49th Hunger Games

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  1. Just some rules before we get started:
    • Please use 3rd person.
    • This roleplay is descriptive, meaning no script or txt tlk k?
    • Crush's are left to fate. Please do not be upset if your crush rejects you, and it is not required of you to pursue a love interest in the roleplay. Just try to remember- this is a game.
    • There is going to be fighting, obviously. It was stated in the storyline. However, don't bully people outside of the roleplay. If I hear of such things you will be kicked out of the roleplay immediately.
    • Be fair during fighting scenes. If you loose, you loose. Likewise, you have to give your opponent a chance to fight back. It's a good idea to plan ahead with each other for fighting scenes, in Private Messages or in an OOC thread I will create. I tend to like flipping a coin, so that it's fair. Just remember: No one is invincible.
    • This is not a rule, but I like to bold the names when I interact with other people. I find that this helps them know my character is trying to interact with theirs.
      • Ex: Breanne's eyes shifted around the courtyard, skimming the faces of all the other Elementias. She soon spotted a familiar face, a smile stretching across her lips. She started towards her friend, Kyler, waving as she neared him. "Hey Kye," she greeted him, smiling brightly. "Are you busy?"
        • ((That was only an example)

    Here is our opening setting:


    It is day 1 of 2 training days in the Capitol. Now is the time to sharpen your skills, scope out your opponents, and form your alliances. Mentors are either out shopping in the Capitol, looking for clothing to wear to the events that will take place during the show, scouting out sponsors, or doings something else {Use your imagination!!}

    With a sign, Breanne moved from the Plant Survey to the Camouflage Station. Her mentor had sent her there as soon as possible, so she and the male tribute from her district ended up being the first people there. Upon arrival, Brea decided to steer clear of any weapons that involved aiming, because she did not her fellow tributes to know if she was good with those kinds of weapons or not. She was not going to show off, nor was she going to embarrass herself. Which, was the only reason she was even at the Camouflage Station. She brushed her fingertips over all the supplies, trying to decide what she wanted to disguise herself as.

    Kyler arrived at a decent time. Some tributes were already training hard, sweat dripping from their overworked bodies. Others were dry, which told him they had just arrived, or weren't working very hard. His eyes drifted around the room, taking it all in. Sure, Kyler had tried to visualize what this room would look like, but this surpassed his expectations. There were weapons in this room he had never even seen before, and stations that taught you stuff he didn't think was important until seeing it here in the training room. The hardest part about the next two days was going to be deciding what stations to visit, what would be more beneficial. Or, perhaps the hardest part would be trying to get into the Career's alliance. He didn't know yet.

    Jenna was in the Capitol, taking a look around. Because she had only won the games the year before, she had never actually been inside the Capitol. Just in the buildings the Tributes stay in until they are released into the arena. And so, all of this was very exciting to her. She couldn't decide what she wanted to do first. Maybe get her hair done, or her nails? Or go shopping? Or, maybe she should do her job and start scouting the area for potential Sponsors. She couldn't decide what she wanted to do, so she kept wanting down the street, smiling widely at everyone she passed.
  2. Vee:
    Vee arrived at a little late, all the tributes had gone to their stations already. She didn't want to show anyone her skills with knives so she walked over to the fire-building section. She was ok with fire, since her and Axl had campfires all the time, but she didn't mind learning g some new skills.
  3. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Andrew[/BCOLOR]

    The brunet wasn't exactly late, but he wasn't early either. When he walked into the training area, there were already quite a few Tributes training hard. His eyes scanned all of the Stations in a bored manner. He could make this day all about temporary alliances and the next about actual training. Andrew says temporary because they don't last long. Not in these games, at least. He let his eyes wander to the Fire-Building Station, where his partner was. He wondered if he should drift over there or drift over to something else. Eyes wandering once more, they landed on the Knot-Tying Station. No one was there yet and Andrew felt that it was too early to socialize and create alliances. Socializing would mean putting on a front, one that would appeal to the other Tributes, and that caused a lot of energy. Energy that Andrew would rather keep than waste.

    Moving like a ghost, he made his way to the Knot-Tying Station, immediately grabbing some rope and beginning to work on it. His nimble fingers made quick work of the rope. Before he knew it, he already did three knots. Blinking owlishly, Andrew kept on going at a more slower pace, now. Need to delay the socializing as long as humanely possible.
  4. JACK & DICE
    Jack was at the Spear station throwing spears at targets that were at the end of the target area. He had become quite skilled with spears and throwing them. As he was about to throw the next spear The district 1 tribute Dice walks up to the station next to him. " nice arm" He says picking up a spear. Jack glares at Dice " you were the winner from last games right?" Dice nods before throwing the spear with force hitting the target in the head bulls eye . He turns towards jack " yes and i know who you are, i was won..." Jack rushes at Dice griping his uniform " YOU KILLED TIA YOU BASTARD!" . Dice pushes Jack away " relax .. thats not how it went down" Jack was still glaring at Dice but decided to stop when he noticed they were being watched. Dice whispers something to Jack for a few minutes before walking away. Jack stands there lost in his thoughts. He leans back on the spear rack and takes a deep breath​
  5. Alexandra:

    Alexandra slowly stepped out of the elevator and into the large training room. She looked around and gave a small sniff, having cried all night the night before. She made her way over to the climbing station as she felt that was where she would need the most work. She glazed her eyes over the other tributes, looking for any particular people that she might benefit from having an alliance with.


    John walked through the capitol, having been fully antiquated with it after his 23 years of mentoring. He liked to think that what he did helped people out in the arena, but after 23 years of dead tributes in his name...he wasn't so sure. He walked up to an acquaintance of his, who shook his head, showing he wasn't going to sponsor. The dark-skinned man nodded, and continued to walk off
  6. DICE
    Leaps down from one of the nets at the climbing station and lands in front of one of the tributes that was looked like she had bin crying. " man you guys get younger every year" he says looking down at the girl. He holds out a fist " the names Dice , whats yours?" Feeling bad for the girl he decided he would try and cheer her up.​
  7. Alexandra:

    Alexandra looked up at the man, Dice according to what he said. "Uh...Alexandra...but you can call me Alex." She said, and took the hand, shaking it slightly. "So you are a career?" She asked, remembering the clip of the reaping
  8. Dice
    He cracks his neck as he stretches " yup , hopefully this is my last game" he says as he takes a seat on the ground to rest. " you all right , you look a little shaky " he says before chuckling . He looks back at the spear section and looks at Jack before looking back at Alex
  9. Alexandra:

    "Um...Ya, of course I am." She said, although not feeling it. She looked over toward the camouflage station, as that was her next stop, and got up, walking over to the net start
  10. Vee
    As she finished in Fire- Building, she didn't know what to do next, she could make an alliance or two, but she wasn't very good with trust especially in the Games. She got up and went to the climbing section and climbed to the highest peak.
  11. Dice
    Dice looks back at Alex " i suggest you work on your combat skills" He says as he stands to his feet. He looks up to see the girl who had just climbed the net before looking at Alex again " what are you gonna do if she comes after you? " trying to explain that it some skills will only take you so far in the hunger games.

    Jack was now in the Parkour sect . He carried a spear because he wanted to get use to moving around with a weapon. He stands at the starting line as he ready s his self. He makes a running start before he leaps on to the higher platform. Jack begins to parkour through the Sect making sure he had a firm grip on his spear. Even managing to do some flips while he scales.​
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  12. Vee
    Vee hears Dice's remark about her getting Alexandra, "I'm not." She says. "I'm not killing anyone unless absolutely necessary." Vee then leaves the climbing station and goes to the camouflage section, wanting to try something new.
  13. Alexandra:

    Alex huffed, and began to climb up to the top of the station, soon reaching it but clumsily fell off. She groaned, and looked up at Dice "Don't expect me to live to long..." She said, and walked over to the combat area, holding her side
  14. Andrew
    The teenager snorted at Vee's statement. Unless absolutely necessary my ass, he thought as he finished the last knot. How much more necessary does killing people have to be? That's the whole point of these bloodbath games. Surviving is the biggest necessity and that includes killing others.

    But Andrew couldn't exactly complain. He wasn't going to kill anyone either. No, that's what the other Tributes were for. And, by the sounds of it, Vee was not on his list of people to be allied with. He didn't care if they came from the same District. He needed people who aren't afraid to kill others. Mind reeling, he made his way to the Memorization Station, gliding towards it.
  15. Vee

    Vee finishes up in camoflauge-which she didn't do very good in- She decides that she will try to find an ally and starts walking around aimlessly.
  16. stelio: Stelios looked at the wall, a punching bag hanging from the ceiling , his hand crafted knives in hand, He was determined, looking straight at the bag, he ran and through the knife, it stabs through the bag and sand comes from it, he smiled, he jumps and grabs the knife out of the punching bag, he grabs the handle and rips it out, "Hell yeah" he smiled and walked to another bag,

    Daniel: He walked through the door out of the memorization station, he continues walking, he sees a guy walking towards the room, he needed an allie, so he may as well ask him "Andrew right? well wanna be allies?"
  17. Andrew
    The brunet was surprised at the voice that was so close to him. He didn't look away from the giant screen in front of him, tapping away at the digital board with various pictures on it. Allies, huh? Briefly, he glanced at the guy, assessing his character. The male was a lot bigger than him, but that could mean jack squat. Andy needed proof of some kind of useful skill before they could be allies.

    "Yup, I'm Andrew. The one and only," he finished the board before turning to face the guy. Staring at him, he tried to remember what his name was. "Da....niel? Daniel, right?" He didn't wait for a confirmation. "What kind of skills do you have?" More like can you use them to kill a person, he thought.
  18. Vee

    Vee continued to walk around, not finding anyone that she thought she could trust. At first she wished Axl was there, but then she took it back realizing what would happen, they would both be dead, not just her.
  19. Jack

    Jack was sitting on one of the higher platforms taking a break to.He noticed some of the tributes were making friends already. He stands up and leaps from the platform on to floor and walks back over to the spear section.​
  20. Daniel:
    he smiled "Yeah" he decided to ignore the question, he gave a hand gesture for him to follow, He was happy that someone would join him, even though he is really strong, he still wanted someone by his side, someone to up the antie, He grabs his homemade crossbow, its better acrussy than a bow, so thats why he used the weapon "Ready?"

    He walked out of the room towards the memorization station, he walked by a guy ten times as tall as him, he watched as another guy walked with him, he gave a guy a mean look and walked through the doors of the memorization room