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  1. Dedicated to @Snowday's 5 Bad Character Personalities (& what makes them bad)
    Thank you for frankly telling all the Citizens of Iwaku the biggest problems in making a Character without a hint of aggression.


    Making Bad Personalities in our RP Character is a very common mistake that is found in Iwaku, & sometimes, in doing so, you kinda make other users wish you die in a fiery hell. Well, let's face it, we have our mistakes we think are very "badass", but that's the main reason why the fun of the RP is sucked out of the thread, the lack of disadvantages makes your Character a living god, & with a lack of action, your happiness in an RP grows lower & lower as you progress the game. This thread shows the fatal flaws in a Character's Personality which makes it a black hole.

    Bad Personality Flaw #1:
    Mr. Perfection

    Reggie is a sophisticated millionaire which is fully educated in English, Mathematics, History, & other various subjects. He knows 5 languages & can wield the sword, the bow & arrow, & the hammer very efficiently. He is very handsome & he is very strong, & very fast, which is why he was elected the mayor of USA when he was just 18 yrs. old.

    Face it, more & more people love to make their character the jack of all trades. Their character practically knows how to fly while making sand sculptures in their sleep. People love making their character perfect, so much that I saw a post saying when his character killed a god with a sword when he was 12. I knew pretty much that the user was a kid, looking at the very unrealistic way he killed a god when his character was still a kid. This makes the character very hard to create relationships with other people, because other users are disgusted at this users perfect character. Nobody is Perfect Steve! Add in Disadvantages or Something!

    Bad Personality Flaw #2:
    The Unrealistic

    Jamie beheaded a giant cyclops when he was a toddler, using magic when he stumbled upon her Mom's Spellbook. She also found a very rare sword which she found in a fabled temple where there are no survivors, she used this sword when she waged war on the demons, & she killed all the horrors that there are in the Underworld single - handedly. Because of that, she is kind, short tempered & sweet.
    Behold, Mary Sue's Little Sister. We know the Unrealistic when we saw it, how could a toddler read anyway!? these have been plaguing RPs like crazy. I saw millions of these in my past user account on a different RP Site, I even read a Personality about a Character who killed an army of giants with a small rusty dagger in their tender age of 8. The Character's motive for the killings is because the Giants have raped his Mother & left her for dead in a scorching desert. I haven't stumbled upon these on Iwaku but I'm sure that someday, one shall post a personality like this one. Unrealism leads to your Character going to a Forever Alone, as no one ever wants to play with this horrible character as it almost has the power of Mary Sue. Most of them usually gives the feats first before the personality.

    Bad Personality Flaw #3:
    The Attention Hog
    Chris was the most popular & the coolest person in all of Erinthia because he was laid - back & always calm, he was known to have been conquering dungeons ever since he was 20 yrs. old, he was the national hero of Erinthia because he killed the Mighty Dragon that scourged the land for millions of years. Now, he is the mighty warrior king in all of Erinthia, killing hordes of zombies in a day. He can be seen sitting on his thrown or in the village, always winking at the ladies.

    Face it, nobody likes the Attention Hog. It makes the other users feel like the main reason why this user made this character is because he wants to show off his Character or his writing skills. Making the Attention Hog turn into a Forever Alone as well. An Attention Hog type Personality shows off different feats the Character has made during its lifetime. I practically despise these types of personalities, it makes me hate the user creating this Character for ever existing in the first place.

    Bad Personality Flaw #4:
    Kirito - Kun
    Damien is a laid - back, cool, & positive person. He is very fast & strong, & is very good at singing, he is very romantic & will fight to the death for his friends & family.
    There is a very good reason why this personality is very short, the user is trying to make its character very cool, such as an Anime protagonist. This thing is a heavily used cliche which users can use if they either feel very lazy, or just want their character to actually get a girlfriend in the RP & make it more like an Anime. This thing can be lengthened or shortened at will, & the Kirito - Kun type of Personality usually has the "loyalty" cliche going on such as: "he will fight to the death for his friends & family."

    Bad Personality Flaw #5:
    The Uncompleted
    Gladys is a very cheerful person & can be very sweet,
    I can see this multiple times, as an early riser in Iwaku, I can mostly see Character Sign - Up Sheets that are incomplete, presumbly the History & Personality, but mostly the Personality. Hey people! if your gonna go away in the middle of making a thread, please go ahead & hover your mouse in the restore last draft (which can be seen next to the text picker) & click the traingle pointing down. There are 2 options which are: Save Draft & Delete Draft.. All you have to do is click the Save Draft option, exit Chrome (or Firefox, Safari, Oprah, or the infamous Internet Explorer), & then after you go back to the computer, just click the Restore Previous Draft Option & Fwa Lah! Your work has been instantly restored!

    Posting it & then editing it after you get home is a very bad option, it can lead confusion to other users who are going to post next.

    Such as @Kestrel's Comment: The trick isn't to avoid a personality-archetype, the trick is to use an archetype as a skeleton instead of a final product is some quality advice, & I'm using to this day.

    Apply Kestrel's Advice to Snowday & my 10 Bad Character Personalities & maybe, you can make the most awesome Character you can make.

    Add in more Bad Personalities below this thread & I'll add it in here!
    The one & only Singing Lime:
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  2. [​IMG]

    Yesss beautiful.

    Glad to hear you liked my thingie, Melodious. I particularly enjoyed the part where you said I pulled it off "without a hint of aggression." Made me laugh. Anyways, this is wonderfully frank. Don't change a thing. I mean, naturally people are going to have problems with this, but you made it more clear than I did that these make fine skeletons and awful characters, so if someone complains, you're still in the right as far as I'm concerned. Shake it off, darling. Good job.

    I think I'm gonna go get "without a hint of aggression" tattooed somewhere awkward now bye
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  3. Is it bad that for me, the first three sound like the same thing?
  4. I like most of these. They fit pretty well and all make sense. Good on ya. Honestly I feel the problem most people have with characters is they dont want to add flaws or they want to be the most amazing character after. Back when I was rping somewhere else there was a guy who would always ALWAYS make the same damn character who remains incredibly calm and collected no matter what happens, always wins/never learns from losing just says the other side got him on a bad day. The thing that bothered me the most was the guy would always interject himself. Like there was a moment in the rp were some npc got really hurt, I was going to have my character come over and interact with him to show how he changed from the self serving jerk he was at the start to a decent person. A few posts in, he just suddenly shows up steals all the words and acts as calm and cool as ever...its enraging. So I know how you feel.
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  5. I've dropped some RPs only a few posts in because my partner's character was always calm and collected, and they felt the need to remind you every three words how calm their characters are, and how they are in control of whatever situation we're in.

    I like my characters with flaws. I like my partner's characters with flaws. I want to see them laughing, having fun, crying over something awful that happened to them, swearing because they underestimated an opponent that might win against them. Perfect characters are boring to me. And the calm and collected kind are specially annoying.
  6. I have to agree. No one likes a perfect character. They're always there when someone is in danger and saves that person. They show off WAY to much. You could be in an alley talking to someone else's character secretly and he'll pop up out of no where and ask if there's anything fun to do there. It's no annoying.
  7. I think the attention hog personality type can make for some nice tension and conflict... IF used on a character who isn't perfect and stronger than everyone else. A varied group dynamic can be good, because having a group of characters that always get along can be so boring. Just make sure the character isn't the best at everything. Maybe he isn't as attractive or skilled/strong as he thinks he is, and it gets him into trouble for a bunch of different reasons. It opens up a nice bit of development for later, when he can realize how annoying/stupid he's being and become less of an attention hog, and less selfish.

    Aside from that one, the rest are basically spot on. I see these types a lot (and have been guilty of making them in the past).
  8. What would the "random healer out of the blue" come in under? I seen it happen in some RPs where some person would magically heal a person that got injured. I also dislike the ones who steal the lime light with their character.
  9. I like the ones where apparently everyone is certified in first aid--something that, if a job requires it, requires you take a certification course.

    Protip: No, your t-shirt is not going to stop a profusely bleeding wound. Bandages work at doing that because they have a substance layered on them called gauze. There are also pressure-based bandages called compression bandages, which is why one of the first things you learn in first aid is to apply pressure to a wound--you're acting like an impromptu pressure bandage. So no, you can't just tear up your shirt and tie it around someone's open, squirting blood wound. The blood is just going to seep through the thin layers of polyester/wool/cotton unless you apply pressure. Even then, pressure is only going to delay the inevitable.

    Ergo why it's called first aid: If you seriously have to use it, it's not likely going to save someone's life alone. Get that yellow or red case to a doctor immediately if you want them to live. No, your 16 year old high school student is not a doctor, no matter how well they scored on biology tests.
  10. I have to agree with this. Even though I have made characters who are proficient enough in first aid (and have even done the whole shirt/pressure thing) I based most of it on personal experience, and if the wound was bad enough ended up having to be like, "well, sorry... Either you get to a doc or you'll probably bleed out" because they thought I had some magical ability to grab a stick and a leaf and reset their horribly broken leg, making them able to walk again... Sure.... That might work... If your character has the ability to fly or something and can't get infections from open wounds in the middle of a parasite infested jungle....

    Oh sorry, I'm rambling lol... My point is that I agree, first aid isn't a "healing" thing. You can prevent things from getting more serious (i.e. Putting pressure on a head wound with a dry cloth after someone splits it open about an inch <<<notice I didn't say they had their stomach sliced open or a gun shot wound:/>>> when they fall off the toilet and hit it on the counter -true story- but only for the length of time it took to call the ambulance and have them take the person to the hospital to get stitches), but I've always seen it as a way to keep yourself alive just long enough to get real help... Of course there will be some exceptions, such as those individuals with actual medical training who may be able to do more than the average person, but even then, there will be a point (if the injury is serious enough) that without proper treatment and tools -surgery, antibiotics, etc...- there are going to be serious consequences ranging from infection to death (if you are trying to be realistic about it..) but that is my opinion on it..

    What gets me is the whole "ok so I'm gonna take this red-hot knife and cauterize the six-inch gash down my leg" I mean... It's possible... I guess... But I've never understood how they wouldn't die from the sheer shock... Obviously there are ways, and I'm sure it really has been done, but when every hardened warrior I come across can grit their teeth and essentially burn their own skin closed... Well I just don't know what to think... Lol
    Don't get me wrong, I've been tempted to do it too, but playing mostly female characters (no matter how tough) it just seems a little too unrealistic... Especially when it's on multiple wounds at once, or it happens every other battle scene...

    Did I get off topic? I might have gotten off topic... Lol
  11. It should also be noted that if you're attempting to cauterize a wound, you are literally murdering and likely permanently damaging that flesh. So if you cauterize a large wound, you can actually end up requiring an amputation later. If that wound is located somewhere that can't be amputated, you're going to die a very long, drawn out, painful death. :ferret:
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  12. I was not aware of this lol... Yet another reason to dislike that type of "medical quick fix". I felt like mentioning it because I have even seen it misrepresented in movies/TV (oh the list of things misrepresented) but I think it leaves viewers, particularly those who write, with the impression that cauterizing solves any warrior's wound issue, when it could end up making the situation more dire in reality (if not done properly..) of course, I'm not blind to the allure of it either, particularly when you're in a situation that you can't figure out what else to do to close the wound due to lack of tools or what have you, but it feels like another misused or misunderstood practice..
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  13. My friend who is combat medic calls it "The Flesh Weld". It should tell you all you need to know.
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