4.0.6 - Bug Reporting!

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I just ran the 4.0.6 forum update today. It comes with an assload of bug fixes, which may or may not fix some of people's recent errors. c___c Or create new bugs.

If you encounter an error or something looks "weird" please report HERE in this thread.
For the love of kittens, please do not tell me in the Cbox or PMs or IMs. I WILL forget to fix it if it's not listed here or in the other bug thread.
Hooray! The Embed a Picture dialog box no longer is white-on-white! *praises the Diana*

Small bug: When using the Advanced Editor, I noticed that there was apparently an effort to make icons for the Spoiler and Spoiler+ buttons in this update, but their icons come up as Red X's for me.
Yeah, I'm trying to find the area I can fix that. >< It's one of those things I know HOW to fix if I could FIND it!
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