EXERCISE 5 Word Challenge #45

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  1. 5 Word Challenge
    Brought to you by: October Knight

    This challenge is to help strengthen your vocabulary. You'll learn new words and how to use them in roleplay posts, stories, poems, etc!

    1. Aim for a minimum of 1-3 paragraphs. If you'd like to write more than that, then go for it!
    2. Make sure you use each word in your post. Be as creative as you'd like.
    3. Style the writing like you would for a story. It can be describing a setting, or written from the perspective of a character. Whatever you feel would work the best.
    4. Have fun with this, of course!

    The Words:

    • Agglomerate (v.) -To pile or heap together.
    • Colloquialism (n.) - Form of speech used only or chiefly in conversation.
    • Cycloid (adj.) - Like a circle.
    • Involution (n.) - Complication.
    • Metonymy (n.) A figure of speech that consists in the naming of a thing by one of its attributes.
  2. "An involution has arisen."

    "Hm?" The man sitting at the long table crowded with wires and pieces of metal looked up at the sound of the monotone voice. The humanoid robot with the bright yellow eyes stood on the opposite side. It was looking straight ahead. He wore goggles that made his own dark brown eyes the size of saucers and a white lab coat. His name was Dr. Parker, a round, short man with a long white beard and thinning gray hair. He was a man dedicated to science and was currently working on a computer-run vehicle that ran solely on solar power and gave out no carbon dioxide. "What is ...?"

    "This cycloid piece, Dr. Parker." The robot's head shifted and looked down at the table, then plucked something obscured from his vision by a broken computer tower. It placed the piece right next to him. It was a cog wheel with spokes of different sizes that fit in the palm of the scientist's hand. The hole in the center wasn't an exact circle. There was a chunk missing from it, making it impossible to fit properly.

    "Ah, I see." Dr. Parker turned it this way and that, then nodded a couple of times. It wasn't like he was going to use everything on the table in the vehicle but now that he knew this piece was broken, he could figure out what to do with it. Should he scrap it or fix it and then use it? "Thank you, Q." Hmm ... Please take this cog and put it there in the corner." He handed it back to the robot and pointed to the corner he wanted it put.

    "Yes, Dr. Parker. I will agglomerate this piece with the others," Q said.

    Dr. Parker watched his robot walk away. "Hm. Remind me to adjust your colloquialism, Q." He knew the vocabulary it was using--how could he not, he was the one who created its vocabulary database--but Q was his latest model. His goal was to make Q as human-like as possible to lessen the hostility of people when Q was out and about in the world. Q had been created to help society, rebuild things efficiently and quickly. He certainly couldn't do it if Q couldn't communicate with normal people.

    "Colloquialism? Is that the same as when I called your suit a business executive?" the robot asked as it walked back to him.

    "Ah, no. I believe that would be reverse metonymy. I will have to check on that, grammar not being my forte and such. Colloquialism is the speech you're using when speaking to someone. I have big things planned for you, Q. You will help so many people. You have such potential, my dear robot. Just you wait and see."
  3. Was he crazy? Getting the trust of a witch? Possibly, but it wasn't like he was in any real danger. No, he had the back up of the guards if she did pull a fast one on him or the townsfolk. But rewinding back to his previous thought, she valued her life and wanted nothing more than to leave this place and return to her life. Though Uskr knew that her life was probably never going to be the same again, from this point on they would be constantly keeping a close eye on her, checking on every little thing she did, and most importantly do unwanted house searches. Death would be a gift compared to living such a life filled with no privacy or not being trusted by anyone. Woken up by the guards who were patrolling like a cycloid just waiting..waiting...to bust her for something so she could be executed without the need of his services.

    "You do not need to call me without name..I am, Uskr."
    He tilted his head down a bit in a sign of respect to her.
    "Failure won't be a matter..The only involution I see is like I stated..convincing the Commander and King. Which if you truly treasure your life, will be no problem at all."
    Uskr turned his sights to the entrance of the prison, listening closely for any footsteps in perimeter. Yes, he could hear about 3 of the guards coming.
    "The time has come young witch.."
    Returning his eyes to her and nodding slowly.
    "Remember my words." He whispered through the corner of his mouth.

    The trio of armored guards entered. Two of them were unarmed but the remaining guard carried a spear with him just in case she tried to run away. As they stepped through the doorway they halted for a moment to bow in respect to Uskr. Their attention turned to the witch as they carefully approached the cell, cautiously opening it. The guard with the spear lowered it in lunging distance ready to strike while the other two slowly tread into her cell and wrapped a sack around her hands, then tied with it a rope.

    "Good men." Uskr nodded.
    "Sage, have you been sifting through the she-devil's mind?"The spear guard responded.
    "I have indeed."
    "Well..How bad is it?..How many kids did she take just to keep herself young? I don't want to even think of how long she's been plaguing the Earth!"
    "I can't quite tell you, for you see..This woman, if you may..Has brought some interesting visions in mind.. I do believe the Commander will be very interested to hear."
    "Well..If it has you fascinated..Surely we will get to hear of it in moments to come..Come on you hag!"
    Pointing the spear towards the door as the guards agglomerated and began to head out.
    Uskr stood aside as he watched on as they faded from sight and towards the gallows. it was time.
  4. "Wanna go fishing, Mr. L?" the female student asked, her glossy lips in a tempting smile. She was quiet beautiful, exotic. With wavy light blonde hair that just sat below her perfectly defined breasts. Aqua color eyes like the deep sea and a skin so fair and milky that any one would yearn to touch. "It's want to not 'wanna'" Mr. L as a English teacher corrected her colloquialism. He was in his mid twenties with short spiked up hair he styled with gel, a tan caramel skin, and rosey full lips. He might as well come out from a model magazine but his passion was English Literature."And to make it clear, Rose, I am your teacher not your friend" he said sternly while looking a way from her, cutting any temptations. This was an involution, to have a female student crushing on him. Unacceptable. "Come on Mr. L, it will be fun" Rose pushed, she was standing at the front door of his classroom a hand on her curvy hip."I'm sure it will be but I can't. Now if you will excuse me I have some papers to grade." he lied. He felt her let out a small sigh and a second later walk away. It was his turn to sigh in relief as he agglomerated the books in his desk, putting the neatly in a row. "I'm going to have a problem. Aren't I?" he asked himself as he picked up his leather suitcase and looked around the room. The way the windows were like a cycloid bothered him since he was a lover of sharp edges. That was his life, a sharp edge, a cliff.