5 Reasons you WANT a Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. #6: Look at what the black death did in europe, after the apocalypse, fewer workers = more worker rights or we go work somewhere else bitch.
  2. Belle

    She had to contain her smile as she saw Ray "Pleasure to meet you Ray." She took his hand and shook it.
  3. Ray

    He went to go help her.
  4. Blair

    She smiled her thanks as she finished setting up. She handed out plates and then sat down. "Dig in."
  5. #9: "It's the ultimate in weight loss!"

    What better way is there to lose weight than by running for dear life from the shambling hordes of undead? What better motivation is there than knowing that if you don't put some distance between yourself and the zombies, you'll become their next meal or, worse yet, one of them?
  6. You guys aren't funny like the ones from the article.
  7. #10. Haters gonna hate. Zombies that were haters as humans will to continue to hate long after they've turned. . . like if say. . . DARKNESS became a zombie.
  8. John

    "I think I can see that." He had seen it. Morty showed him a picture of him and his little sister all the time, but Belle and Ray couldn't know that he told her about Morty.
  9. Why do we want a zombie apocalypse?

    Because we need a zombie apocalypse. We've grown too large, and without any natural predator to keep us in check, it'll only continue. But no normal predator will do, we need something unnatural, unstoppable. The zombie. Creatures with unlimited stamina and hunger, thinning out the population with ease, thinning out those who should have died if natural selection had it's way.
    Natural selection. Practically a zombie itself. Kept undead by clinging on to those stupid enough to draw too close. A husk of what once kept a balance of life on this planet. But it'll make it's comeback. In the form of a shuffling corpse, its only wish is to see you between its gnawing teeth. Or one of them. It doesn't matter.
    And what else? We need a zombie apocalypse because we need fear. We've grown comfy. Cozy, even. What other creature can walk outside without a care in the world? But imagine every time you left the safety of your home, it would be your last. That fear would cause us to grow stronger in the way we were meant to be. In the way the world intended. We wouldn't overcome problems by letting those smarter or stronger than ourselves fix it, but by getting our own hands dirty. Our success and failures would be ours and ours alone.
    And in that moment, surrounded by death, we would finally be alive.

    Wait, I mean...

    #723459 cuz zombuz r totaly fun2kill m i rite? lol!!!!!


  10. LOL, o gibs, wut u gon' do next!?
  11. Too true gibs, too true.