400 Alternative words for "Said".

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  1. Well, I'm heading off for now, my mom wants me to sleep soon. At least Blake doesn't have much action going on with him lol.
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  2. Err...re-read my second post before this one. (The last on the previous page) (lol)
  3. Also, I am also going to be out in four minutes. Won't be posting until 4ish tomorrow. Getting a haircut and having some lunch out of borough. May try to get some posts in on mobile
  4. XD ah ok

    I'll probably be going to sleep soonish though
  5. Yikes, stock up on coffee and pajama pants.
  6. @Dakota K5

    Before we get killed by the wave of frost coming to end the world that is Missouri, do you think you could post a response to the most recent GM post?
  7. Sorry I didn't know... :~:
  8. Astorath got up and walked over to the crib, placing Ashley in and covering her.
  9. Harmony kiss him back deeply.
  10. Astorath kissed her back as he ran his fingers through her hair.
  11. "That was amazing. I love you." Anya snuggle against him happily.
  12. "I love you too."
  13. "When we aren't fighting."
  14. "Still no, not always."
  15. "Stay. Don't leave my side, follow me everywhere." Anya hug him tightly.
  16. @Verite or @Atomyk or any of the co-GMs... what's the ruling on Naomi and Little Guy having their cell phones inside the glass box?
  17. I'm totally late to this, sorry.

    I would suggest Azura buuut idk if Revy would like her or somet