4th World: The Incident of Two Worlds

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  1. Backstory

    If you're reading this If you’re a Human living in the Real World, this is the information may provide you, but its sound weird because you won’t believe what I say, so here it goes.

    Anyway, there some things you should know in person, firstly, I am Narga La Yorkel and secondly, I live in a different world called it 4th World, which you don’t know that yet or never in a place that you live there before. There is a reason here that I am residing here in the World, full of Humans with the greater society and also nearly perfect lifestyle where I can have a good time here. In the 4th World; it’s a paradise to Humanoids, because they're different races to associate, there is Demi-beasts, Elves, Androids and Scarlets but don’t forget the Humans who are living in the 4th World, except Humanity is not really the same. Instead the Humanoid Council is the ones whom are balancing the superiority of the equality of the race and politics.

    But things got worse here when a big incident occurred in the Real World, some of the buildings and streets were damaged in big cities (somewhat, I point out that is vandalism, due of a big fight.) and the humans are panicking when some of them disappeared out of the blue, somewhat the police are unable to track them down and they don’t have the solid evidence to show the proof in the incident. Not most of the incidents occurred in Real world, but the incident is moving back and forth to the 4th World, like a rabbit is escaping from the wolves, tracking down their every movement before it goes in the rabbit hole, thus calling it, “Incident of Two Worlds.”

    Since I heard the Humanoid Council found out about the situation, this is the main problem to Humanoids in the 4th World were considered that were involved in the incident, but they no solid evidence to prove their innocence, a few of the humanoids were sentenced to prison for some judgmental reasons. The Council had no choice but put up their job to HSPF (Humanoid Secret Police Force) in the case of investigating the incident. When the news spreads out fast, Shinigami Family (AKA, the Yakuza of 4th World) was involved in the incident, but only the rumors are spreading outside by humanoids, yet they were criticized by their actions in crimes and other criminal activities occurring in the Principality of Kusumujima. Shinigami Family has reduced in committing crimes, they intend to stop what they’re doing before they would get involved in part of the incident.

    It’s getting tight as the security is stronger in Real World & 4th World, so no one is safe from a 99-year sentence in jail, if you want to escape from getting involved in the incident, you have no other options but join up with HSPF in the inesvtigation or join in the Shinigami Family to order stay safe from the from the incident, if you can’t think of something by joining in the HSPF or Shinigami Family, you would rather join on my side, although there is a third choice if you are staying with me.

    Yours Sincerely, Anonymous person who wrote this future letter,

    Narga La Yorkel, Private Detective & 4th World Foreigner

    P.S, this is only given by the ones who are struggling with the Incident, so to the others are getting
    involved in part of the incident soon.

    1. No Mary Sue (or a Gary-Stu) - A character CANNOT be flawless or other "perfect" because your character doesn't suffer any real adversity or otherwise, it can be annoying for your character that can't be accepted.
    2. No one liner - Just remember this in mind, one-line sentence is just completely boring. Making a paragraph would be only used on the role-play. (It's only about 5 sentences to make a paragraph.)
    3. The right grammar & spelling - one grammar or spelling needs to be correct before posting, thus you got to take it easy and don't rush it. You got to have a decent grammar and spelling, so I can’t accept illiterate role players.
    4. Be friendly and respectful to the other role players - This is peace zone and there be no trolling, arguing and spamming. Also have respect for the role players.
    5. Make the fight realistic - When a character is fighting in a battle, don't magically make up or exaggerate killing the enemy. It is not necessary to make the battle too cliché or else, it would ruin the experience of the role-play.
    6. No godmodding - It is not allowed in the role-play, which is only meant to ruin the fun of the role play.


    Human (open)
    Humans are the most common race existed in both 4th and the Real World. They are used to be in part of humanity since ancient times, but humans from the 4th World resided there with the Humanoids, although half of the human race lived in the 4th World and they get along with the other races. In Additional, Humans can be turned into a Scarlet, if you are going to change.

    Humans can be a well-balanced fighter, mage, archer or gunner, but they don’t have a special ability that is out of the ordinary for them. Some of them may have a strong or fragile body, fast or slow mobility, smart or careless mind, whatever they are capable of.

    Elf (open)
    Elves are the strongly intellectual race, existed in the 4th World. These Elven names may sound weird, but somewhat interesting part of living life, because there are things you need to know, they have pointy ears and their new hair color comes with green, blue and white color. Since the society is somewhat strict, they are not used to be friendly and cutting the connection to the outside world that Elves never live in a country of Yarhil. Not most of all Elves are living in Yarhil but some of them left the paradise to explore the outside world or banished from Yarhil due of bad behavior.

    Elves focused on magic combat as their primary choice for an mage; sometimes they're good with swordplay and archery, but firearms are not the best skill which they never used it in Yarhil. Their pointy ears can be helpful, it heightens their senses of hearing in the surroundings, especially, can hear footsteps very well, when inside the building.

    Demi Beast (open)
    Demi Beasts (or the Neko as a short, preferred name) are the agile and physically strong race existed in the 4th World. They are more likely human beings with furry, animal ears; somewhat they would have fox tail or either bunny ears. In the wilderness, some of the Neko race lives in the rural village, their traditional life is friendly and sometimes one Demi Beast would go on a journey with an adventurer on his/her side. In Shidare, Demi Beasts come with white furry color, living in cold parts of Northern Farka and they can resist the coldness of the frozen temperature.

    Demi Beasts are fast-hitting fighters, although their natural fist or equipped with lighter weapon can be helpful in fighting the enemy. They can transform into full form of an animal beast, great physical power grows inside the Demi Beast and quite powerful once it’s in full form. They can return into a normal state, thus they can transform as a Demi-Beast wants.

    Android (open)
    Androids are more likely an modern artificial life form existed in 4th World. Every Android is outfitted with Lèmos core to order to have the body function properly, but if the power of Lèmos core dies out or destroyed that is flowing in the Android body, it will be impossible to get the body to function. Unless the core itself can travel to the head, draining the remaining power inside the body to order to cheat death and then replaced with another body. Their personnel jobs are always assigned in the military, because they are designed in mind for war and defense of the county and humanoid race.

    They are armed with firearms and somewhat their marksmanship is unexpectedly great. Not most of all their powerful but they have a very endurable body, due of their iron body casting. Some of the Androids keep miniature missiles inside the body with a small payload in the back, great for attacking multiple targets with a deadly missile barrage.

    Scarlet (open)
    Scarlets are ancient & grand race, existed in 4th World. They look human-alike, think again, they don’t come in with their normal skin color, including the natural hair color. It is infused with magical substance, once a human absorbs that kind of substance, it can experience some changes of the body. It comes with white-ish skin color and unnatural hair color or either keeping the same eye & hair color. However, their life span can only last about 30 years, closing in to death, unless using the same substance can expand the lifespan. It can even revive the Scarlet in a death state, but it can cut down the half of the lifespan when reviving a Scarlet.

    Scarlets are both strongly physical and magical, strong in any type of class, but lacking in using firearms which suffers the same fate as the Elves. Scarlets can equip both magic & physical weapons (except firearms.) which make them deadly but sacrifices defensive skills slighty. They can unleash the Limit-Break power, making them utmost in combat & using the magical energy as the powerful weapon on death’s hand, bringing havoc on the enemies.

    Nations in the 4th World

    Principality of Kusumujima

    The Kusmujimanse capital, Akai Hana (left) brings up the storm in flooded city (right).

    Kusumujima is one of the smallest country that is existed in the Real World counterpart of Ezo Island, Japan. It was known to be found the Shinigami Clan here in the country that ruled up to the medieval era to the industrial era, but shortly after the decline of the monarchical government had abolished ruling clan. The organized crime in the modern era was later founded by surviving clan members of Shinigami, which they later named Shinigami Family. A home to criminals, mobsters and foreign mercenaries where the crime rate is building up in the half sunken city, Akai Hana.

    Akai Hana (or Red Flower in Japanese) which serves as a main capital, but half of the capital is flooded heavily of storms that come in recently, leaving the half of the capital in ruins. Behind the flooded walls, it is lowlife downtown where beggars & thugs gathered in the wet, cold streets. Shinigami Family is living in the capital, where they are committing crimes in great numbers. (Then later the crime rate became reduced to medium when the incident broke out.)

    The country is likely to be recommended for Humans and Scarlets, a paradise where they could settle down here. It is also said that they make their hideout in the sunken city for criminals, in addition to Shinigami Family, hiding away from the security threat in case they get in trouble.

    Yarhilian Domain

    The N'hrive town hall, this is where the Treaty of N'hrive was made here after the Yarhilian Unification War.

    Yarhilian Domain or Yarhil for short is a Real World counterpart of Canada. An Elvish country ruled by the absolute monarchy after the Yarhilian Unification War, it was the first Elvish country to be seen and existed here exclusively in the 4th World. Truly said that this nation with the elves were created by goddess of Earth, Adanessa. They are considered religious in these modern days and obey the words of the goddess. Since Yarhil don't need the technology in their hands, it is strongly forbidden and not a single exported technology is used. Only magic is used always and became useful for the elves in generations to keep the Yarhil stable and strong.

    The Yarhilian Unification War became brutal back in 16 years, this war was only about uniting the other Elf races, except Drow Elves. However, the Drow Elves were enemies of the other elves and ruling absolute power over the edge of the nation. The war began where all the elves declared war on the Drow Elves and started the rebellion to unify the Elven country. When the neighboring countries have heard the war was razed in Yarhil, they seek to support the Elfish rebels to help them win the war. When the war was came to an end, the Elven rebels won the unification war with an aid of the neighboring humanoids. Drow Elves surrendered unconditionally with the Treaty of N'hrive, making the Drow Elf Race leave Yarhil in Exile to Farka.

    Yarhil holds different kinds of Elven population. Since the humanoids are forbidden to live here, considering to be that they are bullying the Elven race with their appearance. All Elves are forbidden to leave Yarhil and cutting off the outside world. If one Elf left has Yarhil, the Yarhilian Authority is not allowing some of the Elves to return to their country and revoking the Yarhilian Citizenship. Since the Humanoid Council is allowed to have HSPF recruiting elves secretly, Yarhilian Government is accepting to put their debt to let them reside with HSPF.​
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