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    June 24th, 6999

    Aboard the Heavy Command Cruiser
    Aigaion of the Iyuli Imperial Aerial First Fleet

    Within the corridors of the third deck of the Iyuli Imperial Aerial Force flagship, a single woman walked. Moving with an air of authority, perhaps bordering on invincibility, she was dressed in an Imperial Federation of Iyuli military uniform. Positioning her officer's cap on her silver colored hair; smooth and ending in an long braid which was held together by a red and white ribbon, her expression was serious and thoughtful as she rounded the corner of the sleek, smooth and brightly lit corridor.

    The interior, or at least the corridors linking the different areas of the Aigaion were strange compared to those of other airships. Whereas most others had pipes, gauges and other utilities decorating the walls, the Heavy Command Cruiser's were smooth, metallic surfaces of a gunmetal color, with all the piping and other sorts of things underneath, only accessible from a maintenance shaft. These smooth, unnatural surfaces emphasized the almost entirely metal construction of the Advauto Plant creation. The only breaks to this darkly colored monotony were banners emblazoned with the colors and symbol of the Iyuli state, hung on the walls at semi-regular intervals and the wide windows where one could see the world outside. At this moment, the woman could see the right wing of the Aigaion, flying at a few hundred meters over the clouds. Far off from the gargantuan wing, she could barely see the silhouettes of one of the Kottos Class support frigates and one of the Gyges Class destroyers that flew with the Aigaion.

    Letting her gaze drift for a moment to look at the window-view, the woman nonetheless kept her brisk walk on the carpeted floor, the norm on the third deck of the Aigaion, which was used for officer and official quarters and facilities. Finally, she arrived at her destination. Walking through the open door into the dining hall, her before muffled footsteps now had a much louder sound on the wooden floor of the hall. After being saluted by a man in a formal uniform, she was gestured to a small unoccupied dining table near a large window giving an excellent view of the clouds and hilly, desert landscape below. On the horizon, she could see Lake Balkhash, where the Aigaion would be landing on in an hour or two in order to resupply. The twenty four reactors of the Aigaion, made up of four sections of six, while powerful and bestowing a stable speed of forty five knots for a period of seventy two hours, needed to be resupplied with a form of odysseum too heavy to be carried and resupplied in midair as of yet. As such, the Aigaion's voyages had to be specially planned to land in a large enough body of water every three days.

    "Empress?" A voice came up from next to her, a girl's voice, meek and gentle. Turning her head from the window, the woman saw the servant who had interrupted her from her thoughts. After the Empress nodded with a small smile in response, the girl spoke again. "Would you like me to take your hat?" Nodding in response again, she handed her cap to the girl and shook her head slightly to let the hair that had been inside the cap loosen up. "Would you also care for some music? The usual, if I dare assume?"

    "You were right to assume. Please, go ahead. If I might add, when will breakfast be served?" The Empress replied with a kind expression on her face.

    "I will comply, Empress. Breakfast shall be served in about a minute. Are sausages, salad and eggs satisfactory?" The servant seemed noticeably more at ease now that the Empress had adopted a more amicable expression, but still spoke with a formal manner.

    "Of course. Might I have some some sort of fruit and some tea with the aforementioned?"

    "As you wish." The servant bowed deeply, as was customary of civilians instead of the normal military salute, and headed off to put away the peaked cap and retrieve the food. Relaxing in her chair and looking out the window as she awaited that the musicians prepared themselves on the small elevated area in the dining hall, she didn't notice an old friend sit in the chair opposite her's.

    "Wow, so this is the officer's dining hall." A scruffy looking man with a bit of hair escaping his own peaked cap and wearing an Aerial Force captain's peacoat stole the chair on the other side of the oval shaped table. "Oh, good morning, Roz." He said as he noticed who was already sitting at the table.

    "Hello, Captain. Please don't call me that." She sighed with a somewhat annoyed but smiling expression. "What, you haven't dined in here before? You're the captain, silly!" Rozaliya retorted. The Captain's face made a somewhat defensive expression and he began to explain the situation.

    "Well, you see, most of the other bridge crewmen dine in the crew messhall, on second deck, and one day I got lost when looking for the officer's dining hall, so I just decided to follow them and I guess it became habit?" He said, heightening the sound as if asking a question at the end. The silver haired woman chuckled in return.

    "Ha, fair enough. How's the Aigaion been treating you?" She placed her head on her hands as she spoke, happy to be able to speak casually with a friend for the first time during the trip.

    "She's a wonderful ship. She's fast, responds well, pretty decently armed and, boy, what an absolute beauty. Those accompanying ships, the Gyges' and the Kottos' are great companions too. You didn't have them with you during the Rebellion did you?" He explained, a somewhat dreamy look developing on his face.

    She shook her head in response, responding, "Yeah, when I commanded it, it was only the Aigaion." He nodded in understanding and took a serious yet cheerful expression as he began to explain the four accompanying ships.

    "Technically, the Kottos and the Gyges are built on the same hull, but that's where similarities end. The Gyges' are destroyers, meant for defense of the Aigaion and the Kottos' against enemy threats, mostly by shooting stuff. They're pretty fast too, so they can sometimes preform reconnaissance, at least that's what I did during the selection wargames and the strategy seemed to work well enough. The Kottos on the other hand are strictly used for support, lacking any weapons of any kind. However, they are still essential for all activities. They maintain the communications between all five vessels with those weird dome like things on the front, so even if one of them is destroyed we can still communicate with the other three ships. They also have optics for range-finding and targeting for the Gyges' and the Aigaion's cannons." He went highly into detail, explaining things that would bore most people to tears, but Rozaliya kept an interested look for the sake of her close friend. "Honestly, I can't wait to see the look on those Requins' faces when the Fleet flies over their city." He said, cracking knuckles in excitement.

    "Reniqians. Not Requins. But, yes, it's an exciting idea." She corrected him and she noticed out of the corner of her eye the musicians finishing to set up. Within moments, the music she had requested began. Opening with a part of strings, a solemn piano part came in shortly after and the singer began singing within moments of this. She sang in a somber voice, speaking in an ancient language that had lost its meaning but Rozaliya could feel a tinge of hope coming from it. While moments before she had been in friendly conversation with her childhood friend, the Empress now fell into a silent captivation by the music.

    After five minutes of the song, the players finished the song and continued on an instrumental version. The captain took this moment to speak. "You've been listening to this one a lot. We can hear it from the bridge."

    "Yeah... Ever since they found the composition in some ruins in the eastern territory, I've been just captivated by it." She explained in a calm, gentle voice. "Wait, from the bridge?" She tilted her head in question.

    "Seriously. I bet if someone farted on the lower decks you could hear it from up there." He joked, though he kept a quiet tone as not to interrupt the music. Rozaliya attempted to make a disgusted expression, but she couldn't help but grin slightly.

    "You were always the type to make vulgar jokes, Sanya." She chastised him in a playful tone.

    "What, you don't like them? You always laugh at them."

    "It's only for your sake."

    "You wound me." The pair laughed together and were still recovering when food arrived. Thanking the servant, she let Sanya, the diminutive name she used instead of Alexander, make an order before she left. "Coffee, please." This strange word surprised Rozaliya.

    "Coffee? What might that be?" A puzzled look took over her physique.

    "Ah, you haven't heard of it yet. It's this new thing that they make with these beans from the Black Nations, south of West Eurasia. It's kind of bitter, but it gives a great boost. It's the bridge crew's new favorite." Alexander explained the virtues of the drink with zeal, before finishing on an advice. "You should really try it sometime."

    "I shall see. Tea is certainly good enough for the time being." She said as she took a sip from the cup and dug a fork into the soft boiled egg with her other hand. As Alexander waited for his beverage, he suddenly had a change of expression indicating an idea and made an accompanying sound.

    "Oh right, about that music. Isn't there a version written in Iyulian? Why don't you listen to that?"

    "Written by the Propaganda Agency. Even if I don't understand the lyrics of the original version, it's still less mind numbing than the droning of some propaganda agency writer. Besides, these old languages leave a lot to imagination. Say, Sanya, what do you picture when you listen to the song?" She explained in an annoyed tone before changing subjects. Alexander made a pensive expression as he thought it over, before explaining in a somewhat dark tone.

    "Alright, this might sound bizarre, but here's what I imagine. I think of a bunch of students who are thrown into the nightmare of being involved in some sort of curse. Like, I don't know, one of them dies every month. I see them in this rural, out of the way town in the middle of nowhere, forgotten by the rest of the world. The place is all grimy, old, sort of like a forgotten child's toy, you follow?" He said, getting really into the description of the world in his head. "This song kind of explains not only their sorrow, but their fear and at the same time, their hope."

    Rozaliya held a surprised face as she thought it over. "Huh. Never thought I'd hear something like that from you. Say, have you ever thought of becoming a writer? If you wrote a book about something like that, I'd read it in a heartbeat." Sanya chuckled.

    "My mother always wanted me to be a writer. Sent me to literary schools and all that kind of stuff."

    "I see." She then went into silence as she ate, passing a bit of fruit over to her friend while he waited for his own drink. His eyes shifted around, mostly settling on his old companion, but, suddenly he noticed the clock.

    "Ah, shit, we're landing in one hour, gotta head back up to the bridge. See you later, Roz. Have a nice breakfast and all that." He stood up briskly from his chair and put the cap back on his head before giving a short wave to Rozaliya and heading for the door.

    "Au revoir." She mused as he left the dining hall and she began to cut into a sausage, watching the clouds through the window, once again.


    Captain Alexander Nikiporov didn't even take a minute in returning to the bridge, having memorized the fastest route during the last few weeks he had served as captain of the Aigaion. However, as he walked with an effective pace, he noticed something out of the ordinary as he passed the other crewmen. He observed that their salutes were notably less straight and they seemed to be attempting to hide varying expressions of amusement. Raising an eyebrow as he returned the salutes, he turned into the doorway leading to the bridge.

    Upon entry, he was met with the sight of Senior Lieutenant Volikov, a younger man than he, sloppily saluting with his free hand and pushing a metal cup filled with a black liquid in the captain's direction with his other hand, all while wearing a sly grin.

    "You forgot your coffee, Captain 'Sanya'."

    Right at this moment, Alexander's heart dropped and he felt a sweat on his forehead. Those seated at their posts all had different sentiments in regards to the situation, but Alexander made note of quite a few snickering. Growling, he muttered as he sat down at his own station, already preparing for the landing on Lake Balkhash.

    "I hate you guys so damn much."

    Later, on the bridge.

    "Both Kottos, confirm that the water is clear. Forward a message to the Reniqian escorts that they move out for the landing." The communications officer spoke to the two support frigates' own officers, speaking into a large machine that would transmit the message using the combined power of the Aigaion and the two Kottos. Rozaliya was only barely able to hear the voice of the officer over the hubbub on the bridge, despite standing right in the center next to the captain's chair. From the cockpit window, she could see the lake the Aigaion would land on and the city on the banks. Watching where she stood, she saw the Reniqian escort ships, more traditional ships with many balloons, part in opposite directions to let the gargantuan vessel land safely. Shortly after, the communications officer gave confirmation to the pilots to begin the landing.

    The speed of the Aigaion began to slow down greatly as the power on the odysseum reactors were lowered and eventually it fell into a slow glide. To the left of the helm, the pair of pilots seemed extremely concentrated, one making precise movements with some dials, buttons and a stick to keep the ship on the right angle and the other one watched over multiple gauges and meters indicating speed, altitude and power of the reactors. Both talked quickly between each other to coordinate the landing. Once again looking out of the window, Rozaliya saw the Gyges parting, leaving only the pair of Kottos, which were almost essential as they greatly facilitated the landing.

    Suddenly, Rozaliya heard the characteristic sound of the lower hull landing on water, a sort of splashing, smacking sound. As the ship deployed its lower waterbrakes, it slowed down greatly and within a few moments it had come to a full stop.

    "Great job, crew. You may have a break for a few dozen minutes, but after that, return to your posts." Alexander congratulated the crewmen on the successful landing before getting up from the helm chair and heading to the door. "Shall we go, Empress?" He let Rozaliya leave the bridge before him as the crewmen saluted her and then left for himself. The pair continued down the hallway, until reaching the stairwell. It took a few dozen seconds to reach the first deck, where the flight deck was situated. When they arrived, they were met with a small group of armed guards who would protect the landing party, consisting of Rozaliya and Captain Alexander, while they were ashore. There were four guards, each dressed in full Iyulian Ground Force infantry light kit and armed with semi-automatic carbines. As soon as the two came onto the deck, they were saluted by the crewmen and the infantry and they had almost perfect synchronization in returning the salutes.

    Position her officer's cap on her head in a neat manner, she looked over her companion. He was wearing his own cap and his captain's peacoat. Admitedly, he looked rather handsome. "You look good. And here I was thinking I would have to scold you for not wearing correct clothes." She jested as she checked her braid and headed towards the edge of the flight-deck where a boat would meet them.

    "You sound like my mother." Alexander grumbled as he checked the buttons on the coat.

    Eventually, the boat arrived and the six Iyulians climbed aboard. After a short journey, they reached the a dock where they would await further guidance. As they waited, they looked around the city landscape, taking in the sights of the foreign land. "Pretty place. Just not my kind of place." The captain offered his opinion as they awaited the Reniqian officials.

    "Couldn't they be more punctual?" The Empress complained as she checked her nails with a bored expression. Meanwhile, the four Iyulian soldiers checked their own equipment, making sure they had easy access to their extra magazines and that their sidearms were ready in case of need.
  2. Anniversary,
    Ester Reteck
    Reniq Palace, 25th Febuary 1920, 15th Anniversary of taking over Akten,

    Sunlight streamed through the lace curtains, the brightness awoke Ester. The maids rushed into her room at the sound of the bell she rang each morning. They handed her a tray with the usual steaming hot breakfast she recieved each morning, she sat on her four-poster bed, the luxurious silk quilts softening the memory foam mattress, lined with dazzling gold trims at the ends, adding to the detail of the snow white duvet. Not forgetting the expensive wooden frame, woven strongly, with gemstones in the center of the braids of fine birch wood.

    Ester looked down at her breakfast, expecting her usual preferences, a quails egg on top of slightly browned toast accompanied with a pancetta and mushroom omelette topped with the finest caviar. Then a blueberry and gold-leaf muffin decorated with edible diamonds. Additionally a small surprise awaited her; three pancakes stacked neatly, running with a smooth chocolate sauce and lemon slices presented neatly in a flower shape.

    "Happy Anniversary, Miss." The maids chorused as she ate her meal, using the gold-lined cutlery used for special occasions engraved with today's date and the occasion itself - The 15th Anniversary of Conquering Akten. After eating the pancakes, she sipped down a glass of pure orange juice.

    Soon after, Ester got out of bed as they cleaned up the tray. Then they escorted her to the bathroom, a huge, tiled, spherical room with a galaxy imprinted on the ceiling, used as the primary light source these effects often dazzle guests. She slid off her silky midnight blue robes and gracefully climbed into the warm soapy water that is contained by a pool, the lower half of the sphere.

    Powerful jets of water washed off the peach scented lather of bubbles on her body, then she was met by a pre-warmed towel, again weaved with the finest materials and of course, containing a form of threaded gold. Despite her protests, the Maids dried her off and began to style her hair, combing back the red strands, drying them, then curling them. They did this to each individual strand.

    They then placed an ornate tiara on top, a sapphire in the center of the curved gold, shaped in regal patterns then lined with an extra layer. It sat atop Ester's crimson red hair perfectly, a newly made piece specifically for today. They then began her make-up, first a layer of blush to her cheeks, then mascara doubling the length of her eyelashes and enhancing the hazel and amber tones within her irises.

    After that they add on a dash of ruby red lipstick that brings out the pearly whiteness of her teeth, then they begin to work on her nails, first smoothing and buffering into the correct shape, each identical and neat. Next they paint each one with a deep blue shade matching the centerpiece of the tiara, then attaching a small sapphire with some transparent overcoat.

    Ester's personal stylist greeted her when she returned to her room, standing next to an eye catching, and keeping to the theme, sapphire blue dress, in a mermaid style fit it tightened at the thighs, with a ruffled end just past her knees. The material was shiny and sleek. It was sealed by a corset. Ester tried it on, it fitted exactly.

    Ester's stylist and the maids squeal in happiness as she emerged in her new dress, they compliment her as she was handed some extravagant shoes to match the dress, coated in the same shiny material, they extended her already tall height height by almost an inch, luckily for her she was well trained in walking in such heels. She put them on, they clicked and clacked as the team walked down the marble hallways. They came to the elevator, then she began to question them.

    "Where is this location to be held?" She asked,
    "Througout Town and The Waterfall Plaza, the Public will be attending." They reply,
    "Good. What will the Anniversary Ceremony include? Give me the schedule." They pause to think for a moment, then recall;
    "First you and your family will be escorted through town, to the annual council meeting and back to the Palace for dinner with the council, then you'll walk down to the Waterfall Bridge, your father will make a speech."

    The lift comes to a stop, the silencers working well and covering the sounds of the turning cogs. Ester was met by Elizabeth, now twenty seven, Bernadette, now eighteen and my parents - King Raanon and Queen Meredith Reteck. Elizabeth's mousy brown ringlets flow to her shoulders, she wears a red gown, highlighting her hips with it's gripping material.

    The dress fell down to the floor, covering her shoes. It had flowers ruffled on her chest, with diamonds lining next to the trio. a part of the fabric was brung out by these details, tracing down to the rest on the floor. The straps are thin and not very noticeable, revealing her tanned skin. Her blue eyes are encored by dazzling red eye-shadow, the same color as the gem on the silver tiara much like Ester's which graces her head.

    Bernadette is wearing something more catered to her younger style, a shorterdress in a pastel green tone, the silk material looks as if it's been wrapped around her body. The outer lining of her chest is covered in diamonds, leading up to the straps which are the same. Her blonde dyed hair is put up in a regal bun, detailed, lined with fishtail braids. The main part containing her tiara which has jade centered in the middle of the gold curves.

    Her Mother wears a flowing lilac gown, the skirts ruffling out wide, the tones glimmer and change in the light, much like Bernadette's it's chest is lined with rich gems and diamonds which lead up to the straps, though these straps attach at her neck. Her Father wears a traditional suit. They both wear their traditional crowns, made from rich red velvet and expensive gold and gemstones.

    The military guards escort them to the Limo that will ride them around town, the press snapped photos of them, the flashes dazzled Ester as the Royals stepped down the velvet carpet and into the vintage car, the leather seats are friction-less against their formal attire. The driver tooted his horn and the crowds cleared from their path, they began their descent into the vast city of Reniq. The nation that they own.

    The Limo begins to roll down the streets of Rhinetune, Reniq's Capital city. Accompanied by the cheering of the crowds held back by barriers and the fanfare of the marching band who walk in front. Pastel colored confetti rains down on the hand-paved road in front of them, each individual slab was smoothed and shined to an exceptional finish. Frequently maintained and cleaned for the easiest journeys.

    All with similar architecture, the houses are composed of hand-crafted bricks in a grey tone, the windows large and delicate, the roofs covered in slate sourced from the mountainous peaks ascending from the Dam. All features keeping the theme of quality and regality here in the Capital, the pride of Reniq. Even the most tiny details, such as the silver door handles, stand out.

    Ester's attention was now brought to the bridge that they were now crossing over, the metal used is BioSteel, a combination created in secret circumstances by the Goatspider. A literal hybrid. It's lightweight but extremely durable, lasting forever, creating a long process of disposal.

    The limo pulled up at the Council Building, the Royal family walked inside as political interviewers questioned them, keenly scribbling down on their notebooks. The others passed whilst Ester posed for their cameras, being an egotist was one of her worst traits. After she'd finished and walked in the doors were closed and the meeting room revealed. Ester and her father were directed towards the circular table in the centre, they sat in the middle whilst her sisters and mother sat to the side. Only the leaders sat at this table, Raanon lead Reniq, Ester was to take full responsibility of Akten soon as well, and Reniq once her parents were gone. The leaders of the other main Nations were to arrive soon. She tapped her long nails on the desk whilst she waited.

    "When will the Iyuli party be here?" Ester broke the silence.
    "Their Limo's have been sent, the paparazzi may be slowing them, Princess." An escort replied.
    "You know I dislike being called that. Call me Miss." Ester replied sharply, the escort gave a nod and stood back in line against the wall with the others. Ester continued to tap her nails on the table.
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  3. Finally, the motorized carriage that would carry the party arrived. They climbed aboard, the soldiers positioning themselves between the captain and the empress who each sat at a window. Within moments, the motor of the machine began to roar once again and it began to advance forward. They left the dock area, going onto a road and heading across numerous bridges to reach the downtown. However, once they reached this area, the advance of the convoy was slowed by crowds of civilians scrambling to take pictures of the passengers within the vehicles. Clicking her tongue in annoyance and lowering her cap to obscure her face, she crossed her leg over the other and crossed her arms. Looking towards the driver, she spoke fluently in Reniqian.

    "In my country, if you are on official business, you can run them over." Despite it sounding somewhat like an ironic joke, she kept a serious tone and expression, wonderfully expressing her distaste in the event despite having to do so in a language that wasn't her own. The driver opened his mouth to say something, but he found nothing to say and instead scowled and returned to driving. Suddenly, the captain turned to her and spoke in Iyulian.

    "I forgot what we're here for. I know it's official business, some big event over here, but what?" He looked genuinely worried.

    "Anniversary of some great victory. I don't know which, so if they go into details, just brush them off, or act like you need to pee. Do that and they'll probably bug out." She smiled to indicate she wasn't serious on the last part and returned to watching out the window while hiding most of her face with her cap. The flashes of the cameras bothered her slightly, but she was too deep in thought for it to be a serious problem. Why would they invite officials of other nations for what's basically a national holiday? Something doesn't add up. It can't only be for a dinner and cake.

    After a while of navigating through the incessant crowds, the vehicle finally stopped and they disembarked. "All of you, stay at the door. If you see anything suspicious, send someone inside." She ordered, gesturing to the soldiers. With a crisp salute, they took positions around the area where they had left the vehicle and the pair were guided inside. Before they reached the door, Rozaliya inconspicuously tapped Alexander on the shoulder.

    "What's up?" He said in a hushed tone, seeing the secrecy of her action.

    "Give me your gun." She said in an authoritative tone. Sensing the authority in her voice, he didn't hesitate in giving her his officer's revolver behind their backs, not letting a soul see the action. As she took it, she sneakily pulled her Makarov pistol out of her holster and stuck it in a pocket where the small firearm wouldn't be seen and replaced it with the revolver. When they reached the door, as expected, they were asked for their weapons.

    "Ahem. I have gave mine already." Alexander said in his best Reniqian as the Empress handed the man the revolver.

    "Thank you. Please enter." The man said flawlessly, moving to let them enter.

    "Thank goodness they let us in through the second entry. Look over there." Alexander whispered as he looked at the second entrance. As dignitaries, diplomats and politicians left their vehicles, they were immediately ambushed by interviewers, like sharks smelling blood. The Iyulians, however, were lucky enough not to have been seen. Adjusting her slightly lopsided cap, they entered a meeting room and sat down at assigned places without paying any mind to the others in the room.

    A meeting room? For an anniversary?
    Rozaliya wondered to herself as she looked over the others in the room. Of course, there were the typically dressed politicians and leaders, but then there was the apparent princess of Reniq, a flamboyantly dressed girl. The empress scoffed at the dress, overly flashy and not bestowing enough mobility or utility. Her officer's uniform, while not as pleasing to the eye, was a much more useful vestment to wear on a daily basis. Even the peacoat of her companion was a better choice, aesthetically pleasing, while looking very official and keeping its wearer warm.
  4. As the Iyuli party entered Ester rose from her seat and shook their leader - Rozaliya's hand firmly. "Welcome to Reniq. I am Ester Reteck, leader of Akten and heir to the throne. Me and my family welcome you to this meeting." She tried to sound welcoming, but she could tell that they didn't want to be here. This feeling was mutual. Rozaliya's expression looked somewhat confused, from what she could read. "If you've been told you were coming straight to the celebration you've been mislead. The Meeting of Leaders is first, if you didn't know." She walked back to her chair and sat down, the chair opposite herself was the allocated space for the Iyuli party.

    The other members sat down now, a few seats remained.

    "We're waiting for a few other partys, most likely swarmed by the paparazzi. If they're not here within ten minutes we will commence the meeting without them. I apologize for any problems on your journeys here." Raanon addressed the guests.

    "Ha'a shan thus ur I thuiaftg.." Ester mumbled under her breath, looking down at her nails once more.
    ("Have them shot if I could..")

  5. "Welcome to Reniq. I am Ester Reteck, leader of Akten and heir the the throne. Me and my family welcome you to this meeting."
    Rozaliya found herself somewhat forced into a handshake. Not an usual gesture, but she couldn't help but find herself mocking the girl in her head for making a mistake when speaking her own language; the correct phrasing would be "my family and I" and not "me and my family". God, her parents skimped on education.
    "An honor. As you hopefully know, I am Empress Rozaliya Symonys of the Imperial Federation of Iyuli. This is the captain of our nation's Aerial Fleet's flagship, the Aigaion, Alexander Nikiporov." She explained as she let go of the hand.
    "Pleased to meet you." Alexander nodded in the princess' direction.

    "If you've been told you were coming straight to the celebration you've been mislead. The Meeting of Leaders is first, if you didn't know."
    This assumption immediately annoyed Rozaliya.
    "If you didn't know, I am not as stupid as you might think, Princess." She retorted, spitting out the final word. "We didn't come here to dance and eat fancy food, nor did we come to see your wonderful little city. That, would be a complete and utter waste of our time, something which you seem to be taking your leisure with." Silence befell the room until a fellow addressed them.

    "We're waiting for a few other partys, most likely swarmed by the paparazzi. If they're not here within ten minutes we will commence the meeting without them. I apologize for any problems on your journeys here."

    Rozaliya clicked her tongue and spoke to her comrade. "Ty dolzhen byt' shutish' . Eto pustaya trata nashego vremeni . Prosto slushayte yego , on kazhetsya , chto on govorit s det'mi* ." She relaxed, but scowled, in the chair as she said this, looking at Alexander. He remained in silence, but Rozaliya could see agreement in his eyes.
  6. "Leave, if we're wasting your precious time. We're merely discussing the ownership of the unclaimed land of this world instead of rushing into war like apes." Ester replied. She was beginning to hate this woman. Clearly the feeling was mutual. "Unless you wish to bludgeon each other to death like cave men and lose soldiers over land." She crossed her arms, leaning back. "Mbeneth ui j'aah iim e ceun. Prihmt Sawin."
    ("Bludgeon you too if I could....")
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  7. "Unfortunately for you, us Iyulians aren't the same sort of people as the Reniqians. We don't rush forward into war without reason. To be treated like warmongers by you is just insulting." The empress retaliated, indirectly referring to the conquest of Akten, a bloody conquest and an unneeded one, only accomplished for the sake of greed of territory. "And before you say that our creation of the Eastern Territory is the same, realize that the taking of the area was completely bloodless save for a few of our soldiers who were killed by illness and the cold."

    "Unless you wish to bludgeon each other to death like cave men and lose soldiers over land."
    Rozaliya scoffed at this. "Please princess, hold your tongue, or it might try to escape that empty head of yours. Clearly you don't know us Iyulians well enough. For the last five hundred years we have pledged pure neutrality in all conflicts and we have surely not taken a territory out of a sick lust just to have a bigger blob on the map, unlike a certain other nation whose leader is present in this room."
  8. Ester sighed, she hated the condescending nature of this woman, even if she was the empress. Leaders are supposed to have manners, or at least a little bit of decency. Clearly this one didn't. "Leave then. If we're wasting your time." Why did the 'empress' come over if she knew she was wasting her time? A foolish thing to do, the details were on the invitation clearly enough, it was optional so why did she come here? Ester sighed once more, all hope of having a civilized meeting where everyone at least attempts to respect each other had gone. She would've tried to tell her that the person she thought of as stupid actually designed most of Reniq's airships and conquered a country at eighteen. But she decided to let her believe she'd had a poor education. This woman, no, not woman; girl. Was oblivious to the fact that not only a year younger than herself did Ester take Akten. She hated youngers who tried to outsmart and undermine people older than themselves.
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  9. "Leave then. If we're wasting your time."
    Rozaliya let a small laugh escape. "It's either this or we send spies after you. I personally think a momentary inconvenience is a much better choice than jumping through the hoops of selecting agents, modifying their paygrade and, if the need arises, telling their family that they won't be coming home. Wouldn't you agree?" Observing her reaction, she noticed that she seemed to be getting on the princess' nerves and decided, for the sake of retrieving information, to "butter her up".

    "I have to say, however, despite you being a colossal pain to deal with, your reputation precedes you. A designer of airships and mastermind of the conquest of a nation at the age of eighteen? If I didn't disprove of needless war, you might be a role-model for me. Even more, your nation is in high conditions, one of the greatest in east of the continent, your cities are works of art in themselves and your military is zealously faithful to you. Allow me to extend my compliments." She smiled sincerely and spoke with a tone that sounded frank and honest. Rozaliya had been taught at a young age to lie with efficiency and that's exactly what she did now, not letting a single sign show of her actual chagrin for the princess.

    "Perhaps one day, I may eventually be on the same grounds as you? And perhaps, one day we can put our differences aside and stand arm in arm, as will our own nations behind us? If that may happen one day, I shall look ever forward to it." She concluded with an artfully phrased hope. Alexander nodded and spoke to the princess.

    "I couldn't have said it better myself."
  10. "I look forward to it, too." Ester never really knew how to accept flattery, she was often given compliments. One of the reasons for her being a smug egotist, most likely. She could see the transparency in Rozaliya's words but didn't want to make another argument. She grew eager to get this meeting over with, she looked at her father. "I'm going to check how bad the swarm is. Dun's agnlaths na nus su thuus shan." Raanon sighed and looked down, shaking his head. The Princess took her bag outside as she began to unzip it, beckoning the guards to follow her. The 'swarm' of eager public stood outside waiting, interviewers bombarded her with questions as she took a pistol from the bag, aiming it at the crowd. "I want everyone to move. Clear the road, now!" A few people ran away as she shot into the air, the others walked reluctantly. They knew she wouldn't go as far as killing, not yet. "Guards, make sure to keep this road clean." She ordered as she turned around and placed the pistol back in her bag, sitting at the table. "shu riauks auru cluaur, shuw shielk lu huru siin" She broke the silence in the meeting room as she sat down, her father shook his head. Ester looked back at the Iyuli Party. They could see everything through the glass doors, there was no need to translate.
  11. Hylia paused over the palace. A small figure could be seen below, they were being swarmed by other equally small figures. The explosive sound of a gun being fired ricocheted off buildings, several times. She shook her head, and continued on to the ground level. She dismounted and, along with her two guards, handed the Loftwings over to an old man with a kindly face, who was going to look after them in exchange for being taken to live his last few years in the Taulox kingdom. They walked the last few hundred yards to the palace. Given no one knew who they were other than by their steeds, they remained relatively unpestered. The doors were opened, and Hylia assumed her seat at the table, seemingly unnoticed.
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