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  1. On this day in 1969, Apollo 11 was launched, thus ushering a brave new era of conspiracy theories…..

    People who believe the Moon Landing was faked believe the Government is smart enough to put together a multi-billion dollar hoax and fool most of the world into thinking that a man made vessel could make it too the moon, but dumb enough to not realize there is no air on the moon.
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  2. I am willing to bet that if that eye symbol (I'd rather not go into detail unless it's neccesary) was replaced with a turd, there'd be some sort of turd-based conspiracy branching off of that o-o Or even better; if warp drives are invented there will be conspiracies about the fact that they're just entrances to holographic worlds or some shit >.<
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  3. Hehe conspiracies are funny. There was a brief period of time when I thought the moon landings were faked. Then after about a week I realised just how dumb that opinion was and I promptly stopped having it.
  4. I used to believe in conspiracies, still kinda do to some extent, but I'm much more reasonable and open minded about. I mean, the illuminati? Really? That's just ridiculous and it still surprises me that people actually seriously believe in that nonsense. Don't they even realize how hard it would be to pull a conspiracy like that off with today's technology? It really wouldn't be worth it at all.

    All in all, though, it's a little hard for me to deny the possibility of a conspiracy existing somewhere out there. But maybe that's just because I'm extremely paranoid.
  5. It's not paranoia is they're really out to get you. :P

    I'm very open minded, and willing to listen to every side of a debate. That doesn't mean I'm willing to believe everything I hear (quite the contrary), but rather that I enjoy reading and learning about multiple viewpoints of a single topic -- be it scientific, political, what have you.
  6. I think there is a fine line in seeing or understanding the premise of a conspiracy and going full-blown crazy in debate over its legitimacy.

    See, conspiracies have their uses in the modern world: let the insects give attention to what we want while we do this other thing. How funny is the idea that Area 51 does this or that but without any real substance to any theory behind it AND, in fact, the real super duper alien technology is in Area 15. Ohohohoho :3
  7. The smart people want you to think they're too stupid to control you.

    *crosses arms and leans on the moon buggy*
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  8. Oh snap!
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