INTEREST CHECK 6 feet down and up again

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Should I work this out into an actual group rp or not?

  1. Give it a try, dun be a poof ;<

  2. Hehe, heck no, let it dwell in the depths of your mind like a demon or w/e BHUAHAHAHA

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  1. Heya~
    It's been a while since I've been active here on Iwaku but I came up with a group roleplay idea and just had to see if there were interested people. SO, what's the idea then you ask eh? A very good question ;D

    As the name implies this roleplay takes place after death, thus the characters will mostly be ghost-like beings, maybe reincarnated ones, reapers, demons, shadow people and others to keep things interesting. You will find yourself on your scene of death, though all this time you're conscious, at least you think. It's impossible to move even the smallest muscle in your body, and in horror you realize that this is what death it. Your coffin, although made from solid wood, seems like glass to you, you can see your beloved ones as they cry above you, but still you can't move. You know there's earth being thrown on your coffin, you can hear it but not see it. You can see other coffins, other souls trapped in them, some old some young. You lie there for you don't know how long and see many people pass by until one mysterious figure comes and knees down at your grave. '' Time to get up again...''

    It'll probably some sort of game, a war between spirits of ancient families and thus there will be two rivaling graveyards, at least I think :D One called back by a demon, the other by an angel. You can be reincarnated as pretty much every spirit like being, such as demons, angel-like beings, ghost etc etc. Let me know what you think and if there are things you'd like to add/change, really looking forward to kick start something like this so yeah.

    Thanks for reading~
  2. Hmm, interested. We could develop this and try. ^^
  3. This looks fun. I'm in this~