EXERCISE 5 Word Challenge #17

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  1. Vocabulary Challenge
    Brought to you by: October Knight and Fluffy; Partners in Crime

    This challenge is to help strengthen your vocabulary. You'll learn new words and how to use them in roleplay posts, stories, poems, etc!

    1. Aim for a minimum of 1-3 paragraphs. If you'd like to write more than that, then go for it!
    2. Make sure you use each word in your post. Be as creative as you'd like.
    3. Style the writing like you would for a story. It can be describing a setting, or written from the perspective of a character. Whatever you feel would work the best.
    4. Have fun with this, of course!

    The Words:

    • Flagrant (adj.) - of something considered wrong or immoral
    • Zephyr (noun) - a soft gentle breeze
    • Delineated (verb) - describe or portray (something) precisely.
    • Judicious (adj.) - having, showing, or done with good judgment or sense.
    • Scintillating (adj.) - sparkling or shining brightly .
  2. Wasn't this already one of the previous 5 word challenges?
  3. You're right, Coti. I'm so bad for not asking Octy if the words in my To-Do list were up to date or not. x__x So I came up with some of my own. Just a case of bad communication.