3rd time is a charm....

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  1. Well, It would seem real life just does not want me to RP at all. 1st time I went through a rough break up. The 2nd time I came back my mom died. I'm slightly afraid of what extreme life will throw at me this time but I hope to come back and stay here.

    I'm always looking for friends and people to chat with. I excel mostly at combat RP, romance, or some type of a drama/life rp.

    If anyone would like to have me, please PM me. It's good to be back! =)
  2. Welcome back ^^ Sorry you've had a rough time, and I hope you can get into some active, fun rp's again :D *throws glitter and rainbows and cookies and... other awesome things!*
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  3. Welcome back lol
  4. Thank you! =) how are you @Krintha?
  5. In good finally watching mado max
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.