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( This will be done over PM, so don't reply here. If you've read 4chords, I would like to do something from either where the comic left off. If you haven't read it, I recommend it, and I can give you the gist of it. It's mostly just a humanstuck gamkar comic. I'll be playing Karkat. I'll take multiple people in separate chats, since I never get tired of 4chords. Content warnings since I enjoy darker themes. Any questions, just ask me. )

He had just finished meeting up with Sollux. It was almost impressive how attractive he was, but their first real life introduction was less than satisfactory. Maybe it was because it was a spite meet up.. He cursed Gamzee for invading his thoughts like that. Ever since he found out Gamzee got together with Tavros, he just..! It was impossible to stay calm. He was infuriated for whatever reason. And so, after he returned back home, he just flopped down on the couch in his rage and made an infuriated groan. "Fuck that guy..! What the fuck does Gamzee think he's doing, acting like a goddamn pussyfucking idiot with that guy and..! Augh!" What Karkat did not know was that Gamzee had already returned to their shared flat, and he was only in the other room, listening to Karkat's mini tantrum.