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  1. Just like the title says, darling. My style's pretty simple, but hopefully you find it appealing regardless. I love learning about people's ocs. Who knows, maybe we could even rp.



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  2. oh my god, these are adorable

    would I possibly be able to commission you to draw Uriel? you can draw him in absolutely anything, or use any of the outfits he's already been drawn in, whichever! The album I have with his art should be linked on his profile!

  3. He's so adorable, of course I will! I will need payment first though, I hope that's alright. My paypal email is misslavendercutie@gmail.com
  4. Clicked this so fast, and dropped my phone in the process.
    Dropped it a second time after clicking the drunk rating when trying to hit rainbow

    First, and foremost your work is absolutely, insanely adorable!
    The colors, and dem thighs in the last image.

    But to be honest I've never had a commission done, so excuse my lack of knowledge when it comes to this.
    Either way I would love one of a character of mine named Cohen. 'Coco' for short.
    How would I go about that exactly? Should I link his bio here?
  5. Yes, a link would be very much appreciated! If you have a paypal, this process will be incredibly simple. And thank you, by the way!
  6. Excellent! His bio is here.
    Within the rp he was created for there are dual-sex / intersex characters present.
    He's one of them, and despite appearances (attire choices, natural breasts, etc) Coco identifies as a man.

    As for payment, I read the above post to Opal ^_^
  7. @Tomie
    Absolutely! But Paypal keeps giving me errors when I try to send payment. :( Perhaps you could send an invoice to me and I can pay that way? My Paypal email is gizarabbit @ outlook.com!
  8. Please let me know if you're having any trouble sending the payment!
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  9. All right, that worked! Unfortunately I forgot to tick 'no address needed', whoops. Of course after all the times I remembered to tick it trying to send payment, I forget the time that it actually counts. :' ) Hopefully that should be okay though lol.
  10. I've received the money now! You'll receive your image soon!
  11. Sent!
    Thank you for the invoice.
  12. I don't have enough to pay you at the moment, so for now I'll watch this thread so I can make a commission once I've actually got money, is that alright?
  13. Oooh, I have a character who I think would look rather nice in your style. Is there any variance in your commission price though? Like more for a background, etc?
  14. That's fine!
  15. I've received the money, thank you very much!
  16. I can't offer backgrounds, sorry. There is a +$2 for an extra character, though.
  17. That's good to know, thanks! A few more questions~...
    1- Roughly how long does it take you to do commissions?
    2- This might sound weird, but can you draw tentacles? Don't worry, I don't want anything lewd, I just have a character who has characters due to being a demon.
    3- What sort of references do you like for characters? Do you prefer lots of visual references, or detailed description of their appearance? What sort of background details do you like about stuff such as personality?
  18. 1. Once i get started on an image, it can take about 1-2 hours, not accounting for any interuptions.
    2. Tentacles, both lewd or not, are fine with me.
    3. References images are best, as with a description it's still possible for me to make some sort of mistake. Personality is great for helping me to decide on a pose, but isn't required. Though, if not given a personality description, the resulting pose and expression could be a little more generic.
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  19. Thanks! I'll probably PM you with details of a commission soon
  20. I can not express enough how in LOVE I am with what you created of Coco!!
    Already thanked you, but wanted to do so again lol
    Thank you so much for my very first character image!

    If you're not too busy I may return here very soon for another request in the near future.
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