60% Plot, 40% Romance?

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  1. I've been demoted to Lurker. >.< However, I'm looking to rekindle my roleplaying madness.

    I don't write the longest posts you've ever seen, but they're usually a good 1-3 paragraphs.

    Currently I have a few plot ideas, some of which include romance and some of which I see having it included as the story progresses. Either way, it's kind of what I'm jonesing for, so be prepared.

    The two ideas I'd be most keen to follow through on are as follows:

    1) In a kingdom ruled by an oppressive and decadent upper class, a rebellion that was thought to be stifled is stirring once again. Disregarding revolutionary activity, the spoiled prince finds himself intrigued by a captivating beauty of seemingly high rank but unknown identity. She is, unbeknownst to him, an agent of the rebellion whose mission is to seduce and kill him.
    (Looking for someone to play the prince in this one.)

    2) A bumbling old bard, a timid girl mage, a smooth-talking rogue, and an antisocial female ranger are accused of crimes against the country. What did they do? None knows the trespasses of the others. They are sentenced to the Lair of the Plasma Dragon, where they will either band together and defeat the beast to clear their names, or be killed in the caverns and save time for an execution. Secrets are hiding in the long dark of the caves where the dragon dwells, and the dangers along the way are unknown.
    (This one is admittedly based on a D&D campaign I was involved in. Two characters each for two partners?)
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