealth. Some think its no more than a game. Some think it's a living nightmare. But we all have one thing in common; we're going to end up in that arena with fear in our hearts and knives at our throats.

    Will you walk out victorious, or die at the hands of your fellow tributes?

    This roleplay takes place before canon events, and in no way shape or form will your characters have any relations with any canon characters. There is only the past rebellion that caused the Hunger Games. You don't have to know anything about the series to join, as we are not going to exactly follow the canon plotlines. You will be forced into an 'arena' with your fellow tributes.There are many things that can, and will, be your demise. Not only will you fear those forced into the games with you, but the arena is also full of dangerous animals, elements, and twists. If you prove to not be entertaining enough, the Gamemakers may kill you off. Only two of you will walk out alive.



    » career district

    DISTRICT ONE is one of the wealthiest districts of Panem, it's primary industry being the manufacturing of luxury items for the capitol, and as a result, is one of the favored districts in the eyes of the Capitol. These luxuries include anything from perfumes to jewels. DISTRICT ONE also tends to pack the most punch in the games, as it's not rare for their children are taught that the games bring glory to their district and their families. The richer families of the district often train their children from a young age to becomes CAREERS, or perfect soldiers, to volunteer for the games.

    » career district

    DISTRICT TWO is one of the largest and wealthiest districts of Panem, it's main industry being masonry. This is also where most Peacekeepers and recruited, trained, and where most of the country's weapons originate from. They take great pride in producing the most winners out of all the other districts, as they train their children from a young age to compete in the hunger games. This is not always the case, but more often than not, the tributes hailing from DISTRICT TWO are more than ready.


    DISTRICT THREE had previously been one of the wealthier districts but now is slowly succumbing to abject poverty. This district produces many great techonlogical advances, as well as provides the capitals with anything from televisions to computers. Many of the people living in DISTRICT THREE work in factories and are well adept in engineering.

    » career district

    DISTRICT FOUR is one of the wealthiest districts of Panem. It's industry is fishing, which is useful for tributes in the Hunger Games as they have experience using nets and tridents, making fishing hooks from scratching, swimming, and hunting sea life. Being one of the wealther districts, DISTRICT FOUR tends to produce Career Tributes, those who volunteer to participate in the Hunger Games after training for it their entire lives.


    DISTRICT FIVE is responsible for producing power and electricity for the entire nation. They are not entirely wealthy nor are they entirely poor, the district stuck in the middle between two such worlds. They are not known to produce CAREERS, since it is illegal to do so.


    DISTRICT SIX produces the nations' transportation, such as high-speed trains, hovercraft, etc. Ironically, they have little love for travel. DISTRICT SIX is known for being one of the more rebelious of all the districts, and drug addiction is an increasing problem here, especially among the victors who wish the forget and numb the pain the Hunger Games has caused.


    DISTRICT SEVEN is a middle class district, and provides lumber and paper for the nation. It's mostly covered in lush forests, and it's people are mostly hard-working and down to Earth.


    DISTRICT EIGHT is a lower class district, it's industry being the production of textiles and clothing. They have at least one factory primarily used for making Peacekeeper uniforms. DISTRICT EIGHT is painfully urban, factories clogging the skies and barely a blade of grass in sight. Like most lower class districts, they harbor a festering dislike for the capitol.

    DISTRICT NINE is a middle class district, responsible for producing grain. It's people are hard working, and the district has many factories, most likely for grain processing.


    DISTRICT TEN is one of the lower class districts of Panem. It's industry is livestock and provides beef, pork, chicken, etc for the capitol. Most of the district is farm land, as they produce countless numbers of livestock.


    DISTRICT ELEVEN is one of the lower class districts of Panem. Their industry is all things agriculture, ranging from orchards, to fields of wheat, to cotton. Almost everything they grow goes to the capitol, despite the growing problem of starvation throughout the district.


    DISTRICT TWELVE is the poorest of all the thirteen districts in Panem. It's located near the mountains, and it's main industry is coal mining. The people here are hard workers but are barely paid off for all that they produce, as most are living in painful poverty.

    R U L E S
    - All Iwaku rules apply, obviously.
    - Keep drama IC, take OOC drama to private chats if you're that worried about it.
    - No Mary-Sues/Gary-Sues.
    - You do not need to read the books/watch the movies to join! Any of us who have are more than willing to answer questions.
    - You are allowed three characters maximum. One character being a mentor (a previous victor from the games), and two tributes. (Preferably one male and one female). Your tributes cannot be in the same district.
    - As previously stated, this roleplay will not follow canon events. Your characters will not in any way know of any of the characters from the books.
    - Please, please keep in mind that your character has a strong possibility of not making it to the end. Even when my characters die, I'll be stalking the thread from afar to make sure everything is running okay.
    - You can reserve a spot for one week, however, after that it will open up for somebody else to take.
    - Posting expectation is at least one or two paragraphs per character, once, preferably twice a week. If you can't meet these expectations, please don't join! I'd like to keep this running as smoothly as possible for a roleplay in which everyone dies. If something comes up, please message me and we'll work something out.
    - If you're unheard of from for at least two weeks, your character will be killed off from natural causes.
    - Keep this realistic. A smaller, petite character won't have as good of a fighting chance as a career who has trained his/her entire life. Children will most likely not make it as long, either.
    - Please be gentle, I've only GM'd my own rps like, twice. Just lemme know if I forget to add you to the cast list or anything!
    - If you've read the rules, please add 'Mockingjay' at the end of your character sheet.
    - Be friendly with each other! Talk out relations and plot ideas. Alliances will be formed and broken. Romances will blossom. Enemies will be made. And this is encouraged! Feel free to clog up the OOC thread with this stuff.
    - Finally, have fun, try not to die, and may the odds be ever in your favor. ♥


    Mentor : Medea Isla King. @Lulunopia
    Female Tribute : Circe Day Amor. @Mysty
    Male Tribute : Charming King Glamour.@Shattered♦Secrets™

    Mentor : open!
    Female Tribute : Amber Quartz. @DANAsaur
    Male Tribute : Julius Ashlar. @neptune

    Mentor : Decima Emeraude Lovelace. @Hospes
    Female Tribute : Reserved @Alexstrasza
    Male Tribute : Filler character. (open until start date)

    Mentor : Beatrice Merina Lackland. @Princess Poisoned Rose
    Female Tribute : @The Mad Squeen
    Male Tribute : Maxon Atlas Lacius. @Stargazer

    Mentor : open!
    Female Tribute : Terra Eliza Salvatore. @Brea
    Male Tribute : Jitea Park. @Daz

    Mentor : Aster Wex Farwind. @The Mad Squeen
    Female Tribute : Reserved @Stargazer
    Male Tribute : Weston Francis Rivers.@Brea

    Mentor : Reserved @Dovahkiin
    Female Tribute : Orna Keith.@neptune
    Male Tribute : Reserved. @The Classy Mog

    Mentor : Reserved @Michaela
    Female Tribute :Amilia Vi Malcom. @Lulunopia
    Male Tribute : Aspen Leigh Blackwood. @Mysty

    Mentor : open!
    Female Tribute : open!
    Male Tribute : open!

    Mentor : open!
    Female Tribute : Arayah Celesia Rummage.@Hospes
    Male Tribute : Reserved @Kade

    Mentor : open!
    Female Tribute : Reserved @Michaela
    Male Tribute : March Hugo Ernst. @Lulunopia

    Mentor : open!
    Female Tribute : Reserved @Misguided†Ghost
    Male Tribute : Filler character. (open until start date)

    [picture here, feel free to add more. real people only!]
    Name: (full name)
    Nickname/alias: (what has Panem nicknamed your character?)
    Gender: (self explanatory)
    Age: (12-18)
    Birthdate: (self explanatory, year is not required)
    (self explanatory)
    District: (1-12, the capitol does not count)

    Height: (how tall are they?)
    Weight: (how much do they weigh?)
    Build: (slim? built? petite?)
    (are they tan, porcelain, freckled?)
    Race: (self explanatory)
    Marks: (scars? piercings? tattoos?)
    (describe their eyes, shape, color, anything you feel necessary)
    Hair: (describe the texture, length, style, color, etc)
    Dress: (please keep the culture of your district in mind)

    Outer Traits: (how do others view your character?)
    Inner Traits: (what are they really like, on the inside? What do they keep hidden?)

    Likes: (at least five)
    Dislikes: (at least five)
    Hobbies: (what do they like to do as a person, not a tribute?)
    Talents: (what are they good at?)
    Extra: (anything else you feel we'd need to know)

    Strengths: (the strengths that will help you in the games. it doesn't matter if Lucy Jane can sing, a love song won't stop her from getting stabbed)
    Weaknesses: (make sure they balance out the strengths!)
    Score: (the score the game makers ended up giving your abilities. the higher the score, the better your sponsers. range is 1-12)
    Weapon of choice: (what does your character prefer wielding? it does not have to be a physical weapon, witts are considered weapons as well)
    Extra: (anything you feel you want to add)

    Family: (who does your character consider family? Are they fighting for anyone?)
    Friends/Allies: (in relation to other characters, has your character allied with anyone?)
    Enemies: (is your character dead-set on killing anyone in particular?)
    Romantic Interest: (star-crossed lovers? a pretty girl back home?)
    Backstory: (you don't need to go into extreme detail here, but feel free!)
    Theme Song: (because why not?)

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    B A S I C S & L O O K S  

    ⌈ B A S I C S ⌋

    ★ Name: Circe Day Amor.
    ★ Nickname/alias: Star Child.
    ★ Gender: Female.
    ★ Age: 17.
    ★ Birth-date: July 16th.
    ★ Sexuality: Bisexual.
    ★ District: Proudly hails from District One.

    ⌈ A P P E A R A N C E ⌋

    ★ Height: Stands at 5'5".
    ★ Weight: Weighs about 132 lbs.
    ★ Build: Athletic build, generally on the smaller side, but definently isn't weak, either. She has the body of a runner.
    ★ Complexion: She takes pride in her complexion, a soft, golden tan.
    ★ Race: Caucasian.
    ★ Marks: She has a few small scars on her stomach from training accidents.
    ★ Eyes: Her eyes are a chestnut shade of brown, with a permanent glare in them, having a bad case of resting bitch face.
    ★ Hair: Her hair is long and straight, falling down to about her mid-back. It's golden blonde, with various low-lights.
    ★ Dress: Since she's from District One, most of her clothing is sparkly, glittery, and over the top. She likes to mak a statement and show off her figure.

     P E R S O N A L I T Y & S T A T S

    ⌈ P E R S O N A L I T Y ⌋
    ★ Outer Traits:
    • Cocky.
    • Arrogant.
    • Rude.
    • Blunt.
    • Stubborn.
    • Stuck-up.
    • Snarky.
    • Fake.
    • Temperamental.
    • Untrustworthy.
    • Flirty.
    ★ Inner Traits:
    • Desperate for attention.
    • Sensitive.
    • Honorable.
    • Prideful.
    • Fearful.
    • Terrified of failure.
    • Over-achieving.
    • Selfish.
    • Competitive.
    - Overall, Circe is not as pretty and sweet as she appears to be. She's as two-faced as they come; she wants to be the Capitol's favorite, she wants everyone to know her name. To the nation, she's a sweet and funny girl with a quick wit and a nice smile, but to her fellow tributes, she's cold, mean, full of herself, and downright dangerous. She's the mean girl who bullied you in school, she's the girl with the cold smirk and the laugh that makes you want to grab a fistful of her hair and slam her into the wall. She's extremely full of herself, selfish, and will stab you in the back in an instant. Circe is stuck in her ways, and only has her eyes set on one goal: victory.
    ★ Likes:
    • Winning.
    • Getting attention.
    • Sparkly things.
    • Sweet foods.
    • The color gold.
    • Money.
    • The Capitol, and the attention and praise they give her.
    ★ Dislikes:
    • Loosing.
    • Not getting her way.
    • Peace and quiet.
    • Getting dirty.
    • Bugs.
    • Cold weather.
    • Train traveling, it makes her sick.

    ★ Hobbies:
    • Not necessarily considered a hobby, but she likes watching the sun rise.
    • Running.
    • Training.
    • She secretly loves fashion, and has always wanted to move to the capitol to design clothes.
    • does being a bitch count?
    • Painting, although she's not the best at it.
    ★ Talents:
    • She has insane aim, as she's been training since she could hold a knife.
    • She has an eye for colors, whether it be clothing, painting, etc.
    • She's good with makeup, as well.
    • Tricking people into liking her.
    ★ Extra: Her real laugh is honestly comparable to that of a hyena.

    ⌈ S T A T S ⌋

    ★ Strengths:
    • Insanely good aim.
    • Fast on her feet.
    • High stamina.
    • Packs a punch.
    • Manipulative.
    • Smart.
    • Has been training since she was five, it gives her a major advantage.

    ★ Weaknesses:
    • Can only take a few hits.
    • Her hits are always carefully placed, but one wrong move and they lack power behind them.
    • Has trouble wielding heavy weight weapons, prefers things she can throw around.
    • Paranoid.
    • Selfish.
    • Has no survival skills outside of fighting.
    ★ Score: 9.

    ★ Weapon of choice: She prefers light-weight weapons. Her weapon of choice is throwing knives, however, her second choice is a tomahawk and daggers.


     H I S T O R Y & R E L A T I O N S

    ⌈ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ⌋
    ★Family: Layton Amor (father), Jenice Amor (mother), Axel Amor (older brother).

    ★Friends/Allies: OPEN!

    ★Enemies: OPEN!

    ★Romantic Interest: There was a boy back home that she had a petty crush on, but nothing serious.

    ⌈ H I S T O R Y ⌋

    Circe's life was nothing extraordinarily painful. She was born into a simple family, one older brother who she looked up to dearly. Her father was a Head Peacekeeper, and was often away on duty across the many districts, or working in their own. Her mother was a Hair Stylist, a luxurious job that offered them a decent amount money, and on top of that, her father held a Government job, putting them in a very well off position in society.

    Her brother, like her, had been training since they were very young, and Circe was given a dagger the minute she could hold on properly. Hours after hours were spent in some sort of training hall, prioritizing kicking ass over actual studies as per her father's wishes, while her mother preferred that she stuck to more sophisticated hobbies, but her pleas fell on deaf ears as Circe trained to make her father, and one day her district, proud. When she wasn't training, she followed her mother around the house, picking up on her more snobbish, rich girl habits of the hate of dirt and the dislike for anyone under her. She was taught that only higher class people mattered in the eyes of the Capitol, and that her undying loyalty should go to Panem before anything else.

    Her brother lacked the courage (or maybe the stupidity) to volunteer, and exited the reaping pool unscathed. He later put his skills to use in becoming a Peacekeeper like their father. The pressure was placed on her to make her father proud, so without hesitation, she volunteered on the day of her 17th birthday. Her mother sobbed her eyes out, her brother called her an idiot, and her father praised her. It wasn't long until she was sent off to the capitol, determined to come out victorious. Even though her dad looked at her like he was the light of her life, she could never forget the tears in her mom's eyes and the pain in her brother's voice, and she promised them she'd come home unscathed and victorious.

    ★ Theme Song: Bubblegum Bitch // Marina and The Diamonds.

    Face Claim: Alexis Ren | Music: Gore and Glory - Lorde | Coding: FieryCold
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    B A S I C S & L O O K S  

    ⌈ B A S I C S ⌋

    ♦ Name: Aspen Leigh Blackwood.
    ♦ Nickname/alias: Sly Fox.
    ♦ Gender: Male.
    ♦ Age: 16.
    ♦ Birth-date: November 3rd.
    ♦ Sexuality: Homosexual.
    ♦ District: District Eight.

    ⌈ A P P E A R A N C E ⌋

    ♦ Height: Stands at 5'6".
    ♦ Weight: Weighs about 138 lbs.
    ♦ Build: Slim and somewhat lanky, a small amount of muscle but far from ripped.
    ♦ Complexion: A pale, olive tone, with a light dusting of freckles on his nose.
    ♦ Race: Caucasian.
    ♦ Marks: A few on his hand from working in the factories.
    ♦ Eyes: His eyes are a shade of grey that almost border blue, and have permanent dark circles under them.
    ♦ Hair: His hair is a mousy brown and is always messy, usually falling in his eyes.
    ♦ Dress: Being from District 8 hasn't given him much of a fashion choice, it's usually just sweaters and ripped up pants.

     P E R S O N A L I T Y & S T A T S

    ⌈ P E R S O N A L I T Y ⌋
    ♦ Outer Traits:
    • Intelligent.
    • Quirky.
    • Somewhat bossy at times.
    • Overly-cautious.
    • Pragmatic.
    • Opinionated.
    • Blunt.
    • Argumentative.
    • Compassionate.
    • Kind.
    ♦ Inner Traits:
    • Brave.
    • Determined.
    • Strong-willed.
    • Insecure.
    • Close-minded.
    • Focused.
    • Spunky.
    • Down-to-Earth.
    • Over-thinker.
    • Mischievous.
    - Aspen is more than just the nerdy boy from District Eight. He's so much more than his intellect and wit. Behind the wall of obedience is a spunky, sarcastic boy who will not hesitate to hold his tongue. He's very opinionated and likes to make his thoughts known, and will argue topics for hours at a time with little chance of changing his mind. Quirky is a good word to describe Aspen, as he can be seen staring off into space and day-dreaming, or muttering things to himself when he's lost in thought. Some people say he's strange, and perhaps they're not wrong. Aspen's brave and determined, compassionate and merciful, traits that might end up causing him his life in the game.
    ♦ Likes:
    • Reading.
    • Tinkering with old objects.
    • Trivial things.
    • Making allies.
    • Being around people, no matter how awkward he may be.
    • The forest.
    • Wildlife.
    ♦ Dislikes:
    • Urban lifestyle.
    • The Capitol.
    • Loud noises.
    • Thunderstorms.
    • Gore.
    • Arrogant people.
    • Being treated like he's weak.

    ♦ Hobbies:
    • Reading.
    • Tinkering with old objects.
    • Hiking.
    • Playing chess.
    • Caring for animals.
    ♦ Talents:
    • He's pretty smart, both street and book.
    • He's only lost two chess games his entire life-- save, he plays it with his sisters but still.
    • He can mimic bird songs; consider it a weird talent.
    • He's got a natural bond with animals.
    ♦ Extra: He gets extremely overwhelmed when people compliment him, he doesn't know how to respond.

    ⌈ S T A T S ⌋

    ♦ Strengths:
    • Good balance.
    • Quick on his feet.
    • Sneaky.
    • Lithe and graceful.
    • Brave.
    • Smart and cunning.
    • Thinks on his feet.

    ♦ Weaknesses:
    • Lacks brute strength.
    • Too caring.
    • Hates having to fight in general, dislikes gore.
    • Cannot fight well in close range combat.
    • Low stamina.
    • Brave; both a strength and a weakness.
    • Overthinks.
    • Easily overwhelmed.
    ♦ Score: 7.

    ♦ Weapon of choice: He hates conflict, and will try to avoid it at all costs. He prefers far range weapons, such as a bow.


     H I S T O R Y & R E L A T I O N S

    ⌈ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ⌋
    ♦ Family: Oscar Blackwood (father), Anastasia Blackwood (mother), Lilou Blackwood (sister), Birch Blackwood (sister), Piper Blackwood (sister), Fawn Blackwood (sister).

    ♦ Friends/Allies: OPEN!

    ♦ Enemies: OPEN!

    ♦ Romantic Interest: OPEN!

    ⌈ H I S T O R Y ⌋

    Aspen is the oldest of four sisters, making five children in counting. Growing up wasn't easy but wasn't unexceptionally hard, either. Both his parents worked in the textile factories; which harbored many problems on their own. His mother suffered from lung damage due to the poor conditions of the factory, while his dad was far over-worked. While his parents were off putting bread on the table, Aspen was the homebody, always taking care of his little sisters while his parents were away. He's extremely protective of them for this reason, and would often go nights without eating just so his sisters had extra food in their stomachs.

    His father eventually died due to a factory related accident, in which Aspen never knew the gory details of. With less money being supplied, the Blackwoods struggled at the bottom of the social latter. Once the oldest of the sisters, Lilou, was old enough to watch the youngest, Aspen took up a job in the factory to help supply money and food. Many long, overworked hours, having to work with bleeding hands in the textiles or else he'd loose his job. His mother begged him to just quit because she didn't want her son exposed to the conditions, but he refused.

    At age sixteen, Aspen was reaped. It was all a blur, Lilou had tried to fight her way through a row of peace keepers to stop her brother from reaching the podium, and he tried to pry the man off his sister, which ended with him being dragged away without being allowed to say goodbye to his family.

    ♦ Theme Song: Immortal // Marina and The Diamonds.

    Face Claim: Billy Vandendooren | Music: The Devil Within - Digital Daggers | Coding: FieryCold
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  4. Can I reserve a female tribute for district two? Working on my CS now but I'm not sure if I can post it today.
  5. I'd like to reserve the girl from seven and the boy from two, please. I can start working on a CS when I've had some proper sleep.
  6. I would like to claim the mentor from District Six and female tribute from District Four.

    Currently trying to decide if I would like to take another tribute character or not.
  7. Reserving Male from One
    Male from Nine
    and District Two Mentor
  8. All three will be up sometime this weekend since I work all week.
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  9. Alright, I've reserved everyone's spots and will work on my own characters later today. ^^
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  10. "Hiss hiss,darling. Panem doesn't call me Snake for nothing~"


    Name: Amber Quartz

    Nickname/alias: Snake of Panem

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Birthdate: April 12

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    District: 2


    5'6 ft.

    55 kg

    Slim but don't be fooled.
    She's incredibly strong and flexible for her body.

    porcelain skin

    white (Brazilian)[

    a long scar across her abdomen due to an accident during training

    Hypnotic blue eyes

    long | straight | dark brown | reaches to her hips

    Amber likes to wear clothes with stone or crystal embellishments that shows off or ehnances her figure.


    Outer Traits:


    Inner Traits:

    winner mentality


    The Capitol
    Stones and gems


    Being manipulated







    Knife Skills
    Amber is very proficient at using knives and is skilled enough to effectively and accurately dual weild it.

    Close Quarter Combat
    Proficient in Vale Tudo, a brazilian martial art that specializes in full body grappling and striking techniques.



    Like a snake, Amber is really flexible and can fit herself in nooks and crannies.

    She has knowledge in botany which made her a great forager.

    Been training since she was 5


    Amber has myopia so she's bad at throwing knives or long range combat

    Contact lenses
    She wears contact lenses and she's a goner when one of it falls out

    Long range combat

    Amber gets easily freaked out by bugs, especially when one crawls into her



    Weapon of choice:

    Dual knives | plants | weapons for close combat



    Diamond Quartz (mother) | Peter Quartz (father)

    Friends/Allies: none at the moment

    Enemies: none at the moment

    Romantic Interest: none. She doesn't have time for that.


    Amber was born from a rich family that dreams lf having a child that would win the Hunger games. Being the only one in the family that could turn that dream into a reality, she was obligated to succeed in all areas and training given to her by her strict father. She didn't want to participate in the games but what else can she do? She cannot disobey her father.

    Her only support at that time was her kind mother. However when she was 10, her mother died because of an illness and her father became even more strict to the point that the more skills she mastered, the more she will be given to master. These made her grow unhappy.

    What's worse is her father not paying her any attention. Sure he was there during trainings but for Amber, it wasn't enough. No matter what she does, she wasn't enough to her father's eyes. She wanted to be recognized by him, to be loved.

    Hence, the reason why she trained harder and volunteered to be a tribute. She wanted to win for the love of her father and she's willing to do everything to win.

    Theme Song:

    "hiss, hiss. Mockingjay. Hiss, hiss."
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  11. Reserving District One Mentor and District Eight Female Tribute - Love you Bae <3
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  12. Ily too. <3 adding you to the reservation list now.
  13. Oh yeah, my D1 guy is going to be the biggest asshole ever.... I love making Conceited Jerks but he is going to be like the top conceited assholes I've ever made lol.

    D9 is going to be a gentle giant with a mean right hook if pushed to far XD.

    D2 Mentor will be VERY flamboyant xD. Just to give a tease to my three lol.
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  14. I'm loving them already. xD

    I always have a soft spot for asshole characters and I never know why, and I'm not sure if that's good or bad lmao.
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  15. Well good since your girl will be his partner in the games XD, let's see if D1 can last longer this time around XD.
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  16. @Mysty, can I get the mentor for district twelve and the male for district seven?
  17. Good XD, now pick districts lol, can't wait to see your characters.

    @Mysty Like I said early, I work everyday this week from 2:30 to 9:30 (hopefully I leave before 9:30 XD) until Sunday and Monday, my days off from work, so I will work on my three throughout the week. I hate doing w.i.p. in my test chambers thing but I think that it will at least help me get some of the cses done so I can just finish all three on sunday^^ so let's hope my life says peaceful the entire week so I can actually get back to getting cses up on time.
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