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Vocabulary Challenge
Brought to you by: October Knight and Fluffy; Partners in Crime

[bg=#006633]This challenge is to help strengthen your vocabulary. You'll learn new words and how to use them in roleplay posts, stories, poems, etc!

1. Aim for a minimum of 1-3 paragraphs. If you'd like to write more than that, then go for it!
2. Make sure you use each word in your post. Be as creative as you'd like.
3. Style the writing like you would for a story. It can be describing a setting, or written from the perspective of a character. Whatever you feel would work the best.
4. Have fun with this, of course!

The Words:

  • Transmute (verb) To change in nature, substance, or form.
  • Amatory (adj.) Designed to excite love.
  • Animalcule (noun) An animal of microscopic smallness.
  • Germane (adj.) Relevant.
  • Truculent (adj. ) Having the character or the spirit of a savage.
The night was crisp. The darkened sky was blanketed in a showering of stars; the illuminated brilliance was accented by the full moon. Crimson and punctuated in its radiance, it seemed to set the tone. Crickets chirped and an owl kept asking the question of 'who' into the empty night; replied by silence. Though mortals slept in their cozy beds, not all were caught by the Sandman's spell. There was a select group of night creatures that roamed about. Even animalcule organisms stirred in the deep night, so small as to not be seen by the naked eye, bringing some semblance of a waking reality as opposed to a hazy dream to the night. Of the children of the night, two such were Vance and Rika, as much lovers as they were siblings. The fact that they were siblings was not germane to their existence, though. Their story ran much deeper than just the trifle misconceptions of their amorous affections. The two wandered through the empty city streets, their arms linked within one another. Rika rested her head upon Vance's shoulder while they wandered, a sadness and pain reflected within her eyes. A soft growling came from Rika's stomach as Vance stopped their progression forward and looked down upon his sister.

"You are hungry?" he said, as if surprised. Rika didn't meet his gaze but she slowly nodded her head, which made him respond with a frown. "why did you say nothing?"

"Do not be mad with me" she protested with a hurt tone. Vance looked sternly upon her as if he were about to discipline her again. Quickly, to remedy the situation, Rika spoke up again. "I did not want to stop. You seemed so content for once, and lost in your thoughts--"

"Rika--" he cut her off, but she returned the favor.

"Vance. I hunger, but I can wait. The pain...I did not want to make you help me. I know it hurts" she said with a sad glance. Slowly she drew her gaze up towards his as she cupped his pale face with both her hands. Vance sighed and reached down brushing the back of his hand over Rika's cheek in an amatory fashion. His hard expression softened as he took her hands in his and kissed each finger individually, "I do not care about the pain. I would carry the pain of the world upon my shoulders for you, Rika. To keep you safe, you know this" he looked her in the eyes, "Would you like to feed?" he asked firmly. Rika glanced away but Vance redirected her gaze to him and she finally sighed and nodded her head, "Yes" she said in a soft whisper. Vance nodded and took a step back, the full moon casting its light upon him. Without complain, he began to transmute. His body twisted and expanded in unnatural directions as his bones crunched and his skin stretched. Even by observing it was obvious that this was by no means a painless process. Rika turned away so she didn't have to look at the pain upon her brother's face as he changed. When he was finished, she turned to face him. He now stood before her as a large wolf-like creature with jet black fur and a truculent yet beautiful appearance.

Looking meek in her pallid appearance, compared to the creature that now stood panting before her, she moved forward. Her thin arms wrapped around the neck of the creature, her small fingers running through its silk-like fur. "Come back safe." She whispered as she nuzzled her face into Vance's fur. Vance didn't reply, but he didn't have to. Letting go of him and stepping back, he turned and took off into the deep night to hunt. Rika would wait for him. It wasn't long after, perhaps a few hours or so, that Vance returned. The fur around his muzzle was matted with a dark, sticky substance, and the meal was clenched within his mouth. Panting, he dropped the unconscious human before Rika as it landed with a dull thud and rolled over in a rag-doll fashion. The human wasn't fully dead, their chest still rose and fell very shallowly, but that soon would be remedied. Rika moved forward and kissed Vance upon his snout as he laid down to rest. Rika looked lovingly upon the creature that was her brother before she went to the human and knelt down beside them. Situating the human so that she cradled them in her arms, she tilted their head to the side and leaned down as her fangs sunk into the carotid artery with a soft tearing sound. Underneath the crimson moon, Rika fed and a soul was lost.

With fresh blood staining her lips and dripping from the corners of her mouth, Rika lifted her head at last. Vance had shifted back into his human form, longing reflecting upon his physique and within his eyes for his sister. Rika sashayed toward him. He placed his hands on her hips as he drew her toward him and kissed her lightly on the forehead and then the lips. Pulling back slightly, Rika licked the remaining blood from her red lips, her cheeks tinted from the meal. Smiling, she lifted her wrist as she drew the nail of her opposite hand across her exposed wrist, drawing blood in a thin line. Vance brought the cut wrist to his lips as he lapped up the blood from his beloved sister. The bond of the blood they shared ran deeper than most would assume. Enamored and enraptured with one another, they truly were one another's soul mate (or perhaps soulless mate). Soon they would entangle in erotic blood lust passion as the night unraveled.

((...not great but i think I got all the words in there...had trouble with animalcule though haha))
The One Who Became Another

The recent amatory celebration of Valentine's Day had left Empress Nagère tired. Her own human emotions were distant, more like a fleeting memory than something tangible in her heart. Humans were such a bother, it seemed like eons since she had transmuted into the being she was now. Cyborgs were inherently human at the beginning, but the more tech and enhancements she added to her body, the more her brain was plugged into the ethereal world of cybersubmersion, the less her remaining human parts were germane.

For decades, Nagère had conned entire countries into submitting to her, else they suffer the fate of the Godslayer. The artifact was out of this world, possibly alien. Old scriptures called it out to be the "ultimate weapon meant to slay the current world and establish a new world order". Godslayer, Fatebringer, Kingmaker... Such obnoxious names, given to the weapon by a bunch of truculent men with nothing else in mind but their own ambitions. No, Nagère had a vision of grandeur. These animalcules who called themselves rulers.

Nagère had outrun them all, defeated every single one of them, and now she was the Empress conqueror of the world.
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Kendra watched him as he moved about tearing the room apart. This truculent behavior was not typical of the man she adored from afar. He was muttering something unintelligible under his breath and he threw things, books, lamps, larger pieces of furniture and clothes out of his way. What could he be looking for so savagely, she wondered.

This was another of the million times she wished she was not an animalcule fairy that he did not ever notice.

Suddenly though, he plopped down and dragged a hand through his hair. "Where could I have put that book. How foolish to lose it.."

A book, he was searching for a book. She'd watch him hide one a few weeks ago. Maybe that was what he was looking for, but how could she show him where it was? She flew over to him and thought, maybe he could see her if she glowed as brightly as she could. She concentrated and she was glowing as much as possible.

He waved his hand thinking it was a piece of dust or something shining in a shaft of sunlight and hit her, sending her to splat against the wall. He DID feel something hit his hand and heard an odd sound like a squeak or groan. he frowned and looked hard at the little light the slid down the wall in the shadowed corner. What was that and what had he done? His large hand reached over to catch the light before it fell to the floor and then he pulled it up to look at it closely. It was a tiny winged woman. "Please be ok..."

Kendra blinked when she realized she was in his hand. She grunted and sat up slowly feeling the pain shoot through her. She didn't dare try to fly yet but she wanted him to know that she knew where the book was. She tried to stand but fell right back down again.

"Don't rush...take your time....I'm so sorry..."

She tried again and was able to stand that time. She tried out her wings and thankfully they were not injured. She fluttered them and winced at the pain but she flew to his face and then to the place he'd hidden the book. He didn't follow her at first, so she flew back and hovered in front of him and then flew to the place again. Still he didn't follow so she came again and hovered before him. She waved her arm and pointed, trying to get him to understand, but still, nothing. Oh what she wouldn't give for an amatory transmutation spell to make her irresistible, THEN he would follow. Finally though he figured out she was trying to show him something.

"I'm sorry...am I supposed to follow?"

She shook her head yes, not that he could see that but she HOPED he could. She flew to the hiding place again and stayed there until he found her. It was dark so her light should be easy to see.

He followed her under the bed and to a block in the wall. "OH....I DID hide it there! THANK YOU!" he pulled the brick away and pulled the book out of the hole and then crawled back out from under the bed. He held the book and hugged it to his chest. "Thank you so much little one! This is my spell book...if I ever lose it I am done for."

She landed on top of the book and sat down. A spell book....maybe HE knew an amatory transmutation spell.