6 Feet under (Official RP)

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  1. Setting: This world is known as Necropolis. A large city in the middle of a dessert made of black sand. The city has extremely tall buildings. It looks much like New York. It's always raining and storming in the city. It's always nighttime in the desert but never any rain. The coalitions are the most important buildings of Necropolis and are known as Coalitions. The Seervak house is the tallest building. It is a beautiful well built, structured and elegant building with lights everywhere, a rooftop pool, it's as lovely as a 5 star hotel except with armed guards, an armory, state of the art weaponry and armor. Their trainers are paid Soulpoints to teach them combat and weaponry skills. The coffin born do pretty much whatever they want, when they want. They are the wealthiest of the coalitions because of their leader, Death. Death does not live in the Seervak house because he is always working. He is simply their donor. The top floor is forbidden from being entered. The Venstar house is like an apartment complex and is covered in vines and balconies. In the center of the apartments is a dojo. the leader, Darren, lives there. He's extremely caring and nice. He's an old spirit though and many people want him shattered. The older Stone sleepers take care of the younger ones. They cook, clean , and protect. There are four trainers there and they have been a part of the Venstar house since their death. They teach them how to survive and fight. The Barukar house is made entirely of stone and is located in the desert. Built like a castle it has armed sentry guns on the top, a giant metal door, and is able to sustain large amounts of damage. The inside has tents upon tents set up. That is where the Barukar sleep. there is a tent for food, and restrooms built into the castle walls. They have a water reservoir and a large armory. In the center of the Castle is a pit which is used for gladiatorial style battles. Barukar often travel to the city to shop and meet up with friends. Their leader is a man named Cliff. He's a deadly warrior, brutal and merciless although he's extremely smart. Most decomposers live in the sewers, the streets, alleyways, and abandon buildings. They have no leader.

    Currency: Soulpoints (SP) you gain them from doing tasks, entering tournaments and killing others.

    Alliances and coalition standings: Venstar is allied with no one but are respected by the Barukar house. The Barukar house hates the Seervak house. The Seervak house believes everyone is below them. The decomposers are hated by all. The decomposers hate everyone but are usually scared when matched against the Barukar house.

    Magic: Only certain people were gifted with magic. Those people are the ones that belong to specific coalitions. It is a mystery as to how they acquired magic, although the legend is that Osiris (God of the Afterlife) gifted these people to be his chosen warriors.

    Types of magic: Fire, Dark, Water, Defense ( All types but only certain spells)

    Transportation: Normal vehicles except they are fueled by blood. Also spirit animals can be used as transportation.

    Current Events transpiring:

    Tension is high between the Barukar house and the Seervak house. Could there be war?

    Seervak leader has gone missing. Where is death?

    Venstar leader is assassinated. Who will rise to lead?

    Barukar leader kidnapped. Who could be that strong?

    Decomposer population at an all time high. Will they strike?
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  2. (The time has come)

    Okami, a character between Decomposers, most of beings are afraid of him, no one has ever heard him talk, the last thing that his victims hear is a high laugh.

    A killer, with a thirst of blood, hunger of fear, a cold and calm mind, his blade has cut more souls that can be counted, it has happened 1 year since he died, he has always been alone, the only being in which he can trust is his companion, almost a friend, Shi, he found this small wolf spirit while wandering through the woods, for some reason he followed Okami, since that day Okami and Shi has always been together, it doesn't matter if he is just wandering or in a killing spree, Shi has always and will always be at Okami's side.

    "Shi...Let's go" Okami said while standing up, they where in a dark alley, no other soul was there, when they went out of the alley it could clearly seen that it was the middle of the night, they walked forward without a clear destination, they were just looking for some poor soul to fill Okami's hunger of fear, he loves to see the faces of his victims before ending with them, the fear in their eyes, the adrenaline that rushes in their body, their expression when they realize that this time it's over...forever.
  3. (Just an intro post, might as well)

    Yurie woke up seconds before the morning wake up call blared into her tent, having been woken up at this exact time for somewhere around nine centuries. She pulled herself out of her futon without any prompting and was out in moments. The delicate Japanese girl made it to the mess hall at the same time as all the old-timers. Blocking a knife strike with the side of one unopened fan, she slipped through the crowd before making it to the front of the line. She snatched a tray and retreated to her corner. She'd claimed that corner centuries ago, and it was officially her corner by now. Not everyone liked that, but they couldn't exactly stop her. One of the newer souls tried to challenge her position, pulling out a gun and telling her to get a move on. Before he could even unlock the safety on it, Yurie had flipped the fan idly held in her left hand over so that the blunt side was facing him, and jabbed it into him hard enough to send him sprawling backwards, though she continued eating calmly. Incidents like these were all too common in the Barukar house, and she'd since gotten used to having to jump around, dodge bullets, and use her fans to sweep the feet out from under others while she ate. There was a reason she hadn't been shattered for so many centuries despite having been in many Castle battles, and she had every intention of staying UNshattered for the rest of eternity. She heard the twang of an arrow leaving a bow as she was leaving the mess hall and one of her huge yellow fans snapped open, one of the metal spokes blocking the arrow. She was gone before the archer could confirm whether or not it had hit.

    She went out window-shopping. Yurie had a number of SoulPoints gathered largely due to the fact that she rarely spent them, but gained plenty from the Castle battles regularly. She sometimes imagined this was what it must be like for the wealthy ladies in the Japan she had lived in: more to spend than you could possibly have to buy. The only time she spent SoulPoints was when her fan had been damaged, the only reason she battled was because being dead was boring. With a quiet sigh, she glided through the streets, senses on alert as her slightly red eyes strained to see the wares for sale more clearly. She really hated being albino sometimes.
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  4. Victor stood on top of the 25 story skyscraper and looked into what should've been clouds in the living world. He thought it was funny at how much Osiris had tried to mimic the afterlife as the human world was. The rain hit his hair and he felt it dampen. How did he feel these things? He was dead, right? How did he still feel alive. Still breathe? Still...love? He craved to know how all this worked. He craved knowledge. He was technically not able to be hurt unless he was shattered. Which meant removing his soul from his body. So that allowed him to do stuff like what he was about to do. He was a stone sleeper, and as a stone sleeper, it was his duty to protect the people of this city from Decomposer scum like the one who had killed his beloved Sabrina. Protect the ones you love in life and carry that with you unto death. That was what he lived for. That was who he was, a guardian until the day he ceases to exist. He pulled his brown trench coat closer to his body and covered his black T- shirt. Victor then checked to make sure he had his weapons on him, His Celtic short sword and his .44 Magnum. He checked his watch and then spoke to himself "Well, here goes nothing." He stepped onto the ledge of the building and jumped into the unknown dangers of the city below.
  5. Angeline looked out upon the dreary day from her window feeling the loneliness eating away at her from the inside out. She hated days like these, for they reminded her too much of the life she left behind not even a year ago, and yet those fears still plagued her even now. And in the place of her desire to create, an insatiable hunger had taken root in the deepest depths of her soul. Once she had grown tired of looking upon the dreary scenery she decided upon a little exploring around the town to give herself something to do. She looped her whip into its hooked holster at her hip for easy access and pulled on her ratty sneakers and a black hoodie over her clothes before she tied back her mess of snowy hair. She then made her way to the lobby of the skyscraper and walked outside at an ambling pace.

    Angeline enjoyed when the rain was lazily pouring down because it felt nice to walk about while fat raindrops spattered her clothes and hair. For a moment she stood still on the drenched sidewalk and tilted her face skyward as she stuck her tongue out wanting to taste the tears of the sky. Eyes closed she became oblivious to the world and enjoyed a peaceful moment within her own thoughts.
  6. Standing, the young woman looked about. Quite...Peculiar really...Leah bit her lip and brushed some of her long auburn hair from her face, having committed suicide. So...It was official...It had worked...Much to Leah's surprise...Looking down, eighteen year old Leah felt quite...different...lifting up her hands, the girl saw that her fingernails were long and sharpened to a point, much like daggers that could easily slice and dice. Whoa...Since when had she gotten those? Leah was a Decomposer, having killed herself were no one would find her, as that had been the entire point. Closing her emerald green eyes, Leah sniffed at the air, not even having noticed the stormy gray weather or the rain falling down onto her. As Leah sniffed the air about her, the young woman suddenly heard someone muttering 'Well, here goes nothing'. Curious, Leah peeked around a building to see who it was.
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  7. Victor landed on the ground with a thump. He looked around and took in his surroundings. The shops were crowded with other dead ones. The huge apartment complex stood looming behind him covered in vines and flowers that never died or wilted away. He saw Angeline exit their building. "Hey Angeli--" He stopped mid sentence and quickly turned around, drawing his .44 magnum from his trench coat. And aiming it at the alleyway between two shops. "You can come out now and don't make any sudden moves or I will not hesitate to kill you." Someone was there and he was determined to find out who had taken an interest in eavesdropping.
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  8. The auburn haired girl froze, and after a moment of hesitation, Leah stepped out from behind the building, strangely not feeling fear like she used to while in the living world. The girl said nothing, even though that Leah wanted to remind this man that she was already dead, just like everyone else here who had come into this afterlife world. Slowly, Leah again sniffed the air, getting this man's scent and stashing it away in her memory.
  9. Victor turned the safety off of the gun and aimed at her head. A decomposer. A damned decomposer. They would pay. All of them. They took Sabrina. They took his best friend. The only one who knew everything about him, and they killed her. He bit his lip drawing blood from it and his eyes teared up a little. "Do you know who I am? Do you know what I am? Do you even what you are?, Clearly not. You're standing in front of me like you don't. Let me explain it to you. You're a decomposer. A monster. You eat these other innocent souls, you kill them. You bring misery to everyone and for that. For that I have no choice but to eradicate you from existence. Now die damnit!" Victor fired his gun and missed and fell to the floor crying. Hanging his head low to the ground. Why was he such a screwup? Why couldn't he protect them. He was weak. There she was, his enemy, and he couldn't even shatter her. He shamed the Venstar house. He was nothing but a failure. He continued to sob, letting the rain cover him. He hoped that she would shatter him. He hoped that she would end his suffering. Without Sabrina, this world was pointless.
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  10. Okami and Shi where still wandering through the city streets, looking for a mere soul to end with. For some reason Shi was nervious, which was weird, Shi is usually as calm as Okami, the only thing that could make Shi so excited is the presence of a near death soul, Shi's smell changed when he died, it became able to smell andeven hear the death.

    Okami knew about this, for that reason he decided to go and check, just to see if he could find someone to fill his hunger. They walked forward using the shadows of the buildings as cover, as a protection.

    Okami sae the stone sleeper in front of this new decomposer, he didn't knew any of them or any other decomposer in fact, he is a decomposer but that doesn't mean that he is with them, he has even killed some decomposers before. Okami took out his revolver and gave a gaze to the stone sleeper on the floor, Okami wasn't going to kill him like that from the back, he wanted to see the obvious suffering that this stone sleeper was feeling before ending with his poor existence.

    Okami just stayed there with his revolver and dagger out with Shi at his side waiting for the stone sleeper to react..
  11. Steven was sitting on top of a building. His hair wet and his eyes opened wide in a psychotic stare. He didn't know what he was staring at. But it was very interesting whatever it was. He looked down at his neck, a constant reminder of his wife. "When that bitch get's down here...I'll kill her...again." He stood up, his whip strapped to his back. Then, he heard a gunshot, loud and piercing.
    "Ooo.... Someones having fun without me!...Better go see who it is!" He seemingly slumped over and began running forward and jumping between buildings before landing just above the source of the sound. A man was lying on the ground sobbing.. and what was that...a fellow Decomposer? "Ooo...I could use help like her." He then shouted his next words "Hehehe....Look out below!" He jumped down and landed with a sickeningly large amount of cracks and snaps of bones .
    He stood up, his bones snapping and creaking into place as he did. "Hello there.."
  12. Rune looked around, she loved looking at the view from up on the tall buildings. Being alone was nice once in a while but of course it is even nicer to have people to talk to and hang around. Smiling she felt the wind pour on her face, Gosh... this feels so nice.... Her purple/blue hair began to get slightly a little more wet than she wanted it to be and sighed as she began to decide to head back home.
  13. (No one hves shoot yet...)

    Okami eas already aware of the presence of this new character, Shi was already observating this soul before he reached the floor. Okami just gave him a gaze without saying a word, he knew that this man was a decomposer but that doesn't gives a free pass with Okami, there was 3 souls already without counting him and Shi.

    He decided to just walk a bit away, he wasn't a scavenger, he is a hunter, if these 2 decomposers where going to end with this soul, he wasn't going to interfiere with it. Okami turned around and walked toward an alley, dressed with shadows and water, he and Shi just dissapeared in the middle of the night.
  14. The masked female walked along the edges of the sewers, her short sword bound to her left side of her hip by a strip of cloth. It did have its uses, but she didn't need it often. As she walked along, she heard a noise come from above her. A gunshot. It wasn't unusual to hear one, so she didn't pay much mind to it, even if it concerned one of her own kind. No, she didn't consider herself to be like them. Even if she had to kill, she didn't do it willingly. If only her brother hadn't left her to die or if he had just come back to bury her, then she wouldn't be hated like now. Beneath her mask, her face wrinkled in displeasure and bitterness. Even with all this anger welling up in her, she was grateful that her brother and father took care of her for the 19 years she lived. In the end, she couldn't help but love them still.

    The sewers weren't a pleasant place. At least not to Sazael. She'd much rather be with the other coalitions where there were people who weren't trying to kill you. Soon, she came to a ladder that led up to the streets. Before climbing it, she adjusted her mask. With a bit of force, the sewer cover (I dunno what it's called. The lid thingy that covers the sewer entrance/exit) lifted and she climbed out, replacing the lid before walking down the street inconspicuously.
  15. The sound of gunfire brought her to her senses and she moved quickly in the direction that it had sounded her feet smacking against the concrete as she ran. She rested her and on the hilt of her whip just in case and soon after Victor came into sight, "Victor!? Are you ok?" She quickly crouched down beside him before noticing his tears she pulled him up into a sitting position and wiped away his tears. "Is this really how you want to shatter Victor?Alone and crying for a lost one or do you want revenge on the ones that took that person from you?" She whispered into his ear as her eyes turned towards the fresh born decomposer, "I'm warning you now and being kind about it, leave now fresh born, and I'll turn a blind eye to your presence today." She unfurled her whip from its hooked holster and let the catch the gleam of the silvery blade in warning, oblivious to the other two that seemed to be watching, and oblivious of the emotion called fear.
  16. Emily had been in the training room of the Seervak house since 6 AM, as she did every day. She almost never left. She only cared about fighting and training. She would stretch first, then practice her martial arts fighting skills. She would kick and punch punching bags before moving on to practicing more advanced moves on the floor. Next, she would practice her archery with normal arrows so she wouldn't waste her venom on targets. Next she would move onto practicing her water magic. She would practice and train for hours with no breaks.

    She never socialized with anyone and no one would socialize with her. It was a cycle that she was very familiar and comfortable with. She would always train until well after most people have left the dining hall so she could eat in peace with minimum sounds and people around her. It wasn't that she was shy, either. She just hated people. She didn't trust anyone and she didn't want to get attached to anyone just to watch them get shattered. It had happened once. Years after she died, she opened herself up to one person, as if she hadn't learned her lesson when she was alive. They became best friends, and she had to admit she loved him. But he was ambushed by two decomposers and was devoured. She hunted them down and shattered them shortly after that, and had closed herself off once more.

    Finally, she took a shower- not that it mattered- and ate a small, quick breakfast before heading out to collect ingredients to make more of her venom. She made sure she had her pistol holstered and the dagger in her boot. She heard a gunshot as she walked, but didn't care. She walked through the rain, occasionally pulling her long black hair out of her face. She passed by a group of decomposers and stone sleepers alike on her way to the first store. She looked at them out of the corner of her eye and could sense the tension. It seemed that no one paid any attention to her fortunately, so she kept on, entering the store fairly nearby.
  17. With a swipe from his hand, Alex draws back his hair, leaving it smooth and damp from the rain. He always liked walking, but it looks like his mood was ruined from the rain. The sounds of his shoes hitting the wet ground was the only thing Alex is able to hear in this downpour. His footsteps were always loud as he wasn't the silent one. "Ugh... The day I decide to walk around the city for a change is the day where it rains. Just my luck." He checks his gun, making sure it's loaded and fully functional. Everything seems to be in check in his eyes.

    The thing that caught Alex off guard was a single gunshot that rang through the air. Someone seems to be fighting at the moment. Alex debated on going, not wanting to walk in on two decomposers fighting each other and having to deal with both of them, or worse, having his soul shattered. "AW damnit!" He rolls his eyes and take his chances. Someone might be in danger. Alex ran towards the gunshot as fast as he could. The splashing from the wet ground making his appearance known to all around him.
  18. Yuan trudged slowly through the desert. The sand was like a sea of black and he was barely discernible upon it. His face was twisted into a half smile, but he was by no means feeling happy. He was hungry, terribly hungry. He'd entered the desert to escape being around other people, but after one month of starvation it was simply too much to bare. In all his 5 years as an after lifer he had never been this hungry. He could see it already, the blood draining down his chin, the screams of terror as he consumed an innocent soul. He needed the exhilaration of shattering a soul. Many souls. That was all he needed right now. Then he could return to his quiet solitude in the desert. Yuan's smile broadened as he saw the silhouette of buildings against the sky in the distance. He could already smell it. Fear, anxiety, death!!!!!!!!!! It wet his palette, this familiar smorgasbord of fragrances. He had missed that in the desert, that delectable, endless assortment of flavours. His mouth began to water. It would be a delicious feast. He had shattered countless souls and was right up there on the list of the more hated and feared decomposers. His arrivals were always marked by abandonment of the streets by the weaker souls, and the lining of the streets by brave souls who he would soon enough be digesting. Yuan licked his lip. "I can taste the flavour," he muttered to himself.
  19. Steven looked at this girl who had come to the sobbing man's rescue. "My my my, aren't you the pretty one. You remind me of my wife.....I hate my wife." Steven pulled out his own whip, black and covered in flesh-tearing thorns. He unfurled it, and for good measure, cracked it in the air. "Oh, and honey.....I'm not new here. Though, perhaps the one behind me is..... Now, if you don't mind... I'm hungry." His eyes opened wide in a psychotic stare, his mouth curling to a sadistic smile.
  20. (Hope you don't mind Rune bumping into you ^^)

    Rune looked around noticing several others hanging around the streets. She didn't know whether to join them asking if some of them were alright but then spotted a girl entering a nearby store.
    "Ah! Hello there!"
    Smiling she looked at the girl. She recognised her as Emily, thinking she assumed she must have finished the training she does every morning.
    "Did you just finished training?"