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    Warhammer 40,000: The Sisk Incident

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    "Okay everyone, listen up; we have a new assignment! The Boss just called us in to some feudal world, said he'd meet us there. In his typical fashion, he didn't say why, but he did say that we'd meet him there for the brief. That's right, he's there in person, which means we're onto something big. Good news is I already have 'booked' us a flight there: the Kestrel of Luggnum, currently taking on Guardsmen to reinforce the place after our Ordo Xenos counterparts seriously dropped the scrumball with Avitohol. Bad news is the ship's leaving as soon as all the Militarum types are off the ground, which should be in about three hours. In other words, pack up your crap and lets get a move on."

    Your character is someone onboard the Kestrel of Luggnum, a cargo ship heading towards Sisk, a feudal world with a technology level barely beyond gunpowder, either as a member of the Inquisitorial Warparty of Interrogator Skalter of the Ordo Hereticus, or as a soldier in the Imperial Guard regiment of your own choice or making, or as a member of any other Imperial faction that might be headed for Sisk.

    Information on the Periphery/Spinward Front (open)
    The Periphery is a sub-sector of the Calixis Sector in Segmentum Obscurus that has largely been consumed in warfare between the Secessionist forces of Duke Severus XIII, WAAAGH! Grimtoof and the Imperium. Dark Eldar of the Children of Thorns Kabal raid all sides and chaos cults rising from the madness fight for themselves, but are secondary threats to the three primary combatants. Duke Severus XIII fights to establish his own personal empire: the Severan Dominate, having falsely convinced his people that he can bring forth utopia. Warboss Ghenghiz Grimtoof Git-slava has set his eyes upon the bounteous loot and slaves the subsector holds, in addition to the fight it provides. The Imperium fights to retain and retake what it once rightfully held.
    Would you like to know more?

    Information on Planet Sisk (open)
    Sisk is a feudal world ruled by a land-owning noble caste with a technology level barely beyond gunpowder. With the fall of nearby Avitohol to the Orks and the subsequent failure to retake the system, the Imperium is reinforcing planets bordering Avitohol in preparation for a potential attack. The Imperial presence in the system is largely centered in several orbital void docks, including the Governor Gavvit's Oribital Palace. The planet's surface is hospitable, but unpleasant. Moors, swamps and forests dominate the landscape. Sisk is also known for an uncharacteristically high mutant population. The human population live in walled cities and fortified towns to protect themselves from roving bands of mutant cannibals. Sisk mutants are identifiable by the extra joints they possess in their arms and legs, giving them a distinct and disturbing gait.
    Would you like to know more?

    Character Sheet

    Name/Rank: (Your character's full name and rank, if applicable.)
    Age: (+18 please.)
    Gender: (Duh.)
    Organization: (What groups does your character belong to? If IG, include regiment, if Inquisition, include 'Ordo Hereticus'.)
    Appearance: (Pic and/or paragraph, your choice.)
    History: (At least a paragraph.)
    Personality: (Same as above.)
    Equipment/Wargear: (List it now or forever hold your peace.)
    Skills/Abilities: (Can you speak Ork? Can you drive? Can you perform the rite of percussive maintenance? If you can answer yes to at least one of these, you have skills. Except for the last one.)
    Other: (Anything that you want to add that doesn't fit in the other categories.)

    Rules and Guidelines:
    -To join, post your CS here and await GM approval before posting IC. No posting IC unless I've accepted your CS. If you are joining once the RP has started, wait until I give you an opportunity to join. I don't want to retcon people into existence.
    -1 paragraph post minimum.
    -Please use proper spelling and grammar. I won't mind the occasional error, but if it's hard to make sense of what you type, you're doing it wrong.
    -Everyone should post once a cycle, which will be every 3-4 days from my posts, faster if everyone wants. There is no posting order.
    -If you can't post within a cycle(e.g. if Life happens), let me know so I can move your character along. If you disappear from the thread for long enough without letting me know, your character will be killed off.
    -Romance? Sure, just keep it clean.
    -Feel free to post casual conversation in this thread. It doesn't have to be 40k related either.
    -Have fun. That's an order.

    Let me know if I'm forgetting anything.
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    Name/Rank: Interrogator Rayvius Skalterion
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Organization: The Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus Calixis
    Rayvius (open)

    History: Rayvius Skalterion was a data hustler on the world of <REDACTED>. He was commissioned by Inquisitor Case in the couse of an investigation. The Inquisitor was impressed with his work and offered Ray a position as one of his agents. Rayvius has served in the Inquisition for seven years, and Inquisitor Case has considered promoting him to full Inquisitor, despite Ray's resistance towards the idea.
    Personality: Ray is an informal and friendly person when in company he trusts, and is rather distant with people he does not. He often becomes quite sarcastic when stressed, adopting a 'grin-and-bear-it' attitude. He has been known to complain about his duties to his superior, giving an air of unorthodoxy and unruliness, but will do his assignments regardless of his personal feelings. He truthfully enjoys working for the Inquisition because despite being 'a big pain in the ass,' he finds the abstract problem-solving and relatively free reign to do so quite stimulating. "You get the best toys, you're told to fix a problem and then they say do it your way? What's not to like?"
    Laspistol with 2 extra clips.
    Augmentic Left Eye, implanted, customized to show data feeds, built-in commbead.
    Augmentic Left Arm, from the shoulder down, fingers contain three keyboard-manipulator mechadendrites each, wrist-mounted interface/MIU uplink mechadendrite, forearm storage compartment (contains 1 flashbang grenade, 1 smoke grenade, compact stub pistol, pouch of lho, lho-stick paper), weapon mount for MIU-linked weapons on shoulder blade.
    Mind Impulse Unit, implanted in upper spine.
    <REDACTED> and <REDACTED> Cranial Implants.
    Binary vox emitter, implanted under tounge.
    Modified Storm Coat.
    Flak Armor, custom fitted.
    Bodyglove, black.
    Portable Cogitator, customized, reinforced environment-proof case.
    Lho-stick case with built in lucifer.
    Cogitator Whiz: Rayvius understands the inner workings of cogitators' machine spirits and can entreat them to do far more than the average person can.
    Combat Training: Ray has received training in Guard hand-to-hand and most firearms, and is competent in their use.
    Binary Literate: Rayvius can read and write in Binary, but is not fluent; it takes him several seconds to compose or decipher auditory blurts, longer if they're encoded. His preference towards speaking in simple or shorthand phrases belies his actual artistic talent with the language.
    Flight Training: Ray has some experience in operating airborne vehicles, though is not a skilled pilot. His landings are often the butt of jokes.
    Other: Rayvius dislikes recaff, but will drink it. He suffers from a lho addiction. His favorite opera is The Fall of Inquisitor Frollo, particularly the Baritone Aria Warpfire.
    Keyboard Manipulation Machadendrites (open)
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  3. Name/Rank: Sergeant Lucius Bjornsonn
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Organization: 29th Helheim mechanized regiment, the "Hounds of Hel"
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    Replace the normal cadian colours with black armour and grey urban camo uniform.
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    His sentinel,

    History: Born on the stoney planet of Helheim Lucius was one of the middle class within the planet's strict caste system. He was drafted into the muster, proving himself a capable driver and even more capable behind the helm of a sentinel. He has been through three theaters of war, rising to the rank of sergeant in his sentinel spearhead. His mechanized unit was sent to Sisk as 'specialists', the planet sharing quite a few similarities to the foggy and marshy homeworld of the Hounds.

    Personality: He has made a few enemies within the mechanicus for working on his own equipment, making a few... less than blessed changes. A deviant by nature he has had many clashes with the upper ranks for diverting from the plan and taking his forces to areas of true glory. As such he is a bit brash and bullheaded but a tactical mind, quite often pensive and quiet until the clack of his autoloader starts up.

    Equipment/Wargear: Hotshot laspistol 4 clips
    Combat knife.
    One frag grenade.
    Standard flak armour.
    Back up stub pistol in his boot.

    Skills/Abilities: Capable driver, highly skilled with heavy weaponry, next best thing to a techpriest when standard machinery breaks down.

    Other: Has been known to keep a small amount of Sacra on his person at most times.
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  4. I'll get started on mine fairly soon here. Hitting another slump on top of Valentine's Day and a new Monster Hunter title.
  5. Ok, just try not to keep us waiting too long. After all...

    ...Heresy grows from idleness.
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  6. Shush. No idleness from me.

    Just lots and lots of hunting wyverns and dragons.

    Also, I see no Mechanicus here... May I?
  7. @Windsong Even though I said IG and Inquisition, I really meant any Imperial faction, so knock yourself out.

    Also, @Mako Torriblaidd What's the loadout on your sentinel? Would I be right in guessing Searchlight, Lascannon, Hunter-Killer missile and Comms array?
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  8. I just wanted to put up the sentinel I just painted but fucked the legs up on... Anywho, its got an autocannon, hunter killer missile, and searchlight. I didn't think it'd come into play here.
  9. Oh lord, that's asking for trouble, Lucius and a mechanicus... Bad things... :3 hopefully they don't do a thorough inspection on anything he makes run or fixes.
  10. Where's the fun of a story without internal drama?

    Also I'm fiddling with either a wise-cracking and bitchy Guardswoman or a member of the mechanicus.

    But I'm torn between making the mechanicus something like an enginseer or just an attached member of the Inquisition party or guard regiment.
    Here's the bitch.
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  11. Ahh, It was hard to tell what weapon that was from the front. I ask because there may be a point in the story when we reunite with friendly forces.
  12. Feel free to begin. Don't wait around because of my slow-ass making up a sheet..

    It's in the works. I promise.
  13. I'm reluctant to start with only one other person ready to go, so I'm making a Roleplay Ad for the thread to hopefully get more people. I'll start the IC on Sunday if I don't get any more interest, sooner if someone else signs up.
  14. For a setting as large and varied as 40k you'd imagine more people might be interested.
  15. The worst part is that about a month ago I saw an interest check for a 40k RP, but nobody wanted to GM.
  16. I had a check out not too long ago that I was going to gm.
  17. Lets get this show on the road.
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  18. Name/Rank: Commissar Adrian Ruhr
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Organization: Assigned with the 83rd regiment of the Death Korps of Krieg
    Appearance: In armor. Adrian when not wearing his mask has neck length auburn hair and a small beard of the same color, his eyes are of a greenish blue color and he stands at 6'0" and cuts an imposing figure which suits his position well.

    History: Adrian was born on Bakka and was taken early to be trained in the Imperial Commissariat, advancing near the top of his class and holding that position right on through to when he became a Cadet Commissar where he was assigned with a Cadian regiment. It took him to whole years to achieve a full commissar rank where he was then assigned to his most difficult assignment, the 83rd infantry regiment of the Death Korps. He saw many engagements with them and due to his long time spent with the korps he started to take on their mannerisms like the constant wearing of his gas mask and his silence in most situations that do not concern him. While his files say he is still assigned with the 83rd he was actually awaiting new assignment when he found him self among the survivors of the Kesteral.

    Personality: Adrian is a quiet man who for obvious reasons is borderline fanatical about the Imperial cult. Despite his position he does develop a genuine concern for the regiments he is assigned with especially the 83rd and this is why he still wears his unique death korps ensemble. While he hates xenos he respects the Tau as warriors and will give them a warrior death if encountered in combat. He hates weakness of the mind and soul that allow imperial regiments to fall to chaos and does not tolerate undue fear among any regiments.
    Equipment/Wargear: Besides his Armor he carries a chain sword and a bolt pistol along with a knife in his sash in the event he is disarmed.
    Skills/Abilities: He has learned to repair minor to moderate damage to equipment during his time with the death korps so if it's broken but not mangled chances are Adrian can fix it.
    Other: He can play multiple instruments.
  19. Welcome @Dakota K., your character is accepted. Please feel free to take a seat in the life pod.

    @Windsong Since the thread has started, you might want to get working on your CS... *hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink*
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