4th of July

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4th of July

Happy 4th, Iwaku! For those of us in the states, it's a time for BBQ and blowing things up.....oh, yeah AND celebrating our independence.

Do you have any fourth of July traditions?

We used to go to the lake every year and BBQ, nothing too exciting. And since they outlawed fireworks where I live, and I can't blow stuff up anymore, I usually go to the local fair grounds and watch the show they put on there.

What about you?
Yes, a very happy Fourth!

When I was younger, we used to go to the fireworks, although they were never actually ON the fourth, which I find kind of weird. The beach would always be PACKED, like 10,000 people or so, and this was no big beach! I was never that crazy about fireworks, though, to be honest.

This year I'm in DC for the fourth, and I feel obligated to go to the National Mall to watch the fireworks with however many other billions of people will be there, but... I kind of don't want to ><;

Back in the old days before my family exploded, we'd go to alabama to see my dad's family! They would always throw a watermelon in the pool. o__o

Then there were bad times and no holidays. c__________c

AND NOW we're trying to establish traditions. XD BBQing with the family, and setting off as many fireworks as we can get out hands on. >>; Fireworks especially, cause I missed out on those growing up. I WANNA EXPLODE THINGS.
We had fireworks every year along with BBQs, like anyone else. Now we don't since everyone is older and doesn't give a fuck. So instead I'll go hang with my friends and their families, but that's nothing set in stone. So we'll see, it might just be another day for me.
Traditions, not really. There's not much contact with the extended family. For a few years I actually helped out a piro crew do a large display on the 4th, but I... burned out.... so now it's just hanging out with the folks any anyone that wanders up the hill then up to the school to blow up a few legal items.
*Joins Grumps with his flag*

Really though, Ela wishes she didn't need to wait til November for fireworks. Her ex used to call her a mini-pyro, but she just likes the flashy shininess.
I am up in Canadaland... Sooo no 4th of July. But since the USA is just below my country we get a lot of stuff on tv about your holiday.

BUUUT Canada Day is July 1st of July, so we get fireworks. My family was never patriotic so we did nothing more than go to the soccor field to watch the fireworks display. And, if say the weather is terrible for the fireworks, they put them on the next day...which is also my birthday so FIREWORKS! :D


We had $300 worth of fireworks, BBQ ribs and chicken, lots of chips, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, lots of family over, booze and a ping pong table. It was a blast! A sunny day, too. We were worried it would rain.