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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to our Kingdom!

    Our kingdom isn't like any other normal Kingdom out there. Our kingdom is filled with things that will turn your world around. Things that will make you question your sanity. Nothing here is as it should be. That's why our Kingdom is called the Twisted Kingdom.

    Major crack
    (Dry) humor


    t̶w̶i̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ kingdom】

    Everything we think is normal will never be normal here.
    Welcome to the kingdom without sanity
    The Kingdom of Roelian

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Roelian
    Here is the place where dragons and mermaids still exists.

    "STOP STOP STOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPP!!!! SLOW DOWN A LITTLE HERE... I don't think you get what we are talking about here? See I told you so."
    "Lets take it from the top then? Good."

    Welcome to the insane Kingdom of Roelian, even known as the twisted kingdom.
    Here is the only place where heart shooting pink dragons and flying mermaids still exists.

    "Okay now you can continue with the original story."

    Thank you :/
    Nothing is as it should be in this kingdom.
    No one does their job.
    Knights who were supposed to protect the kingdom, slacks off and tries to figure out the best way to get the princess hand in marriage.
    Nice looking ladies destroys the kingdom in a hunt after vegetables and fruits.
    Poor bastards who tries their best to restore the kingdoms former glory by shitting in other people's yard.
    Yes nothing is as it should be in this crazy kingdom.

    "Seriously you haven't even told anyone about the crazy people in this kingdom, only about the unnoticeable people in the kingdom act! You should know what to tell our RP'ers about stupid mofo..."


    "Ummm seems like I am not the one who needs to calm my tits. Well then ready set go! Tell the people about the funny people!"


    In this kingdom there is a princess, a king, a king number 2, a queen and a blahblahblah and a blahblahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and at last the cook, my personal favorite.



    ooc: Seriously Story Teller 1 and 2, there is no use in fighting you know there will be information about this soon.


    ooc: okay.... well I am just gonna go and chose my character so can you guys continue to fight…


    There are many positions to choose from~
    Positions (open)
    TheDemonKing - TAKEN
    Lazy ass king doing whatever pleases him. He’s a video game addict with a hobby to kidnap the princess and force her to game with him.

    TheDemonKnight- TAKEN
    BoB (Best of Boxes)³
    Extremely serious person who is always scolding the Demon king. He's strict and loyal. He spanks the demon king whenever he's displeased of his behaviour as a ruler.

    TheDemonMinion - OPEN
    Loyal to her king, she will do everything to please him. Actually she's just a video game buyer for him, but she’s proud of that.

    The Witch - OPEN
    Crazy old hag who looks young thanks to her powers. She keeps on making drug potions to make people fall for her. Her potions fail most of the time and she is unpopular despite her beautiful fake appearance but thinks the opposite.

    The King - OPEN
    Very idiotic and dense king. He's a war maniac, he'd throw a war just to test his abilities. He's just an idiot whose idiocy ironically always saves him from dying.

    The Queen - OPEN
    Yaoi addict, she's a super pervert at mind. Wants to kill her husband 24/7 but always fails.

    ThePrince - OPEN
    "Prince Charming" or so is his title, he's just a skirt chaser and a narcist.

    ThePrincess - TAKEN
    Super cocky girl, kinky and does only things she wants. Egoistic and self-centred, has a thing for handsome guys (inherited everything from her mom).

    TheKing'sAdvisor - OPEN
    Doesn't do his job but satisfies the king's desire to enjoy luxury. He’d do everything for money.

    TheKnight - TAKEN
    Supposed to save the princess but fails every time and enjoys flirting. He's just all talk to impress people. Only good quality is him being handsome.

    The Joker - TAKEN
    The One and Only Nat-bat
    The prankster of the kingdom. Crazy and neutral, he doesn't care about everything as long as he has fun. And he is a so called shape shifter, because he is the secret younger sibling of the Demon King.

    TheWizard - TAKEN
    He's an anime cosplay lover and he uses his power to add even more effect to his cosplay. Not useful at all for the kingdom but loved by the king. Has the hots for the princess.

    The Nanny - OPEN
    Servant of the Queen. She is a gossiper and a lurker. Her eyes are locked on handsome guys.

    TheButler - TAKEN
    The Red Tazelwurm
    Son of the demon king sent to corrupt the kingdom. He's loyal, handsome and everything, he's also a workaholic and the queen chases him around. Has a father-complex.

    The Maid - TAKEN
    Naive, idiotic and romantic girl; or so she's supposed to be but strangely she has the hots for one of the peasants.

    The Cook - OPEN
    Murderous cook. He looks creepy and fishy, eh enjoys it when blood splurts. Dare say his food is disgusting and know what will happen to you.

    TheGardener - TAKEN
    Strange super sadistic gardener, who at first glance seems like a very nice and caring lady but actually enjoys hurting people and hearing them scream. Fights with the Sadistic peasant for the Super-S title.

    The Nurse - TAKEN
    Alice Falling
    Sexy busty female seducing every man she meets. She has a dark aura around her though and she isn't qualified to be a nurse normally, she was hired cause of her looks and connections.

    The (Spy) Peasant - OPEN
    A creepy perverted peasant who is actually the kingdom’s spy. He uses his spy skills to lurk on women. He doesn't obey orders, he just does whatever can benefit him.

    TheSadisticPeasant - OPEN
    Super sadistic peasant loving to mistreat people. He doesn’t mind being rude and insulting others. Enters in fights easily but loves his plushie and is weak if you threaten him.

    TheMasochisticPeasant - OPEN
    Favourite victim of the super sadistic peasant. She follows him everywhere like a dog and obeys everything as long as she's whipped in reward.


    ↪ no one-liners, respect others and don't write small shitty responses
    ↪ grammar, please make sure you check before posting
    ↪ be active, especially if you pick a high position: act like the adult you are and don't take on roles you won't play
    ↪ no god-modding or OP, I will warn you only once
    ↪ keep it PG-16 at least and don't forget the humor, crack etc. since this is supposed to be a comedy
    ↪ don't kill RPers without their permission, NPC can be killed without any
    ↪ no super romance and girly-shit
    ↪ no mary-sues and shit like that
    ↪ seriously go wild with craziness, insanity, lame jokes etc. I want this to resemble Gintama

    Character Skelly (open)










    ❣Hair Color:

    ◉Eye Color:







    ♬Theme Song:

    Credits to my friend for getting this crazy idea from my other friend, credits to Syo for making characters positions and credits to me for having a lovely (crazy) mind when it comes to creating stories.


    ooc: fine fine I will go now, happy?

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  2. This seems really interesting~ xD
    Kind of planning to sign up as the Princess...but le question: what's the banner? *shot* XD
  3. Welly welly well well~! You got me at "I want this to resemble Gintama" teehee! Expect a character sheet from me soon~! I am going for the sadistic gardener ;D
  4. (First of all to not make anyone confused, this is The One and Only Nat-bat, but for some reason every time I try to look at this thread when I am online it always says that the server is busy, no matter if I change to another computer. So I am borrowing Syo's acc just for this, since I made this acc for Syo I kinda warned that I might troll around on it)
    (Btw Syo doesn't mind me doing this)

    A banner is something like a mini picture of a character, like this one:
    It is smaller than the original image you want, and every time you rp you put the banner at the top of your reply.
    It kinda works like a reminder what your character looks like^^

    oho let's hope we can get a sadistic peasant also soon, so we can get some fighting for the Super-S title XD
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  5. Ah I see~ um,do you have a specific dimension in mind on how big the banner should be? .3.
  6. Maybe 350x175^^
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  7. [​IMG]
    "Shut up and just do as I say!"


    5'5"/165 cm
    125 Lbs
    ❣Hair Color:
    Real Hair Color: Brown ; Wig: Blonde
    ◉Eye Color:
    Real Eye Color: Green | Contacts: Blue

    The Princess
    Cute/Hot Guys(doesn't matter where they came from as long as they're hot), Dancing, Singing, Being the spotlight of attention, Sweets
    Getting ignored, Swimming pools/Seas/Oceans(she can't swim), The dark

    Alice is a very upbeat girl who just can't stay still.She is easily bored and would pester other people for her own amusement.She has a short temper and is not afraid to hit anyone when they get to her bad side.She always wants everything to go her way,or at least get all her expectations met.When someone refuses her request(more like her demand),she would start whining just like a child.She also has a habit of seducing men,both with words and/or actions,and she doesn't really have a reason why she does so.Sometimes,it's to get what she wants,and sometimes she just likes doing so.

    Ever since she was a kid,Alice has been a pain-in-the-butt for the maids and butlers to take care of because she was seen EVERYWHERE.Literally.One minute she would be running around the garden,then the next minute she would be doing cartwheels in the ballroom.Despite being a burden,she didn't fail to bring smiles to people...when she was a kid.

    As Alice grew up,she started getting tired with just her brown hair,but she didn't dislike it.She also got tired of wearing dresses every single day.That's when she decided to have a blonde chic look that became a norm for her.She didn't mind struggling to get her long brown hair hidden under a blonde wig and putting on contacts everyday...

    [-will add on to this later xD-]

    She has a fetish for guys with glasses

    ♬Theme Song:
    World Is Mine by Hatsune Miku
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  8. [​IMG]

    (banner will change depending on Alpha's appearance in a reply
    and every new appearance will be edited into this post, so you
    can keep track of all of Alpha's appearances)

    ❝Hmm I wonder where I left my cards again. WOPS NOT HERE!
    Sorry for bothering, I will come back when you two are finished❞


    Alpha was given the name Alpha because of some old history in the family,
    an old king was named Alpha. And so because Alpha's mother thought
    she had given birth to a boy, she named her child Alpha. Talk about shock
    when her lovely little child suddenly changed it's appearance and gender.
    Well Alpha was lucky, since Alpha is a unisex name.


    The nickname Joker was given by the king in the neighbor kingdom.
    Alpha had been working under the king, just for fun, and many times
    showed himself as a jester. So she was given the nickname "The Joker".


    Alpha is much much much older than that, but why telling people his true
    age when she can say that he's a normal teenager.~


    Alpha has no specific gender, so why would Alpha say that Alpha is male
    or female, when Alpha can be both?
    (but Alpha was born female)

    „I wonder too~”


    „This too”

    ❣Hair Color:
    „Aaaaand this”

    ◉Eye Color:
    „And last but not least this one too”

    The always wonderful Joker

    Running around
    Messing with people
    House visits
    Jumping around

    „Guess what? Se-cr-et”

    Alpha is a really crazy person, Alpha does whatever Alpha pleases and listens no one except if it is fun.
    „Nothing more to say than that you will notice how I am.”

    Alpha was born as the second child of the royal demon family, actually when Alpha was born Alpha's body
    changed it's appearance many times. Almost no one knows the true gender of Alpha, except Alpha and
    the woman who gave birth to Alpha. Alpha was born as a female demon, a succubus, but due to the
    royal blood that flooded through Alpha's veins Alpha never really became a succubus. Instead Alpha
    became a shape shifter. Many of the royal family were happy because the second child of the royal family
    wasn't a succubus or a incubus, since the mother of the two children, Fay and Alpha, were a succubus.

    At the age of 8, the beautiful and loving Queen died, well she didn't die peacefully. She were bloody
    murdered by her ex. The Ex wanted to murder her and her offsprings, but the mighty and powerful King
    killed him before he was able to lay his hands on Fay and Alpha. But sadly enough, Alpha had witnessed
    the death of the beautiful Queen. And ever since that day Alpha changed.

    At the age of 16, when hormones and such make their way to demolish life itself, Alpha discovered
    something that the Queen would cheer for, if she were alive. Alpha found out that the true appearance
    of Alpha were one of a succubus/incubus (Succubus = female sex demon, incubus = male sex demon).
    Alpha had heard from the Queen that Alpha were female, but really never listened to her and preferred
    the male appearances that Alpha could use instead of a cute female appearance. But finding out the
    true appearance of Alpha was accepted at first by the old king, but when he found out that Alpha
    were a succubus his poor old heart said bluntly "STOP" and the old fool of a King died.

    Ever since Fay was crowned king Alpha didn't visit the demon kingdom as much as Alpha once did.
    Maybe it was because of the new lady that was visiting Fay all the time. And before anyone noticed
    anything at all, rumors about her giving birth to a prince started to spread. Alpha, who didn't care at all
    ignored this matter and continued to fool around in the human kingdom. As time passed Alpha had seen
    the young demon prince in the human kingdom, working for the human king, as a butler. Alpha had
    never laughed so much in Alpha's entire life, as Alpha did when seeing the prince working as a butler.

    Alpha continued to do whatever pleased Alpha, not giving any thought about Fay or anyone close to
    Alpha. But once, things didn't go as Alpha wanted it to. Alpha snapped. It happened when Alpha was
    doing what Alpha does best, sneaking and pulling pranks. Hidden by the trees of the forest were
    some pitiful humans talking. Most of them were female, but all of them were carrying light spears and
    other magical weapons, which were specially made to kill demons. The humans were tired of Alpha and
    the pranks Alpha pulled on them. As they were talking Alpha sneaked closer and heard them badmouth
    Fay and Alpha's mother. Alpha who loved their mother, snapped at the sounds of them badmouthing
    her. Have you ever experienced the wrath of a demon? Well it isn't pretty. Alpha's body transformed,
    slowly and painfully into it's original shape and size, dark wings grew out on Alpha's back, two horns grew
    out on the head, the hair turned white, Alpha's nails grew longer and Alpha's once clear blue eyes turned
    white. Alpha had turned into a powerful, female, demon. But not a succubus, as you might think. Alpha
    had turned into something way worse. It didn't take long before the humans felt the wrath of Alpha.
    None of the humans survived.

    Alpha's older brother is Fay, but Alpha calls him Linn.
    And Alpha was born as cute little girl~
    Alpha is a free soul, Alpha does whatever Alpha does. But if Alpha finds a liking to you, hide, run, take
    cover. Do anything to get away from Alpha. Alpha is and will always be one of the most dangerous in the
    kingdom. For Alpha can deceive you, Alpha can make you even more insane than you already are.
    Be warned, if you ever see Alpha's true appearance you are in grave danger if you are the enemy
    of Alpha.
    Alpha prefers male appearances~

    ♬Theme Song:
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  9. WIP!




    Ayu or Yuu-kun



    He only has eyes for his daddy, but if he didn't he would say he liked guys.
    (Who looked like his daddy).


    154 lbs

    ❣Hair Color:
    His natural hair color is black but he dyed it
    blonde because no one ever suspects blonde guys!

    ◉Eye Color:

    The Butler

    His daddy, wreaking havoc and mayhem,
    cookies shaped like animals or flowers,
    animals that wear bows, and working.

    The queen, the princess, anyone his daddy hates,
    The Demon Knight (why doesn't he get to spank his daddy?! D:),
    people who screw up his work.

    Ayuta is extremely dedicated to his work
    and allows nothing to distract or hinder him.
    Unless it's his dad. As sad as it is,
    Ayuta would do anything for his dad even if it put him in harms way.
    Which is why he went to work as a Butler
    in the kingdom as soon as his dad mentioned the task.
    Working as a butler has made Ayuta a bit neurotic about cleanliness and order,
    so he becomes enraged when anyone ruins his work or interrupts him.
    When doing his actual job (the whole reason why he was there in the first place),
    Ayuta may come off as a little maniacal.

    Ayuta had a relatively pleasant childhood
    which he spent following his dad around
    and threatening anyone who ever showed romantic interest in him.
    Ayuta never had a close relationship with his mother,
    and her absence didn't bother him much,
    in fact he was glad that she was no longer present
    because then his dad could pay more attention to him!~
    No one really knows where Ayuta's extreme father complex
    came from but no one really dared to ask as
    he always got hyper defensive over it.
    [I'll add more when I see his dad's bio?]

    The theory that he lives by is 'small things, big splashes',
    meaning he does little things like rearranging a shopkeepers fruit section
    so said shop keeper gets mad at his neighbor and starts a fight that erupts into a brawl.
    Ayuta never does anything extremely terrible at the get go like assassinating people.
    He gets giddy and stupid over animals.
    He is convinced that the Demon Knight is his rival.

    ♬Theme Song:
    I can't think of a good song. T.T​
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  10. [​IMG]

    ❝I heard you need a check up?❞




    "A lady never reveals her age."



    5' 8"


    ❣Hair Color:
    Purple with pink highlights

    ◉Eye Color:
    Deep Blue

    The Nurse

    ✔ Men (Attractive and Unattractive)
    ✔ Taking flirting to a new level
    ✔ Laughing
    ✔ Being hit on
    ✔ Lounging around
    ✔ Singing
    ✔ Being complimented

    ✘ Women (Sees them as "competition")
    ✘ Men who don't fall for her advances
    ✘ Not getting what she wants
    ✘ Cats
    ✘ Blood

    Mai loves to flirt with men and seduce them. She loves to flaunt what she has and gladly embraces it. She has a dark sense of humor and finds death and dying the best subjects for jokes. Though she doesn't wish to cause another person harm. She loves to sit around and relax and isn't very good at her job.

    Mai has always been the eye candy for men. She hit puberty early and everyone can't help but notice what she has, boobs. At first she was self conscience about herself and often wore overly large shirts and hardly ever did her hair. Eventually she got to the point where she didn't care what other people thought. She liked herself and her body!

    She never has fallen in love before, she's just always used men. She always wanted to work inside the palace and be staff for the royal family, so using her seductive charms she pulled a few strings and got the only open position as the Nurse. Though she hates blood a lot and finds it difficult to work with blood. The only thing she really knows how to do is put a band aid on someone or wrap a sling. She can pretend to know how to give shots.


    ♬Theme Song:
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  11. [​IMG]

    ❝Would you please show me how this works?.......❞

    ✒Name: Hom Chim

    ✑Nickname: Hom

    ⌛Age: Looks like 22 (Real age: 1 year)

    ⚥Gender: Female

    ❤Sexuality: Straight

    ⚑Height: 155 cm

    ☃Weight: 52 kg

    ❣Hair Color: Lavender

    ◉Eye Color: Pink

    ♛Position: Maid

    - Cats or kittens
    - Cute clothes
    - Shoujo manga
    - Romantic stories
    - Playing outside
    - Dirty things
    - Dark places
    - Noises

    ♟Personality: Hom is a naive girl that easy believe people and thinks good of mostly everyone, and is pretty friendly towards people. She is a big idiot at many things sometimes since she is a pretty newborn Homunculus. Something she is really good at is romance after reading alot of romantic manga and watching too many movies about love stories. She works hard when she first have work to do, but ask others for help all the time. She is a girl that falls easily in love, but isn't sure how to show those feelings yet, even if she have a crush for on of the peasants.

    ♙Biography: Hom is a human made by the alchemist in the kingdom. The alchemist made her because he hadn't paid the taxes for awhile and almost lost his shop, so to pay for it he made Hom and gave her to the castle so they could use her as a maid since they had been looked for a maid for some time. Since he was a master in his work but lazy, he made her with mostly of the human emotions and skills. He gave her as a present to the royal family to keep his shop and lose his taxes. At first everything was new to her, but learned things quickly and became happy with her work as a maid, somewhat. But she is still learning many things.

    ❀Extra: She have a bad habit to get into trouble at times, and easily lose her focus at something else (Maybe it's the reason she gets in trouble in the first place)

    ♬Theme Song: Click
  12. Lemme know if anything needs adjusting >..>


    "Let us make the earth beautiful with our life essence~"​

    Meolina Lovell​







    ❣Hair Color:
    dark brown​

    ◉Eye Color:
    light green​


    cats, the sound of twigs snapping when tending the bushes, new moons,eating really good homemade food, winter, the violin, rain​

    being looked down on/belittled,to see flowers uncared for, selfish people, wasted effort, peasants​

    ♟Personality: Meolina is a quiet storm at almost every waking moment- minus those that start with morning rain. She shows her quiet, caring side to the plants she tends and to her superiors, but when dealing with people below even herself she is a little less agreeable. It could be said that she has a short temper, but it is almost always bubbling just below the surface(sort of like David Banner's "I'm always angry" approach to controlling his anger). She is a very pleasant conversationalist if you don't notice the sarcasm and backhanded compliments she dishes out.

    ♙Biography: She was born to a family of peasant, which she came to realize very quickly. They lived on just enough and there was never a day they went hungry. She had whatever he needed but nothing that she wanted. Little Meolina understood just fine that her family was poor yet living better than most others, still it was not how she wanted to live. She wanted extravagance,elegance; she wanted to live in a mansion- a castle! Meolina wanted to live another life.
    There was a potted cluster of Rosa Mundi roses she tended in her room and it was the only thing that brought her any real joy. The plant often accompanied her on short walks as well. She found no enjoyment or content in her current living arrangements.When she turned fifteen she took her pot of roses and ran away to the castle that towered in the distance outside her window. Meolina never looked back.

    ❀Extra: "The color of crimson life is most beautiful."

    ♬Theme Song:
    Meolina Theme
    I AM FAB


    ❝Tomorrow I'll destroy earth, ah wait no I have to play video games first~❞

    ✒Name: Fay

    ✑Nickname: Faylinn

    ⌛Age: "…"

    ⚥Gender: Male

    ❤Sexuality: Straight

    ⚑Height: 1m87

    ☃Weight: 72kg

    ❣Hair Color: Black

    ◉Eye Color: Right eye : black Left eye : Red

    ♛Position: Demon King

    ✔Likes: Video games the most and doing as he likes

    ✘Dislikes: Stuff

    ♟Personality: Selfish, self centered, egoistic and video game addict caracterize him well. He seeks for the earth's destruction soon but he always ends up playing video games(dragon quest in particular) and delays its destruction. He's spoiled by everyone, no one dares go against him except the demon knight. He's not the type to be oredered around, he orders people, only one of his subjects dare punish and warn him. Although he seems like that, he's quite handsome and is followed because of his charisma. He is super carefree but don't get lured by appearances he is still a demon deep deep deep deep deep deep inside. Like his name's meaning, he's quite like a carefree kingdom fairy living in his video game world and kidnapping the princess to have a gaming partner.

    ♙Biography: Basically, since young he had all the qualities requirred to become the next ruler of the demon kingdom and the entire world. However *sobs sobs*... HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN A VIDEO GAME ADDICT D< So he wasn't interested in taking over the earth. But hahaha we're smart enough to convince him- well actually we're low level beings who used bribery but whatever -cough- And we also told him he could experience real life video gaming and he instantly agreed tehe, end of the story -cough-
    *Fay's sudden interruption*
    I'm such a hero nyahahaha. Well except me being an exceptional king -cough- my life was waaaaay more interesting. You know what ? I freaking summoned A Yu gi oh monster when I was younger -this card game was so awesome and the anime as well, AND OH THE VIDEO GAMES SO FAAAAB- anyway I've basically always been cool like that. Well this yu gi oh character was quite cool actually, but I got bored really quickly and kicked him out of my room. I dunno what he did after that, but I do know this damn warrior killed my mom -I think Alpha told me he was having a sexy time with her as well but oh well whatever - aaaand that's how I killed my mom without even wanting it. Well dad died too, i think he died cause i wanted to be a final fantasy char, i cosplayed as girl. I was just too cute, he couldn't handle it aaaaand i guess it was a bad idea using Fire X on him -cough- anyway that wasn't all. I think I once destroyed the country when i tried to tame a dragon etc well my life is just so boring... Oh yeah I forgot to say that I have a super cute and lovely son-shouldn't have summoned dat girl from dead or alive *cough*- so yeah I have a son who came like magic in my hands~ And Alpha's my adorable little shemale sibling (yeah I don't know ITS gender but there's one sure thing, we're siblings nyahaha) except from that... OH DAMN I HAVE TO GO PLAY DRAGON QUEST, THE LASSSSST BOSSSSSSS *Fay flees*

    ❀Extra: "Dragon quest *^*"
    Older brother of Alpha

    ♬Theme Song:
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  14. Oh man, this looks neat.

    I'd like to have the role of the knight, but it might be a while before I can get a CS up.

    Now when you say "no Mary-Sues", does that mean the knight cannot be the failure son of a legendary super-heroic Garry Stu parody?
  15. (I went overboard with the rainbows I think XD)
    Nah that sounds pretty funny, so that is approved.^^
    But do try to get your CS up as fast as possible, since I really want to start this as soon as possible
  16. Okie dokie,

    Mondays are brutal for me to let you know (stupid night classes >_>) but I'll try to get it up when I can.
  17. Ikr they are brutal for me too and okay do your best, we will be cheering for you^^
  18. I'd like to call dibs on the Demon Knight position, I'll have to finish the CS after I get back from classes though, sorry.
  19. My CS will be up after I'm done with classes.

    Blargh, Monday was worse than usual for me...
  20. okidoke, I will put your name under the demon knight and it's okay, take your time^^

    sounds good, mondays are the evilest day of the week, except sundays (because that is the day you figure out you have to go to school the day after)
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