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  1. This is my 420th post on Iwaku.

    Let the party commence.


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  2. This is my 8,104th post. :3
  3. Just view your Profile Page.
    It's in the box right below your Avatar.
  4. Who ever said he is drunk doesn't know what 4/20 is about.
  5. Well there isn't a 'go home you're high' option
  6. Hitler's motherfucking birthday.
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  7. Good. Now post you Psychic bastard :D

  8. :P
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  9. Sorry I am high (open)
    Meanwhile on some Northbound highway in Michagan, twenty miles South of the Canadian border two highway patrolmen approach an old faded blue Buick with three young men who are very, very high. One of which was about to experience a trip unlike any other, having just consumed over two hundred dollars worth of marijuana and magical mushrooms. A brief exchange of words, the two patrolmen taking a short break from their usual shenanigans in messing with the minds of the unsuspecting, usually bracing for a ticket or citation. After a few moments, the officer holds up a bag of chunky marijuana in the typical zip off-brand baggy.

    "You boys missing this?" He harnessed the stone cold locked lips, staring at the now halfway frightened young man, eyes wide and immediately filling his mouth with excuse.

    "That's, well that's not ours officer!" Though his lackluster attempt at being surprised, the third boy in the back seat was appearing to have an early reaction to the heavy dose of mushrooms wrenching their way through his gut.

    "CANDY BARS!" He blurted out, his face reflecting that of a child, totally oblivious to his current situation.

    The officer kept his cold hard stare, fixing his gaze on not only the now puppy-ish eyes of the two stoned friends, but he fixed on a goal to have a little fun with these kids. "We're gonna stand here and watch you boys smoke this entire bag."

    "NO!" The one in the back halfway shouted and coughed. Suddenly a white topless Camaro zoomed by at ridiculous speeds, the sound of mocking laughing and loud music drifting with it. Turning on a heel, the officer at the drivers side door whipped his glasses off revealing two milky brown eyes complimenting a fine mustache and the neat folds of his uniform.

    "Mother of God."​

    If you don't know what that references, you're doing better than I am.
    You bastard.​
  10. Oh.

    This isn't a Hitler's Birthday thread.

    ...*leaves quietly*
  11. It... can be.

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  12. [​IMG]
  13. hitler_lol.gif
    Oh no you di'in't.
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