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  1. The world as you knew it is over. All the questions you have about the afterlife will be answered now. When you die, you're either buried or cremated. If you're cremated, it's the end. If you're buried, it's the beginning. There are four types of burials and the type of burial you die with will affect how you live in death. The four types are:

    CoffinBorn: You were lucky enough to be buried in protection with belongings of yours and a grand funeral. You will be sorted into the Seervak House. You will be well nourished and trained to fight using water magic and long ranged weapons.

    Hidden: You were buried without a coffin. Shoved into the ground and dirt piled on top of you as if you were nothing but trash. You will belong to the Barukar House. You will have to fight for your food and for survival. You will be trained in the way of the Heavy weaponry and fire magic.

    Stone Sleepers: You were buried with many. In a mausoleum. When you died you were equally as important as everyone else in the mausoleum. You are apart of the Venstar house. You will share nourishment equally. Food will be dispersed equally. Housing will be shared. You will be trained in the way of one handed weapons and defense magic.

    Decomposers: You were never buried. You were left to rot somewhere and your body was never found. You live in darkness. You hunt the weak. Kill the innocent. Hated by many. Loved by none. You eat the after lifers you kill. You are all alone. You were never trained but are gifted with superhuman hearing and smell. Claws as sharp as hunting knives and you have the ability to blend with the shadows and mimic voices. You are apart of no house.

    Character sheet will need all of the following:

    Type of after lifer:
    Age when died:
    Specific weapon choice:
    How you died:
    Appearance (description or photo):
    Bio or Obituary:

  2. Name: Yuan Liore
    Gender: Male
    Type of after lifer: Decomposer
    Age when died: 17
    Specified weapon choice: Long sword with a dragon's mouth as it's handle
    How you died: threw himself into a river and was washed out to see where he rots
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Sadistic and somewhat insane
    Bio: In life Yuan was a quite boy who lived with his two rich parents and did well in school. He was home schooled and had a very withdrawn personality. Though he received money from his parents in abundance, he was never truly given the love he craved, the love other, less wealthy children had. After being dissatisfied with his life for several years he decided to kill himself by jumping into a nearby river. After making it to the after life and realizing that not only did he still possess a consciousness, but he was also still unloved and alone, he went partially insane.
  3. Awesome character! Be sure to share this with people so we can get started!
  4. Name: Elena Whisper
    Gender: Female
    Type of after lifer: Hidden
    Age when died: 21
    Specific weapon choice: Large silver bladed Zweihander with a plain leather grip
    How you died: Attacked in the night by a man who violated her and murdered her. She was buried in a shallow grave in a small wooded area near the train station close to her apartment.
    Appearance (description or photo): [​IMG]
    Personality: Elena is a spit fire fast talking city girl. She has no qualms about being a blunt and as straight forward as possible even if it means some might disliking her. She believes in hard work, and that it will bring you closer to your goals. Her attitude comes from a welling anger, though she's not sure why as she can not recall the events that led to her untimely death. She wants to figure out her own emotions, but is frightened of them. Elena most of all is scared of what happened to her, and would almost rather never find out.
    Bio or Obituary: Elena lived in the city with a few roommates to help out with rent. She was slowly putting herself through college with a manager job at a grocery store a few blocks from her apartment. Often times she would have to walk home late at night after closing the store. She didn't have a car, since insurance was to expensive, but she didn't mind to walk. She opened her eyes in the afterlife she found herself brought in by the Barukar House. They where a clan of hard and brutish people. Everything you had had to be won. Elena was use to this life style, she was good at clawing her way up.
  5. Yes! I love it! Fantastic job! Be sure to talk to friends and try to get more people I want to start with at least two people in each house. I'll submit mine tomorrow! I'm so excited for this Rp to be underway!
  6. Name: Emily Chalice

    Gender: Female

    Type of After Lifer: CoffinBorn

    Age When Died: 20

    Specific Weapon Choice: bow with silver arrows dipped in lethal poison, a throwing dagger dipped in lethal poison, a pistol

    How You Died: Trying to leave her boyfriend's apartment after just finding him cheating on her. He attacked her, trying to prevent her from leaving him. She fought back well enough, but he was too strong. Things got out of hand and he banged her head too hard against the wall, snapping her neck. She died on the spot.


    Personality: She stays silent and solemn most of the time. She doesn't allow herself to feel or express much emotion. She always seems either angry, like she's plotting something dark, or bored. Unfortunately, she remembers every detail of her death and what led to her death. It's constantly replaying in the back of her mind but she can still focus on other things, so she does. She focuses on work instead of emotions or relationships. She doesn't want to trust anyone because the last time she did, he broke her heart and killed her. She doesn't care whether it was accidental or not, murder or manslaughter, she wasn't very forgiving anymore.

    Bio/Obituary: At the age of 11, Emily lost her mother to cancer. Soon after that, her father took up drinking and gambling and eventually started hitting her. She took up tae kwon do lessons so she could at least dodge his swings. When she turned 12, she started babysitting. At 15, she got a job as a waitress while continuing to babysit, trying to make up for the money they lost as her dad gambled and spent for alcohol. At 17, her dad finally went into rehab, but was still resentful at the world, especially her. He was angry that she survived and his wife didn't, blaming Emily for her mom's death. That was also when she got her first boyfriend. The abusive relationship lasted 3 months. So when she turned 18, she moved out, got a job at her tae kwon do dojo, and her dad got remarried to a cold, selfish woman. At college, she made a couple true friends and started dating another man. The relationship lasted 5 months before she found out he had been cheating on her for the past 3 months. This just hardened her more and she opened up for her last boyfriend at 20. They dated for 9 months before she walked in on him cheating on her. She always worked hard, but had the worst luck with who she chose to love. Her friends are mainly the ones who set up her funeral. Her dad merely paid for a quarter of the costs.

    Strength: 4
    Agility: 6
    Intelligence: 9
    Speed: 6
    Sneak: 2
    Vitality: 2 (5- CoffinBorn bonus)
    Awareness: 6
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  7. Name: Victor Brooke

    Gender: Male

    Age when died: 21

    Type of afterlifer: StoneSleeper

    Specific weapon: A celtic short sword and .44 Magnum. (See Pictures)

    How I died: He was tortured by 3 college classmates when they were looking for His brother, he wouldn't tell them so they hung him upside down and let the blood drain from his body into his head.

    Personality: He's strong willed. Has a very black and white perception of the world. He's always very protective over children and those younger than him. He's very loyal and could never break a promise. He's ambitious but also blind and doesn't think clearly when it comes to protecting people he cares about. He only fights when necessary but he also strives to be the strongest he can be. He follows orders exact and doesn't ask questions unless he thinks what he is doing is immoral. He's extremely smart and will always try to take a non violent approach to solving problems.

    Bio/Obituary: Victor was never interested in partying or popularity. He only wanted to pay attention to school. So he could finish up and have a long succesful life. He was always working out though and training because of what his mom said before she died of a gunshot wound. She told him to be strong with mind and body and then no one can hurt you or the ones you love. He stuck by that until his last breath. He was physically fit and had an I.Q. above 130. He knew that one day he would be on top. He had 3 younger brothers and was always looking after them. One was 15. One was 11. and One was 19. The 19 year old and him went to the same school. A girl at that school had made false rape accusation charges against his brother and 3 guys from the college came looking for him and couldn't find him so they took Victor instead and tortured him countlessly wanting to know where his brother was. Victor wouldn't tell them. So they left him hung upside down until all of his blood rushed to his head and killed him. He was chosen by the Venstar house because of his protective nature.

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  8. Name:Angeline Harper

    Gender: Female

    Type of after lifer: Stonesleeper

    Age when died: 19

    Specific weapon choice: Thin leather whip tipped with a stainless steel barb at the end named 'The Cat's Whisker'

    How you died: Suffered from severe bouts of depression and eventually committed suicide by slicing her wrists open and painting with her own blood to create her final masterpiece before collapsing to the floor and dying from blood loss.

    Appearance (description or photo):

    Personality: Angeline tends to be reserved from others around her, but is extremely compassionate and caring for those that have managed to get through the protective armor surrounding her heart. At the same time she also has an insatiable hunger to create in a loose form sequels to her final masterpiece by carving into the victims that fall prey to her hunger and her whip, 'The Cat's Whisker', which is adept at filleting skin and muscle from bone. Many say that she is a two-sided person, one being white, the other black, and most that have brought out her darker side are featured in her 'Dance Macabre Gallery' at the Venstar House. She suffers from social anxiety and manic depression, but is also very sweet and gentle towards those that are dear to her.

    Bio or Obituary: In life Angeline had been an up and coming artist known for her vivid abstract landscapes and her hauntingly disturbing depictions of tortured angels. For all 19 years of her life she existed in the lap of luxury, where her every want and need could be bought, or at least thats what her parents believed. The one thing Angeline wanted most was her parents love and approval, and that was something nobody in the world could buy. Starved of both for the duration of her childhood she grew up to be an emotionally insecure young woman. Her only outlet for all the feelings she bottled up deep inside herself was the paintings that reflected her need for approval and how she truly felt. By the age of 15 she was diagnosed with severe manic depression for the first time in her life and put on an antidepressant that only temporarily made things better. By the time she was 16 years she attempted her first suicide by trying to overdose on sleeping medication, but after waking up 18 hours later where she originally collapsed she started cutting as an outlet for the emotional pain she was suffering. Starved for attention she became reliant on the feedback of the community to fill the void that had formed deep inside her soul. When feedback would come back negative she would tailspin out of control and dive head first into a severe bout of depression, locking herself inside her room and refusing to eat until she finished another piece to regain their approval. This continued for the next three years of her life as well as several other attempts at suicide before she finally snapped and went into a bout of temporary insanity. The last few hours of her life were spent locked in her room as she rapidly painted away her life on a panel of glass, her own blood serving as the paint on her brush. Just as she finished the piece she fell to the floor unconscious from severe blood loss and died in a pool of her wasted life. Her last piece was titled 'The Fall of Icarus'.
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  9. Wow phenomenal character sheet! I must say I'm impressed! Help spread the word so we can get started! I'm uber
    excited to get this RP underway!


    My hopeful start date is September 15th! Mark your calendars! Also, if you want to make additional characters if you think you can manage both or have any further inquiries about the world of the afterlife, feel free to message me or just post on here. I love the way it's going! I also have some side characters that I need people to RP. If you are interested, let me know!

    Your host extraordinare,
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  10. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope to see how the rp turns out, though I hope you don't mind that I point out that you left out your character's age in your cs, I don't know if that was intentional or not but I figured I would bring it to your attention
  11. Ahh thank you! I was just fixing that before I read your reply. Usually I'm more thorough. And yes I love detail! I believe that in an Rp, one can never be too specific. Detail adds a texture and a soul (metaphorically speaking of course) to your character. Thank you for taking interest in my first self-created RP!
  12. The title caught my attention, so that in itself was worth me reading more into it ^w^
  13. Yes, that was one of the harder parts for myself. I knew the concept I wanted but the title was more difficult. I might be slightly upset if I do not get the amount of people I'm aiming for but I suppose it will do. I wanted to make an Ad but I couldn't find a picture matching the requisites. I might further my search tomorrow. If you happen to have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. When I open the RP thread I'll have a better intro for the RP, A bit more detailed. but I do not mind sharing basic info of the world with you or anyone else. I check this at least twice a day. Thanks for the compliments BTW! Means a lot. <3
  14. You're definitely welcome and you truly did pick an interesting topic to write on and it should hopefully yield interesting results, so happy writing ^w^
  15. Name : Vivaldi Cristof

    Gender : Male

    Type of after lifer: Stone sleeper

    Age when died : 21

    Specific weapon choice : Black Steel katana with emerald pummel

    How you died : A Former Member of Black Raven Assassins group. on the last mission of his, he has been set up by his superior. took a bullet on his heart after killing almost all of Black Raven Assassins alone.

    Appearance (description or photo):

    Personality: After the betrayal Vivaldi said that he never ever trust anybody beside himself. He's wicked thought often make trouble for himself. His favorite action is 'Kill First Ask Later'. Despite of his personality he really like cat, in his former house he had 20 cat that he collected across nation. He is really strong willed when he wants something he must have it whatever it cost.

    Bio or Obituary: Born from Noble family Vivaldi raised to be a successor of his father company. his sword fight is considered top class in his land. he often challenged by another Noble to spar. but sometimes mistake happened, one day when he fight with Gwen family's oldest son he accidentally killed him. Gwen Family which didn't accept their son death asked for revenge and slaughtered all Vivaldi family. fortunately he managed to escaped from their wrath and joining with Black Raven Assassins Guild. using their technique and his sword, he begin to murdering Gwen family's member one by one until no one alive. unfortunately the last member of Gwen family manage to hired the Black Raven Guild. Their leader, Marcus set a trap for Vivaldi in their base. after a fierce battle the leader, Marcus shot him from behind. He managed to escape, but heavy bleeding in his chest make his movement stopped in front of a chapel.
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  16. @MischieviousCheshireX3 Our characters have quite a few similarities in bio's. They might just get along well.
  17. Name: Nova Willhaim

    Gender: Female

    Type of after lifer: CoffinBorn

    Age when died: 17

    Specific weapon choice: Black Steel Crossbow

    How you died: Ever since Nova's mother passed away when she was 15 things started to change. Her father would come home drunk and often fly into fits of rage. Having three younger siblings Nova would do her best to take care of her siblings and at the same time make sure that they would never become victim to their fathers abusive anger. She told no one of her situation, not even others in her familyin fear that it would result in their separation and placement in foster care. Then one day as she returned home she walked in on her father who seemed especially angry and ready to take it out on her youngest sister of 5 years old. She rushed to intervene, to distract him, and it worked. She managed to make it to the stairs when she made the mistake of turning to look behind her. Her father swung at her head causing her to plummet back and down the stairs. Snapping her neck on the way down she lay at the bottom of the stairs paralyzed only able to watch as he stepped towards her and the lights faded.

    Appearance (description or photo): anime_girl_with_black_hair__brown_eyes_and_jacket_by_fawn_leaves-d648hll.png.cf.jpeg

    Personality: Nova was care free about life she loved to talk play around and, just take life obe day at a time. Then after an accident her mothers health had declined drastically And she spiralled into depression. After her mothers death Nova made a vow to never cry again, to never let her siblings ever see her sad, she dedicated her very being to taking care of her brother and sisters. This resulted in her sharing that same caring nature to all those around her, to always smile for those who needed it. She is generally nice to everyone she meets, and proves to be loyal to a fault. Rarely allowing her temper to get the best of her but when provoked can become rather slyly diabolical. She lives by the motto "treat others the way you want to be treated" words from her mother.

    Bio or Obituary: Nova was a bright soul. If she was not at the library buried in a book she could be found laughing and smiling with a close friend or her brother and sisters. She was always one to put others happiness before her own. She was not one to complain or shed a tear in front of others and did her absolute best to turn bad situations into good ones. When needed she took control and pulled through the worst of times, mostly on her own without any aid, desiring to be self reliant but keeping her heart open To others. She was raised by a mother who gave her life for her children, but sadly followed soon after when She gave her life so that her brother and sisters could live theirs.
  18. @Varachni Excuse me sir, I like your character but I would appreciate it if you could use a different name for him. Only because it is very similar to my characters name. Sorry to cause any inconvenience. Thank you, and have a nice night.

    With Admiration & Respect,
    Syphereon Ravenclaw
  19. @CrimsonFang I really love how our characters' backgrounds are similar but they both ended up totally different.
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