4e: Quirky Miniboss Squad

"Hey! Back off the drow, you ugly son of a dire boar!" Vilero snarls in a particularly bestial manner, wanting to get to the man at the end of the tunnel but was blocked off by his goons. Growling mightily, he takes out some of his aggression on the fool in front of him. The wet snap of broken bones echoed once more as another foe crumbles to the ground.

The rabble again move into place, attacking with their clubs as best they can! While two aim high, one of the bandits - smarter than his brethren, aims low. Taking a good, long swing at the gnoll's knees. Vilero yelps in pain as the low-armored part of his body gets struck with a nasty blow.

"Make me, doormat!" The bandit in back cackles maniacally after taunting Vilero, producing another dagger from his sleeve and lobbing it at Sabil. The dagger flies through the air, taking the sorcerer squarely between his lower-most and low ribs. Again, the serrated edges make it hurt. "Who's the BITCH now?"

Initiative: Vilero, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Bandit, Rabble, Rabble, Sabil.

+Vilero uses Valiant Strike! He hits, doing 11 damage and killing his foe outright.
[Vilero has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 6 [Total: 6 Average: 6]]
[Vilero has rolled 2 6-sided dice with results: 2, 4 [Total: 6 Average: 3]]

e rabble attack Vilero, one gets in a strike. As a minion, he auto-does 4 damage.
[Bandit! has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 2 [Total: 2 Average: 2]]
[Bandit! has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 19
[Total: 19 Average: 19]]
[Bandit! has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 3
[Total: 3 Average: 3]]

+The Bandit lobs another dagger at Sabil, dealing another 7 points of damage.
[Bandit! has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 10
[Total: 10 Average: 10]]
[Bandit! has rolled 1 4-sided dice with results: 4
[Total: 4 Average: 4]]

+The other bandits prepare an action to replace deceased bandits.
Sabil was rather unused to be a human pincushion, being a sorcerer who was generally bright enough to stay OUT of melee range. The two daggers to the torso were more than slightly painful, in fact they were excruciatingly so. A bit of his blood splattered his clothes, until they were actually wet with the stuff. He wasn't unconcious yet, but he could tell that he would be soon if he didn't do something about it. Shaking his head from side to side, as if to clear it, the drow moved back, out of the range of Mr. Dagger throwing enthusiast over there. He heard Vilero yelp, but really, he couldn't focus on that right now. He concentrated on wobbling away from any more flying, pointy, projectiles.

He summoned his arcane magic again, but felt it falter. Thus, he felt it more prudent to double over, and spit up some blood, as opposed to forcing some chaos bolt. "I'll get you for this, magical suckage..." He cursed his magic, swore some more, and then proceeded to cough up more blood.

[Sabil has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 1 [Total: 1 Average: 1]]}5
Vilero gritted his teeth, wincing at the pain in his leg - which was nothing compared to the pain that Sabil was feeling right now, but still - it was like getting hit in the funny bone with a golf club. "Note to self - when we can, get a freaking Controller so I don't have to slog through a bunch of thrice-damned mooks every freaking battle!" Taking a swing at the bandit in front of him, flesh opened and a spray of blood exiting the man's broken arm as he crumples to the side of the tunnel with a pathetic whimper.

Rallied by their allies' success, the final three bandits increase their beating on Vilero... wise to their tricks, the beastman paladin moves so as the avoid their attacks, serious in his defense of his ally... which it seemed the man in the back did not approve of.

"Fine! You can run from me, but your gnoll bodyguard is dead! DEAD!" Pulling a dagger from his vest, he chucks the blade at Vilero - who narrowly dodges the attack, dagger whizzing by his head, shaving off the edges of the fur on his cheek.

Initiative: Vilero, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Bandit, Rabble, Rabble, Sabil.

+Vilero strikes at the rabble in front of him, hitting and doing 14 damage and killing his foe outright.
[Vilero has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 17 [Total: 17 Average: 17]]
[Vilero has rolled 2 6-sided dice with results: 5, 4 [Total: 9 Average: 5]]

+Three rabble attack Vilero, each missing.
[Bandits! has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 10 [Total: 10 Average: 10]]

[Bandits! has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 2 [Total: 2 Average: 2]]
[Bandits! has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 8 [Total: 8 Average: 8]]

+Bandit throws a dagger at Vilero, missing.
[Bandits! has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 10 [Total: 10 Average: 10]]

Sabil bit his lips, and managed to stand up straight. He wiped some of the blood off of his face, and then scowled in a way that was actually somewhat intimidating. The Nine Hells hath no fury like a drow with two daggers in him, and a penchant for chaotic magic. Sabil narrowed his eyes at the mook to the side of Vilero, who was destined to meet a bad end. The drow made some arcane gestures, before pointing his hand into a gun-shape and pointing it at the bandit, "PEW PEW!" He shouted, with a bit of blood flying out of his mouth, and grinned when the mook fell to the ground. He fanned himself and proceeded to wipe some more blood off of his face. "Owie," He said to himself, and whimpered a little, "I feel like I got run over by a herd of stampeding gorgons."
[Sabil has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 17 [Total: 17 Average: 17]]
[Sabil has rolled 1 10-sided dice with results: 1 [Total: 1 Average: 1]]
Vilero snorts, "You're gonna have to try a little harder if you wanna beat me!" He chuckles, glancing contemptuously at the two remaining rabble, raising his hammer above his head and bringing it crashing down on the rabble in front of him... sending a wave of gore splashing onto the ground.

The remaining rabble looks around, knees shaking. "Oh, fuck this." He turns, running away from Vilero and Sabil as fast as he can... he does not get far. As he moves to run past the bandit, the bandit grabs him. "Nobody gets away!" He yells, jabbing a dagger in the fleeing man's back and twisting in. The last rabble falls to the ground, as the Bandit rips the dagger out.

"Come on, you slugs." Flipping the bloodied dagger at Vilero, the man whips out a mace and stands at the ready. The dagger soars through the air, wedging itself into the gap on the opposite side of his elbow, sticking in. Vilero screams in pain as the serrated dagger forces itself into him, nearly dropping the hammer he held in both arms.

Initiative: Vilero, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Bandit, Rabble, Rabble, Sabil.

+Vilero uses Valiant Strike against a rabble, dealing 14 damage and killing him outright.
[Vilero has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 16 [Total: 16 Average: 16]]
[Vilero has rolled 2 6-sided dice with results: 3, 6 [Total: 9 Average: 5]]

+Rabble Flees!

+Bandit gets Attack of Opportunity on Rabble, scoring a critical and doing max damage.
[Bandit! has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 20 [Total: 20 Average: 20]]

+Bandit throws a dagger at Vilero, dealing 7 damage.
[Bandit! has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 9 [Total: 9 Average: 9]]
[Bandit! has rolled 1 4-sided dice with results: 4 [Total: 4 Average: 4]]

Sabil felt his jawdrop as the bandit threw his dagger at his so-called comrade. That was severely messed up, the drow thought to himself. He took a few ginger steps forward, wobbling a bit due to bloodloss. Thankfully for the sorcerer, his blood appeared to have clotted, and now was just a smelly, sticky recollection of some painful, horrible daggers. That still happened to be stuck inside of the sorcerer. Don't think about it, Sabil thought, gritting his teeth, don't think about the daggers that are burrowing their way into my vital organs. The drow decided that now was time to whip out some damage dealing spells of his own. Taking a few steps closer, he narrowed his eyes, and arranged his hands into some clearly magical patterns, before reverting them back into gun-shape.

"I STILL HAVE MY BALLS," He shouted, before shooting a rather potent stream of magic at the ax-crazy (or rather, dagger-crazy bandit) who was slammed a few feet back due to the attack, "They couldn't take that from me, bitch!" He then felt the need to pass out, or throw up. He managed to not do either one.

[Sabil has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 14 [Total: 14 Average: 14]]} 18
[Sabil has rolled 2 10-sided dice with results: 7, 2 [Total: 9 Average: 5]]} 13
Vilero winces, ripping out the dagger in his arm and looking to the bandit. He growls, gripping the hammer in both hands and moves forward, seeing only someone who desperately deserves to die. His hammer begins to sizzle, a black mist trailing from it as it's invested with the gnoll's hatred for the man. "In the name of the Iron-Handed!" Viciously slamming the divine-powered weapon into the man, a horrible crunching sound is heard - bending the man backwards brutally... his hair ends up touching his heels before the corpse falls over, very clearly dead.

Initiative: Vilero, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Rabble, Bandit, Rabble, Rabble, Sabil.

+Vilero uses Radiant Smite against Bandit, rolling a critical and dealing max damage, plus +1d6 for his magical hammer. 24 + 6 + 6 + 4. Total: 40 damage.
[Vilero has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 20 [Total: 20 Average: 20]]
[Vilero has rolled 1 6-sided dice with results: 6 [Total: 6 Average: 6]]

+Battle Over. Experience Gain: 373 xp.

Slamming the hammer down into the corpse one last time, before lifting it up and turning back to look at Sabil. "That... was significantly harder than I would have expected... more painful, too..." He tries to grin, lips curling over his canine teeth in a grimace. Hand covered in black mist, he touches Sabil's arm... the daggers smoothly and painlessly leave his body, a wash of Bane-given healing blessing the drow with a little more stability.

Vilero uses Lay on Hands on Sabil, giving up a Healing Surge for the day to grant Sabil the free use of his own surge (Sabil does not lose a Healing Surge for this action, only Vilero).
The drow watched the man go 'sploosh' when Vilero brought down his hammer on the crazed Bandit's face, body, bones, until the man was essentially a puddle of red goo, some bones, and maybe some bits of cloth tying him together. He, surprisingly, kept his big mouth shut while Vilero healed him up. Sabil was rather pale in the face, and shaking, even with the healing magic applied to him. Thus, it could be reasonably assumed that he wasn't particularly shell-shocked because of blood-loss, but out of terror. The sorcerer was a bit of a coward, afterall.

He stood up straight, and dusted himself off, wishing that he had 'prestigitation' as a spell to get the blood off of his robes. He felt a bit sick, and a bit unsettled. He wasn't particularly used to seeing Vilero smash into people quite in the way he did. Nonetheless, Sabil applied a rare dose of wisdom and began to search the bodies of some of the dead mookies, though he actively avoided the puddle of blood; remaining wide eyed and silent.
"I don't think they have anything worth taking, hun. No idea why they were out here anyway..." Rather than do anything productive, he leans against a nearby wall, breathing deeply to relax himself from combat. It felt... good. Muscles straining, adrenaline pumping... in fact, the feeling was rather fantastic. A part of him envied his future self for later combats. For now, though, he'd take a short rest. "Not gonna bother burying these guys. They're so smashed up anyway that their bodies will degrade quickly. That, and we're already underground." He shrugs, "There are scavenger monsters down here happy to eat the lot of them. Slimes and the sort."

He moves only enough to grab a bandit killed by one of Sabil's blasts, ripping the man's shirt off and using it to clean up the blood that got onto his armor and hammer. It was no good to have unkempt equipment, at least not in service to Bane. He leaned against a wall, lowering himself into a calm. "We should rest here, if only for five minutes, before we start moving again. I don't relish the thought of losing you... so..." He trails off. "...Rest up a bit. Calm your nerves."
Sabil sat on a rock, wiping his hands on his clothes. He then appeared to notice that his robes were covered in blood, and the scent of it was getting to him. The drow peeled off the top of his robes, and shook it in his hands. Dry blood was better than wet blood afterall. He toyed with the amulet around his neck, thinking to himself. After a moment of pondering the ethics of smashing people's faces in with a hammer, the drow looked up, and appeared to look rather less fraught with anxiety and shell-shockage.

"I'm buying armour," He said flatly, before managing a smile, "Well, that whole bandit-dealeo sucked. I hope that the next time we come across them - you know, the ones we were sent up here to fight - we manage to do slightly better. Rather, I manage to do slightly better," He flezed his fingers, feeling the spark of arcane energy in his blood (what was left of it) and bone. He glared at his hand, "Why did you have to screw me over?" he muttered bitterly to his magic, "Don't be so lame, next time around."
Vilero rose an eyebrow. "Talking to your magic, now? The touch of chaos is a nasty thing to behold." He chuckles, "It's not like Divine magics, hun. The source of it is you." He waves a hand dismissively. "You'll learns how it really works. Long as I stand in front of you, all you have to worry about are ranged melée and opposing magic-users... Granted, I don't expect to see enemy magic-users among a group of bandits."

He shifts his mass against the wall, trying to get a bit more comfortable. "I agree, though. We weren't nearly as effective as we should have been... Your aim was fine, I think... Just that our opponents kept... Moving around, you know?" He grins a great canine grin at the drow. "I didn't do a great job I'd defending you... But I do bless our fortunes that we fought them in this narrow tunnel. They would have gotten around ne, otherwise..."

He smiles at the slain bandits. "I feel pretty good about the battle, though. In a way, killing bandits is a service to both sides. Bandits don't care what alignment you are - they want your money. Preying on both sides. This way, they won't do that ever again." He nods, "Pity they're mostly human, and like a disease... No matter how many bandits you kill, other bandits rise to take their place. It's... Strange, really, even consisering the Rules of the World."
The drow snorted at Vilero's comments, "I'm attempting to discipline my magic," He said, in response to the gnoll's surprise that the young man was talking to his arcane capabilities, "I'm not mad, my magic is." He shook his hand a few times, starting at it with narrowed eyes. He pulled his discarded robe-top on, now that the blood had dried. He stood up, and folded his arms across his chest, pouting a bit. It was completely unsuccessful in making him look cute, he just looked irritated.

The drow ran a hand through his white hair, "Next time, I'm taking out Mr. 'OOH, look at me, I have daggers!' first. What a pain in the ass," He shook his hair out, tightened his robes around his waist, and cracked his knuckles, willing the magic in his fingers to stop utterly failing him at ever turn. He turned his back on Vilero, looking around the cave, wondering where they were to go next.

Sabil turned to look back the gnoll, and gave him a bit of a smile, "Humans are a little like rats, there's a lot of them, they spread diseases, and they bite. Now, do we know where to go next?" He stretched a bit. The battle had worn him down, but he was fairly certain he could continue for a bit. Maybe he'd get lucky, and Vilero would carry him when he got tired.
Vilero raises his hand, "Hold on. I'm not quite ready... Give me three more minutes. My... My blood's still on fire. Give me a moment so that I don't go nuts and start running down this corridor, yelling as loud as I can in an attempt to attract a fight." Uncomfortably, he clutches his wrist. "Gnoll blood's a nasty thing. Tainted. Takes a lot of concentration to keep it stable."

"Drow don't have that sort of problem anymore. No light blindness, choice on whether or not to venerate the Spider Queen... You guys got it a lot better than us this time around." He chuckles, ears flicking. "Curious... Channeling Bane's power feels damn good. How's chaos feel?"
The drow sat on a rock, elbows on his knees, and held his head in his hands. He considered it for a moment, and cocked his head to the side slightly, "I'm not sure," He said, after a moment. He extended a hand and flicked it around a bit, opening and closing his fist, "I don't consider myself chaotic, so it's a bit weird for me to be channeling chaos energy." He smiled slightly, getting a sort of dreamy look on his face, "I like that is powerful," he mumbled, seemingly in his own little world, "But I hate it when its being a bitch."

He began to pick at his nails slightly. His hands were a bit screwed up, naturally, as they were the hands of an artist. This meant that there were callouses and lacerations that made no real amount of sense. Even Sabil wasn't totally sure how they had gotten there, "Drow are kinda weird now," He agreed, "But I think its an improvement. A lot of things are different now. Hopefully, some of the planes are still working just the way they have been. I'd like to go to them, eventually."
"The planes? Are you insane?" Vilero looks alarmed at the drow, "We only just got here, how do you think planar travels going to affect us? Look, I'm not saying I don't enjoy the extra pounds of muscle, it's just that... we should be cautious about this. Slaughtering bandits is one thing - they're like grass. Kill one, there's millions more. But... planar creatures are... well... they're just nasty. We'd die so darn fast, and we probably still will when we're more powerful."

He holds up a hand, "There's just two of us." He shakes his hand, standing, "We'd need.. I dunno, a cleric and a wizard if we wanted to do anything special. No offense." He rose his hands at Sabil, "Your magic is fine, but I'm thinking 'crowd control', here." He pads some dust off of him, before tilting his head, "Okay. I feel a bit better, now. Let's go."


The athletic bandit returns to the tent of the bandit lord, looking around again. "Boss?" He looked around, gazing over at the corner where Boss Hos was standing previously.

"...I'm right here." Said a voice, barely a whisper.

Looking around, the athletic bandit finally looks down. "Boss, why are you under the table?"

After a few moments silence, Boss Hos looks up at the bandit, mumbling, "...It's... dark down here."

"What? Oh, nevermind. Boss, there were noises of a struggle down one of the corridors. We think that Group C was just killed by Underdark residents."

Boss Hos lets out a hopeful, "Girls?" The bandit shrugs, "Too early to tell, Boss." With the slump of Boss Hos' shoulders, so went the bandit's hopes of making it through the week alive. "Boss, shouldn't we send people up there? Or lay down some of our traps?"

There was a long moment of silence, before Boss Hos asks, "...Are you my friend?"

One could hear the athletic bandit's grating teeth echoing throughout the camp.
Sabil grinned, "I was thinking of the planes as something to work up too. It's a goal, Vilero, nothing wrong with that." The drow pulled on his mostly dry, blood-dyed robes, cursing this new world for its lack of prestidigitation. He shook out his hair, stretched his shoulders, and felt ready to go. He looked down at his aforementioned cracked and scarred hands, and began to mumble at them, saying something along the lines of; 'If you don't work for me, you stupid arcane magic, you're going to get us BOTH killed, and then, what are you going to do?" He looked up at Vilero, with an expression quite similar to a certain pantry-thief, one that said 'This is not what it looks like.'

He gave a weak laugh, and crammed his hands in the pockets of his robes. "I swear, I'm not insane. I feel like talking to it - I mean - myself, couldn't hurt." He clambered up on a pile of rocks, putting him at even height with his very large gnoll companion, allowing the drow to kiss the paladin on the nose, "So what do you think the bandit leader will be like? I bet he's going to be tougher to take down that stupid Dagger-Guy," the sorcerer grumbled, and hopped off the rocks, "I wish we had more party members too."
"The bandit leader...? Well, he must have some high-quality bandits under his employ, so he must be powerful as well. The ones we just killed were likely a scouting crew... So he must be bright enough to check out an area before settling down. To have a scouting party that size would normally be bad, but considering the power that Underdark denizens hold, it's understandable. Whoever this boss bandit is, he's shrewd and cunning... I think we might be over our heads here." He gave his companion a smile, though, wrapping an arm around the drow and nuzzling into his neck. "Don't worry, though. I'll be here, no matter what happens."

With that, they began walking... Until they come to a solid, vertical expanse. At least eighty feet in height, the stone wall blocks the corridor - though the fresh air coming through makes it obvious that the path continues up above. A pile of rope tied in a strange pattern - examination reveals it to be a silk rope ladder - is crumpled in a pile nearby, currently useless for getting up the cliff face. It is rough, and should be able to be climbed without too much trouble.

Vilero sighs, ears folding back against his head, "The universe is going to make me pay for this armor, isn't it?" He looks to Sabil, "Also... Heights. Whoo." Under his fur, the gnoll goes pale, looking up at the cliff face. "I'm not going to like this. That's gonna take some good climbing..."

The rock face is moderately difficult to climb, requiring a DC 15 Athletics check for every thirty feet, requiring three successful checks to each the top. If the ladder can be utilized, then the DC drops to 8. Failing the first check causes no wounds but to one's ego - failing the second check rewards 1d6 fall damage, failing the second gives 2d6 fall damage.
Sabil sighed, "And just when I thought things couldn't--" He realized what he was about to say, and stopped himself. He was genre-savvy enough to say 'And just when I thought things couldn't get worse' they invariably would, and thus, he kept himself from saying it. He looked up at the cliff face, and much like his gnoll compatriot, blanched. He was terrified of heights, and he felt weak in the knees from just looking at the wall of rock. The thought of climbing it made the pits of his stomach ache. He swallowed hard. "Vilero... I don't think I can climb that."

He looked at the ladder, and poked it with the tip of his boot-tip. It seemed like the ladder might be able to hold his weight, if only it could go up the cliff face. He glanced at his partner, "Could we get this ladder up the rock face somehow? I wish I had a spell do it for us.... While I'm dreaming, the spell 'Fly' would be incredibly useful here." He looked up the cliff face, and gulped again. He felt more than a little useless - the drow didn't have any utility magic that could possibly serve him well here. He wasn't looking forward to the climb, but it seemed to be the only way to continue on. This was going to be tricky.
"Uhhh..." Vilero states, mouth open in a less-than-intelligent manner. He bent backward, looking up the cliff face. "...This is not good. Sort of makes me wish I was a spellcaster again. Even if we didn't have 'Fly', a 'Feather Fall' would make me feel a whole lot safer." His fur stands on end, and he looks to Sabil. With a long, drawn-out sigh, he moved to lift up the rope ladder.

"..I guess it's up to the paladin, then... Please don't try to catch me if I fall. I'd likely smush you, and... well, I'm sort of hoping I'll fall on my head." Grimacing a smile, he wraps the ladder about his shoulders and waist, moving towards the wall and taking a grip. He raises one of his feet - a canine paw not suited to climbing at all, catching it in an open crevice.

Shaking badly, even though he wasn't even five feet off the ground, he begins to crawl up the cliff face, testing his grip and the rocks before every step, fur on edge. His slow, shaky breathing could be easily heard below, and he stops, closing his eyes for a moment and remembering to breathe properly.

His foot slipped, causing a small bit of rocks to fall and causing him to yelp out in fear, tensing up and catching himself. Whining pathetically, he looks upward at the top of the cliff... only halfway there. He could have cried, teeth clenched in fear as he continues the ascent. He stops again, gathering his courage for the final part of the ascent.

Turning, he makes the mistake of looking down to see if Sabil was alright. The sight made his head spin - Sabil was not the only one with a dislike of heights. Worse, his armor had gotten caught on a stray rock. Struggling to get it out while keeping his grip, he eventually had to remove one hand from the rock face, whining slightly as he slowly got his armor free...

Vilero nearly screamed out, muscles aching as he reached the top of the cliff, hands gripping it. Swinging a bit, he manages to twist himself up, rolling over and breathing heavily, swallowing the vomit that threatened to emit out all over his armor. His teeth clattered together, and he gripped the edge of the cliff, a little better now that he was on solid group. He sees Sabil waiting, and begins to move, taking the rope ladder off and tying it to the rocks up above, throwing the rest down. "I th-th-think It's alright," he yammered out, "M-made it up."

Vilero has a +11 to his Athletics checks, resulting in 28, 20, 20 for his rolls. He makes it up safely.
[Vilero has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 9 [Total: 9 Average: 9]]
[Vilero has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 9 [Total: 9 Average: 9]]
[Vilero has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 17 [Total: 17 Average: 17]]

Sabil gulped, feeling his stomach clench uncomfortably as Vilero climbed up the cliff. He couldn't watch him do it, and kept his hansd over his eyes, for fear that he would see his partner fall to his death. He ground his teeth against one another to dust in his mouth. He was expected to hear a cry, or a sickly thud, but instead he heard the gnoll say that he had made it up, safe and sound. He sighed deeply, and wiped his face and eyes. The drow looked up at Vilero, and realized that now it was his turn. This made him more than a little seasick.

He was happy to have the ladder though. He was reasonably certain that he could climb a ladder. He confidently climbed up it, eyes nearly closed, trying not to look down. This method seemed to work just fine for him, until his foot got tangled in one of the rope ladders's woven rungs. He tried to shake it loose, but it wouldn't come loose. He attempted to climb up to the next rung, but it backfired horribly, and as he reached for the top rung, he lost his balance, and with nothing to support him, fell off the ladder into a heap on the ground.

A small, hoarse "Ow," sounded in the cavern, and echoed for a moment. The drow pulled himself up, looking a bit queasy, and definitely worse for the wear. His nose was bleeding, and his robe was torn in some places. He looked up at Vilero, and resisted the urge to faint -- more from fear than his injuries.

Sabil has a +1 to his athletics score: Making his rolls: 7, 21, and 17.
[Sabil has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 6 [Total: 6 Average: 6]]
[Sabil has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 20 [Total: 20 Average: 20]]
[Sabil has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 16 [Total: 16 Average: 16]]
Fall Damage:
[Sabil has rolled 2 6-sided dice with results: 3, 4 [Total: 7 Average: 4]] -- This puts him at 24 HP