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  1. Looking out through the occasional window placed in the outer corridors of the ship, the thin man made his way towards the main deck. His clothes looked as if they had been through a fire, which was the case, because one of their few remaining energy-cells had exploded in the storage when he found some federation troops waiting to take him by surprise. The storage was now sealed off, and burned clean.

    The control-panel by the doors to the small bridge refused to respond when he tried to make them open, so he forced the doors apart. His joints creaking loudly before he let the doors slam shut behind him.

    "Hey! We need to find a station, planet or whatever. Our last supplies just burned up, and we only have five cells still working, not to mention every bloody idiot in this region is after us! And I have hundreds of corpses scattered inside the ship." Kthos'g said to his Xyrian friend. Walking to the screens monitoring the ships coordinates as well as the surrounding space. The area was far from everything, but hopefully that meant no more people would find them anytime soon. An asteroid-field had started filling the area ahead of them, though so far there were no signs of any hostile entities.

    The three-eyed man swiped across the screens with both hands, his eyes flowing over them.
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  2. Xarn growled loudly as he steered the shitty ship he and his current partner had taken towards a asteroid field, figuring they'd be safer hidden between them than out in the open. It had taken quite a beating during the last engagement, and wasn't controlling too well.

    "Yeah, thanks, I've noticed, fuck-eyes!" He growled in return to Kthos'g, taking his eyes off the main screen to glare at him. "I was on the ship here with ya, ya know! And I told you we should have tried to get a bigger ship! Then we'd have room for more underlings!" He growled, as he turned his eyes back to the view-screen. His kind's vision wasn't the best, but then, controlling a ship like this didn't take any precision maneuvers, especially not in a place like this.

    "Did you manage to put out the fires without letting anything important fly out the airlock?"
  3. Kthos'g turned his head up from the screens, one eye still following what his hands managed on them.

    "The last underlings we had tried to sell us out you brute!" He said as he glared at Xarn, that underling was the whole reason they had run in this piece of junk ship to begin with. Not that it was anything unusual, but it was starting to get on the tree-eyed mans nerves.

    "And no, I kept the airlock closed, I closed the storage of and cut the air. Hopefully it kept the fire from burning through the sealed cargo." Kthos'g hoped their trouble of getting that cargo on the ship hadnt been in vain. Weaponry and armor-suits along with various equipment. He went back to watching the screens, searching through the asteroid-field they were entering for anything hostile or otherwise. Focusing on an area behind some particular large asteroids he got a big smile on his face.

    "There is a station at a location to the left, behind those bigger asteroids. Coordinates 2 8 -1 k from our current position." Kthos'g put the screen to lock on the station, and went over to a make-shift weapon-rack they had on the bridge. Whether the station proved to be friendly or not wouldnt stop them.
  4. "The last boys sold out cause I let you hire them! They didn't respect ya, cause you're a weak little git!" Xarn growled in return as he banked to avoid the big asteroid. "But at least you saved the loot! And as long as we have loot and a ship that's still more or less working, we can carry on! New equipment, new ship and a new crew!" He roared, laughing, before a rather negative beeping started on one of the panels in front of him. A warning about heat in one of the main engines...

    A sudden explosion rocked the ship, as one of the main engines burst into flames! Xarn quickly tapped some buttons, shutting down the engine, and starting the fire-suppressants. Xarn did his best to keep the ship on the right course, though it wasn't an easy thing. "Good thing we found that place then. Or you'd have to go out there and fix it!" He grinned, as he started approaching the docking bay of the station. "Load up Biggy, will ya?" He asked, meaning his large-caliber auto cannon that he'd brought from home. The one thing that had never failed him, and the only thing he'd brought from his home planet.
  5. The three-eyed man ignored his friend as he laughed on, making sure his weapons were in order. And then the ship shook enough for him to drop to one knee for the weapons to not fall out of his hands.

    "Ill never understand why you insist on bringing that humongous thing everywhere?" Kthos'g said as he unfastened the huge gun from its place on the rack. Throwing it to Xarn with both hands before putting the last of his own weapons on. Some odd number of knifes, two plasma-rifles and five hand-guns with armor-piercing bullets and a pack of frag-grenades. His big stuff was still in the cargo, apart from the things he had been forced to leave behind, like a suitcase of explosives, that had just happened to be armed.

    When Xarn managed to land the ship in the docking bay Kthos'g was already in a space-suit and ready to get of, as the bay had been open, and didnt give to look of closing anytime soon.

    "Make sure you get the cutting gear, we might have to seal that thing ourselves." He shouted as he went through the airlock closest to the bridge. The docking bay was empty, and dark, so the first Kthos'g did was throw out a few light-spheres around the ship. The bay interior was damaged, with burn-marks and torn pieces in the walls. He walked around the ship with one of the rifles ready, and found the whole bay to be the same.
  6. "It's real simple. It's the only gun that has never failed me, and it's the only thing I have from back home!" Xarn chuckled as he started easing the ship into the docking bay. "And I've yet to hear you complain about her when we've been in trouble! As far as I can remember, you almost liked her when I kept the sentinel bots at the last station at bay!" He grabbed the gun mid-air, and leaned it against his seat, before he landed the ship and put it to standby-mode, in case they'd need to make a quick escape.

    He got up and tossed on his life-support-mask, as his armor was otherwise air-tight, tossed the cutting tank and torch on his back, and followed his partner outside the ship, and into the landing bay, hefting his gun in case of any surprises.

    "Seems like we're a bit late for the party..." Xarn joked as he slowly stepped across the bay, swinging his gun around to find any potential targets. Sadly, there seemed to be none. That just left the rest of the ship. And the best way would be the main bay doors. Barely taller than Xarn, yet seeming quite heavy. "Keep watch." He ordered simply, as he leaned his gun against the wall, and tried pulling it open. It was firmly locked, leaving him few choices but to cut his way through. It was slower, but at least they'd get through!
  7. Kthos'g let his friend work on the doors into the station while he made a round along the walls of the bay. Stopping shortly by the edge out from it, looking for any emergency-handles for the huge main door. He found one at each side of the opening, which meant a few hundred meters apart. As Xarn was occupied, he went into their ship and got some explosives, hoping that blowing the handles would make the doors shut.

    The storage-room was still a bit warm when he rummaged through their various cargo-boxes, which had for the most part survived the fire. There were however a lump of melted metal where a crate had earlier been. The three-eyed man stood watching it for more than a minute before he realized that it was, or had been, some hundred knifes and daggers.

    He was still irritated when he got out with the explosives, so he didnt bother warning Xarn about the explosion that would soon, hopefully, make the bay main doors close. He walked back to the ship before pushing the remote detonator.

    The explosion itself wasnt so bad, if you were ready for it and made the sound-receptors on the suit shut down for a while. Two simultaneous flashes of light and it was over. At first nothing happened, and Kthos'g got ready to get more creative, but the doors started sliding in from the sides of the opening... a bit fast. And them closing made the whole bay shake.

    "That wasnt so bad, huh?" He said as the shaking had stopped and he turned towards his Xyrian friend.
  8. Xarn was almost done cutting his way into the station itself when something exploded. He quickly stood up and swung around, holding the torch at the ready, only to be met by the closing maind gates. And by the look of his friend, it was his doing.

    "Do something like tgat without warning me again, and I'll make sure you're between the damn doors!" He yelled as he put away the torch.

    He grabbed his gun, took a step back, and kicked in the barely holding piece of the door, sending it into the darkness beyond. "Great. It's dark in here..." The Xyrian grumbled as he stepped through the hole and turned on his luminator.
  9. A smile was hidden by the visir on the suit Kthos'g was using, he followed Xarn as the lizard made his way into the dark corridor leading inwards, a pulse-rifle in either hand and his three eyes darting around for any movement.
    The Xyrians luminator made visible the state of the corridor, which was signs of battle, similar to those in the bay, long tears in the floor, ceiling and walls. And dried blood and burn-marks all over the place. But there didnt seem to be anyone close by, which along with the dust on the floor gave the impression of the action having taken place weeks or months past.

    "Well, this was a boring place. What happened you think?" He said with a sigh as he put the rifles back on his back. Moving towards the doors at the end of the corridor. A rattling faintly sounding far off in the station, thought the three eyed man didnt care much for things he couldnt see, so he got to the control-panel by the door and made it open, making air flow past them from inside the station.

    "Well, the life-support seems to be working at least, get a move on with that light would you?" Kthos'g moved into the big room as he turned around to look at Xarn, a movement in the corner of his eye making him leap in the other direction. Shapes in the dark rushing towards him while making hungry sounds, lashing at him with long claws and spikes.

    "Get a move on!" The shout was drowned in the rifles fire and the impacts on the beasts coming after him.
  10. "Something or someone murdered everyone on here and ate, or flushed the bodies or something." The giant of a man grunted as he looked around, remembering how long it had been since he'd done that. Lots of killing. Lots of loot. Lots of fun. Lots of yummy, screaming things. Far too long...

    He swung around as his partner yelled a warning, smacking something over the head with his bayonet, cutting it in half, leaving a twitching, four armed thing on the floor. And as his luminator shone down the corridor, many more shapes like it could easily be seen. And almost as soon as they were spotted, Biggy started firing it's payloads down against them, half of them hitting the walls and floor, making small rifts be torn from the explosions, with the other half hitting the scurrying creatures, exploding them in a rain of gore and giblets.

    Yet as there seemed to be only more of them coming, Xarn kicked the door-console, luckily managing to make the door start closing. He kept up the fire until the last of his rounds were spent, and the last of the creatures got squished halfway through the door. It screeched and roared pathetically on the floor, flailing it's one good limb at him, making Xarn reward it with a gentle stomp on the head, rewarding him again with the pleasant crunch of a soft skull.

    The large Xyrian the started jogging along after his partner. "This suddenly turned a whole lot more fun!" He roared with laughter as he tossed away the empty drum and loaded the next one, filled with fresh rounds!
  11. Kthos'g continued firing at the attacking creatures as he ran around inside the big room, barely managing to not fall on the things scattered around in the darkness. Making do with the little light shining from Xarns luminator into the room. The big lizard quickly got inside the room laughing about the joy of fighting, finally enabling his partner to see what they were up against.
    Leaping behind a decorative pillar to fill the enemies who chased him past it, the three eyed man looked with informative interest on the four-armed creatures armed with biological blades and smaller guns of the same kind. Grunts maybe? Their carapace armor didnt seem more than superficially resistant towards the rifle plasma pulses, so they couldnt be more than that.

    Firing into the eyes of two more the slim man glanced over to his friend, and regretted it as the bastards big gun blasted some poor enemies to bits and pieces.
    "Couldn't you use silenced ammo for once!?" Kthos'g said as he blinked some dots out of his eyes. Looking up again as one of the creatures tried to sneak up on the lizard. Emptying what was left of a rifle charge in its direction stopped it cold. He poked at one of the things with a foot and bended down to look at the weapons it had.

    "What do you think these are? Some kind of insectoid grunts?" Not noticing the movements of something big off in another joining corridor pointing a spear-like appendage in his direction.
  12. "Silenced, smilenced! It's nowhere near as fun!" Xarn laughed, as guts sprayed him, only making him laugh louder. These enemies weren't individually strong enough to be much of a threat, which only made him wonder where the bigger creatures were, as insectoids tended to rely on them for some proper power during battle.

    "They're insectoids alright! And..." He started, as a larger creature stepped towards K'g without him noticing. As it raised it's talons to strike, Xarn swung Biggy around by it's strap, getting it onto his back, before pulling his shortsword, and with one smooth motion, he sliced the creature's head off and slammed his shoulder into it's body, sending it sprawling to the floor, twitching desperately. "...And here we've got a bigger creature to prove it!" He chuckled as he lifted the head, which carparace extended quite a way's end above and behind it.

    "This just got a lot more interesting..."
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