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  1. Aside from people, and the obvious kitty cats, ferrets, dogs and hamsters or any other living things. Obviously need to eat food and drink water to live so aside from all of these things.

    What are 5 things you couldn't live without and why?!


    Fijo couldn't live without:
    1. Art, all things art make me who I am and fulfilled my life.

    2. My hands, without them I couldn't draw, paint, or sculpt. I wouldn't want to live without them.

    3. Books, I couldn't live without at the bare minimum of four different books because my mind is always going and they are one of the only things that make the time pass.

    4. Iwaku, now that I have found it letting go is just not an option. This place keeps me sane, understanding, and uber creative.

    5. My hair clip, the longer my hair gets the thicker and more messy it gets, and it just likes to curl into my eyes and mouth and grrr. Hair clip makes this problem forever null and void.

    What say you??
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  2. Hmmm...

    1. My Hands - I can't do anything without them. Can't type, can't craft, can't work, can't wank. Can't do anything!

    2. Books - I live in the worlds that live within these dusty tomes. These far-off and distant places saved my sanity growing up, and save my sanity even now. I don't know where I'd be without Timothy Zhan, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Robert E. Howard...

    3. Internets - Does this really need to be explained? The internet is so synonymous with every day living, you literally can not live without it. You pay bills with it, communicate with friends and family and even co-workers, use it to find jobs, use it for education... It really should be classified as a basic human right and a utility. Fuck Comcast.

    4. Humour - Laughing is how I deal. I believe you must find the humour in things, even in tragedy, to cope with it. If I didn't have laughter, have humour, I'd have offed myself years ago.

    5. Glasses - Without them I'd be blind! I have this weird thing with contacts, so I can't wear them. I'm stuck with bloody glasses, so without them, I'd be unable to see past 3 feet ahead of me. Not cool.
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  3. 1) Spices - It's more then just food as subsidence, it's making food an adventure!

    2) Books - Speaking of adventure... and learning, oh the things I learn!

    3) Computer w/internet - As much as I know I could totally survive in a post-technology burned out society due to solar flares taking out all the satellites, electrical wires and far too many power plants, I don't want to!

    4) Music - I can't even express the importance of music... I'll even give up the internet for music if I had to choose! DO NOT MAKE ME CHOOSE!

    5) Nature Walks - I just feel so much better when I get a chance to be grounded and among the wild things, even if it's in a prepared and safe environment.
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  4. 1. Soft plushy things: I'm always cuddling something close to me. It's a comfort thing as much as it is a security thing. Even when I sleep at peoples' houses, I ask nicely as possible for a spare pillow, teddy, or what have you that I can snuggle with. You can ask my boyfriend too, I tend to put my panda plushies ahead of him. xD

    2. My planner: Without this, I feel naked and disorganized. Before a new year begins, I make sure that I'm equipped with a brand new one. I go into panics if there's disorder in my daily life; this spiral bound notebook keeps me sane therefore.

    3. Computers: Admittedly, I'm dependent on these. It's where I do my schoolwork, it's where I write and read, it's where I play video games... If the internet is unavailable, I can still make due as long as I still have my machine. Otherwise, my life would be more difficult and boring without a computer.

    4. Stickers: They bring me joy, and with them I bring joy to others. Ever since I was tiny Fluff, I've adored sticker collecting. :D I wanted the most gold stars just so I could have the pleasure of peeling a sticker from its paper, to stick it somewhere meaningful. *shrugs* If all the stickers in the world suddenly vanished, I might die.

    5. Rain/Cool climates: Maybe an odd thing to include, but it's true. I'm happiest and healthiest in environments that are wet and cold.
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  5. 1. Books - Oh the joys of reading, I would go insane with that precious escape from the horrors of reality

    2. Internet - Mostly because every single one of my friends I need to have internet access to even communicate with. I have a terrible case of social anxiety and I just cannot talk to people face to face. I'm much more comfortable on the Internet, so without it, I would be incredibly lonely.

    3. My best friend - Seriously, this guy, I don't like him sometimes, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want him around. In the two years that I've know him he has changed me in so many ways. I see life from a much larger perspective thanks to him, I don't know what I'd do if I lost him somehow.

    4. Vocaloids - I am so obsessed with Vocaloids I don't even really understand why. But I love them, they're just a part of who I am now.

    5. Vagrant Epochers - I can guarantee that no one has heard of this, but it's the first ever forum I joined, before I even fully understood what I forum was. It makes up a huge part of my personality today, and I've learned a lot about life from the people there. I am almost positive that I would not be mentally sound if I never joined. It's where I met my aforementioned best friend and discovered the true meaning of the word friend itself. It's where I met my first girlfriend and learned the basics of having a solid relationship. It's where I made my worst mistakes and became a much better person because of them. It's where I went through my toughest hardships and took my first steps into being an adult. But most of all, it's the first place where I felt that I truly belonged. I would be nothing without VE, and I can only hope that it can manage to pull itself back from the brink of death, because nothing would sadden me more than to see it go.
    1. Sugar. If I get diagnosed diabetic someday is learn to live but I'd be CRUSHED. Mini loves her sweet treats!
    2. Literacy (literal definition). If I somehow lost forever the ability to read and write I'd be so ridiculously devastated
    3. My sight. I think I could deal eventually with the loss of most of my senses, but not Sight or
    4. Tactile senses
    5. Sewing ability. My life would be so much more inconvenient/expensive if I couldn't use a needle and thread
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  6. Music
    I'm not a composer or writer of music, nor could I list off band names, artists, record companies or music history. But music is a HUGE part of my every day life. Music expresses my feelings, my creativity, gives me inspiration and comfort. It's something I have to have in my daily life, even if it's just me singing what I'm doing in the kitchen like a Disney princess. If I ever lost my hearing and could not hear music anymore I would be DEVASTATED.

    Freedom/Free Will
    Fijo posted that in the love thread and it made me realize how important my freedom is to me too. O__O I am a wild stallion. I want to do what I want, when I want to do it, and have the freedom to do so. I don't like being tied down or forced in to situations without my free will to CHOOSE it. Anytime I am being forced to do something, even if it might be the "right thing to do" you can sure as hell bet I am potentially rebelling against it out of pure spite. I need to be able to make my own choices.

    I cannot imagine a life without cheese. To do so makes my soul die a little inside. ;___;

    Stories, Imagination, Make Believe, Roleplaying and Fantasy
    Sometimes I wonder how some people have NO imagination whatsoever, and can't ever seem to makeup stories or think about things that don't really exist. I NEEEEEEEEEED stories. In any format! Movies, books, roleplaying, by mouth... Stories are filled with so many things that not only keep you entertained but can also help you learn how to deal with your own life. They can spread history and culture, or they can stretch your imagination and brain!

    I am the most introverted, solitary-loving person I know. Where I really enjoy being social, I love my solitude and alone time even more. When I don't get enough, it starts killing my muse and my silly little Diana soul. So I have to make a conscious effort to be sure I get enough time alone and don't over-saturate myself with people!
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  7. 1. Nature

    I feel so whole when I am in nature it’s not even funny. Each time I go to work, I have to leave so early so that I can spend the day at the park that has a Japanese Garden, and other woodland areas. I feel like everything that I go through are nothing but mild issues when I step into any kind of nature. I think I’d be a complete hermit if all the trees were gone.

    2. Music

    Music plays a good role in my life. Because it helps me block out people, I’ve learned to listen to it when I start having a panic attack in public. It also holds special meaning to me when I need someone to rant to and don’t have, so I let music talk for me. It also relaxes me, and I can feel the beat in my vains. Maybe that’s a clogged artery though.

    3. Humour

    Life is too serious to take seriously.

    4. Writing

    I love to write. About anything, it helps me express what I can’t outwardly. That’s why I roleplay, because it helps me get all my anger, happiness etc. out when in real life I tend to bottle it up. So, in a way, Iwaku is also something I can’t live without. You guys have really been an awesome thing for me to look forward to when I get home from work or school.

    5. Love

    In no way does this mean I value this less just because it is #5 on the list, because love is so important to remember when dealing with people who want to do nothing but hate you. to me, love is what keeps the rest of the world together when others fall apart.
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  8. 1. Oxygen- Because I need to breathe.

    2. Late Night Drives- Something about the open road and hardly a car in sight.

    3. Music- As Madonna puts it, "It's like riding on the wind and it never goes away, but she's everything I'm in got to have it everyday."

    4. Writing is my soulmate. I couldn't live without it.

    5. Technology in all its glory.
  9. 1. Music: I play piano as a side hobby and love listening to all kinds of music. It's a release and an expression for me. I used to dream of being a famous concert pianist when I was little :) no where NEAR good enough for that to EVERY happen but the thought was always exhilarating. And even if I wasn't the greatest pianist ever I was able to convey my emotions/thoughts through my playing and affect other people.

    2. My hands: In relation to number one. I cannot do that without my hands. I cannot write or type without my hands. They are one thing that I cherish a lot and I'm a HUGE baby if I ever get any bumps bruises or ouchies to my hands for that reason. Sometimes I cringe at work when I see hand injuries because I couldn't imagine not having the ability of my hands.

    3. Outlets/Hobbies: Whether it's writing/reading, music, playing games, going out into nature for a walk, alcohol, or a long hot bath with a good book or movie...I need my outlets and hobbies to unwind and let loose. Without them I often have a tendency to become highly self destructive to myself. Occasionally I have to be reminded to take time and actually pursue my hobbies and outlets, as I tend to loose sight. However if I didn't have them I may be a lost cause, and I may not have found Iwaku.

    4. Humor: Mostly I'm a pretty relaxed, low key person (in real life). A bit shy at times and rather conservative in public eyes (ask moon he knows haha). However similar to my hobbies I will often use humor as a form of expression and unwinding. If I've had an exceptionally stressful day, as long as I have the energy, I tend to be goofy and silly when i return home. Often times that is the only thing I can be otherwise I might go insane! So I certainly can't live without humor of some form in my life to keep me sane/balance, happy, and relaxed.

    5. Internet: yeah a bit materialistic BUT if it weren't for interne I wouldn't have found iwaku AND I wouldn't be with my current boyfriend. So yeah can't live without it. End of question.
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  10. 1] My hands- Pretty obvious choice, but without them I wouldn't be able to do the things I love most like writing, horseback riding, drawing and a bunch more different things.

    2] My eyes- In RL I'm a pretty quite person and tend to keep to myself unless you find a way to connect to me and I suck at communicating, so I let my eyes do my searching for me. I look for certain cues in others that make me determine whether or not I want to be around that person. I also use them to help me find my inspiration for my art and writing, without them, I'd be as useless as I would be without hands.

    3] My cats/animal companions- Like I said before, I'm a quiet person and don't really have a lot of friends that aren't online. The few that I've let into my life are very special to me and they know who they are! Other than those friends, I need to have someone who doesn't expect me to talk or dicuss things. If I have my cats or any sort of animal with me, I feel safe and comforted and most of my worries go away. If I didn't have them, I wouldn't have an escape from the stressed in my life or from people when I get too overwhelmed.

    4] Internet/wifi- As much as it bugs me to say, it's become a really important part of my life. I could technically live without the internet, but I wouldn't want to because it would prevent me from talking to a bunch of people I've come to know and love! :(

    5] Iwaku- Even though I've been disappearing and re-appearing every now and again lately, Iwaku is immensely important to me. This community is the only stable thing I have in my life at the moment and it's the only place I can come back to and not necessarily have to worry about much changing. I could move to the other side of Canada, to somewhere I might not know anyone, and still have Iwaku and all its' wonderful members here to help me when I get lonely or need a friend to distract me from my own brain.
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  11. 1. Music. The harmonic and melodic expressions of thought and emotion, all packaged neatly into a fine little package? Yes please. Not a day goes by where I don't listen to music.

    2. My vision. As bad as it may be, I love and cherish everything I do get to see. Whether it's something as insignificant as a boss fight in World of Warcraft, to the most stunning of meteor showers and aurora, I wouldn't know any of it without what I have.

    3. The internet. A good number of my friends live here, it never sleeps, and there's no shortage of companionship. With that in mind, what more do we need?

    I can only go to three -- after this, I don't think anything else matters (aside from the obvious, which we were told to omit in the opening post)
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