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4.0 Known Bugs and Reports!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Apr 22, 2010.

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    Keep using this thread and report issues when you come across them!

    Text not showing up in the textboxes when posting.
    MOST FIXED. There is still a textbox here and there not displaying right.

    Annoying white bar thing that stays there until you click the textbox.

    Cbox commands can't be edited.

    Some names not displaying in the "last post by" on the forum index.
    Fixed/Okay? It looks like it's only doing it for posts made before the upgrade. It should fix itself as we post.

    Custom font size settings in Cbox keeps resetting.

    People could not get to the "Home" tab.

    Can't use custom commands in Cbox channels.

    Weird blank space on the end of threads?
    Happens in IE and is a style issue. Looking for a fix.

    Group notifications are wonky.

    There's an MYSQL error getting emailed to me when people use the SEARCH in the Post Thanks
    Stop re-enabling the mod. You're spamming the hell out of my mailbox. D:< The coder hasn't put out a fix for this yet, and I'm not sure how to disable the search-thanks feature to kill that error.
  2. IIIIIII'mmmmm baaaaack and I have evidence for The Void as I have come to call it. (Please note I put it on 20% so you could see part of the thread along with the void.)

    Show Spoiler

    Also one other thing, is there a "true reply" button? I click the reply button I see toward the bottom of the thread page and it just sends my cursor to quick reply. I need to click the Go Advanced button to get into the actual reply box.

    [edit]Takes notice of the reply button at the "top" of the page. Not for nothing but....shouldn't that button be on the bottom?[/edit]
  3. excessive spaces in posts are deleted by (I think it's auto formatting) for some reason, more of an annoyance really, but it does bother me.
  4. I'll see if I can figure out why it goes to Quick Reply. Just use the Go Advanced button for now. XD

    ...weird void. c_c And why are those text boxes so big? Is that cause you reduced the sizes to take the screencap?

    What do you mean by excessive spaces? Like hitting the spacebar to format words far apart or hitting the enter key to space paragraphs...?
  5. Yeah they only went like that because of reduced size otherwise they are fine. And if you look at my post edit you will see I found the regular reply button.
  6. Whenever I pick a color from the drop down list in Quick Reply, this happens. x3

    && you know how much I love to use gold to match my aviisiggy :P
  7. You try just the word itself or a hexcode? right now I'm using

  8. Hitting the spacebar for formatting purposes. I had to use lines in the "costum commands" thread instead.
  9. Maybe it's just my crappy work computer, but quotes are appearing BELOW the level of the poster's side-profile - i.e. the line below "JOIN DATE", "POSTS" and the MSN icon.

    Liketh so:
    Show Spoiler

    It's also the same with large sigs like Sakura's and Piro's. They're alligning below the mini-profile.

    Don't make me go in there and attempt to fix it myself, Diana. >:[
  10. Well thought you'd like to know. When I sign in and I have to enter in my name, the text is black and the bar is black making it difficult to spell check. The password on the other hand is just fine with nice big white dots.
  11. Blair

    "I make omelets that are killer." She grinned at him "I've mastered the art of skilleting and the wonders of using a microwave." She joked as she got downstairs


    She made her way to the location on the notes and knocked loudly on the door "Jason! Open up!"
  12. When I post, and it's a big enough post to where you can use the scroll down bar...I'll scroll down, but the box keeps going crazy and scrolling up and up and up...It also happens in PMs. It's making it quite difficult to type up my part for the Newsletter, Dan:nana:.
  13. Dylan: "Yeah. I'm a lot older than Ray, but I'm basically his best friend. He doesn't really have many friends."

    Ray looked up at him. "Must you say that out loud? Even if it's true?"

    Dylan shrugged: "I keep telling you that you need to get out more."

    Ray: "And I did."

    Dylan: "Yeah, and now you have a girlfriend and you seem happier than ever. Could you stop tinkering for 5 minutes? Your girlfriend is here."

    Ray: "Sorry, habit."
  14. I accepted a friend request, but I'm still stuck with the notification..?
  15. Ray

    He kept working on his exosuit.
  16. Jason

    "I'll join you. Something I want to find out is how they are dampening our powers, yet the suit was able to use his."


    "You keep placing cameras near them, Jason will trust you even less and be a lot more likely to go rogue."

    He leaned against the wall right behind him and chuckled, "Joe, you remember what I told you about Jason. Nothing is classified to him. The kid always manages to find a way. Even though you've dampened their powers, he'll find a way around it. Hell, might even turn his powers back on, then anyone who has crossed him better pray to whatever deity, higher power, whatever to spare them too much suffering. Kid tends to hold a grudge, you might want to repair that metaphorical bridge you set on fire earlier before he figures out how. I can only do so much when it comes down to it."

    He thought to himself "I've seen the kid angry. It's scary shit. He may have been the youngest by far, but there's a reason he was leader of our team.'

    (Should we make side skellies for Belle, Hawthorne, Dylan and John?)
  17. Definitely friend request, Dananachan <3
  18. You're all fixed now Saku! You still had a friend request from Chii waiting. XD
  19. Ooh P:
    I thought I accepted that xD
    Thank you Dananchuuu <3
  20. Sooo Diana yyyeeeaaah

    You should probs update the Guide at the top of the page under 'meet the ataff' because the staffing has changed and newcomers should be aware an not blindly running around

    :) that's it
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