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50 Things we must do to live life to the fullest! - What is on YOUR list?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, May 7, 2013.

  1. Saku had this cool article posted on her facebook feed, and I decided to share it here! 8D It's about a big poll where people were asked what achievements do you think every person should make to have "lived life to the fullest".

    The list is amusing, and it's obviously not designed for EVERY person, cause everyone needs something different out of life.

    So what do YOU need in your life to feel like you've lived to the fullest? Are you working on meeting those goals now?

    Have you done any of the things on that checklist?
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  2. I have done several things on that list, which amuses me quite a bit! Some of those, I think, were just wishful thinking (I'd sure like two holidays a year, but work tends to not agree and trying all types of food? Types? What?) but a lot of them are nice things to take to heart.

    I've learned a new language, and I'm usually in the process of trying to learn more.
    I've learned to play many different instruments before and could probably still pick them all up and play a little tune.
    I have a pet. She is a pain, but very soft.
    I can drive. This is important, I think, for general life for many people.
    I just recently got a little promotion at my bill-paying job, so there's that.
    All night drinking.... check.
    I spend too much time with children that aren't mine. >:[

    And... meeting strangers? Sounds hard to not accomplish? So that too.

    These are things I've done for certain without me trying to decide in grey areas and not having children and all that.
    I believe that I'm working every day to make my life the happiest it can be and every time I accomplish something, it makes me feel good that I am doing my best. I plan to travel and see different countries, this is something I'd like to do very much. I've volunteered my time before, as a teenager, but I'd eventually like to participate in a program like "Médecins Sans Frontières". And I eventually do hope that the goals like "be married for twenty years" end up on my list of things I've done, but I would like to add that I fervently hope for 'happily married twenty years', not just having parred the course.
  3. I'd like to not worry about money, but that won't happen until I get a career going. And also about a career... This is something that has been on my mind, and will always be on my mind. I cannot stand working at a job that I am not passionate about. I see it as a slow moving poison for my mind. So yes, definitely for me to have a fulfilling life I'd like for it to be a job that I love.

    Some of the things done in the checklist would be enjoying the little comforts in life, being true to myself, and performing on stage. That's a few of the things but there are probably more.
  4. This is a great list, but I disagree with the title. I think it should be more like "50 tips to living life to the fullest." For me, living life to the fullest would be "Be happy, and help others find happiness," and the list is just a bunch of different ways to achieve happy.

    A couple things I would add to the list (or rather, a couple ways I would personalize the list):
    - build a robot [take up a challenge]
    - try more dances / martial arts [experience different cultures]
  5. Fears limit experiences... therefore I think, we should break those limitations to experience 'life at its fullest'
  6. So what do YOU need in your life to feel like you've lived to the fullest? Big Family, good friends, love, the highest i can go in a career knowing ive dont my best.

    Are you working on meeting those goals now? Sorta

    Have you done any of the things on that checklist? (Some of these im just too young for D: )
    2. Stop worrying about what other people think
    4. Enjoy little comforts in life
    5. Experience different cultures
    12. Try all types of food(Damn you Baby Octopus in spicy sauce!)
    15. Go outside more
    18. Help a member of your family out when they really need it
    23. Volunteer for a good cause
    26. Blow a load of money in one shopping trip, just because you can(i regretted it abit though!)
    32. Have a pet (puppies and fishies!)
    34. Travel alone (From home to the Boardwalk!)
    36. Meet strangers
    39. Pass your driving test
    41. Rescue someone so that you’re a hero for a little while
    42. Date someone exciting but completely wrong for you
    48. Plan a surprise party
    50. Spend time with children even if they aren’t yours
  7. Some of these, though I like, I don't think are REQUIRED. Like "Go outside more." To be honest some people are perfectly happy in their home doing whatever comes to them. I mean I got over to my friends house we stay inside mostly and GOD do we have a blast!

    However i see what the concept behind it is, and I appreciate it.
  8. I loved that article! The baby was super adorbs<3

    Here's my list!

    2. Stop worrying about what other people think
    5. Experience different cultures
    6. Work to live rather than live to work
    8. Be true to yourself
    9. Concentrate on what you have instead of what you don’t have
    13. Find true love
    14. Travel to at least 25 different foreign countries
    24. Take up a challenge
    30. Start a family
    37. Move away from home to an unfamiliar place
    42. Date someone exciting but completely wrong for you
    46. Perform something on stage in front of others
    49. Embark on adrenaline packed activities such as sky diving or bungee jumping
    50. Spend time with children even if they aren’t yours