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  1. Greetings fellow humans~! I am SkyBarrier212. So you're interested to roleplay with me? Great! All you have to do is PM me and we can get started! I'm still on vacation for a little while and I'm bored as ever... So I need some RPing to stop the boredom.

    My favorite genres of roleplay are romance, drama, action, fantasy, yuri, and sci-fi. You may choose whatever genres you would like to roleplay in, I don't mind! The only thing I require is romance, other than that you may choose whatever genres you would like to add on. Also, I'll write just as much as you write on your post, so don't worry about length.

    Still don't know what type of roleplay you wish to do? No biggie! I'll list off some to help you with your ideas.

    The one in bold is the character I want to play, if it's not in bold, then I don't mind playing either or.

    Bully x Bullied
    Pop Star x Fan
    Celebrity x Celebrity ( I kinda have a plot idea for this one...)
    Kidnapper x Victim
    Ghost x Human
    Angel x Demon
    Angel x Human
    Demon x Human
    Teacher x Student
    Princess x Princess
    Prince x Princess
    Knight x Princess
    Boss x Secretary
    Bodyguard x Noble
    Android x Human
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Blood Slave
    Soldier x Soldier
    Cop x Criminal
    Spy x Spy
    Spy x Enemy Spy
    Spy x Victim
    Assassin x Target
    Assassin x Assassin
    Noble x Maid
    Witch x Hunter
    Witch x Human
    Rich x Poor
    Pirate x Captive
    Nurse x Doctor
    Nurse x Patient
    Doctor x Patient
    Opposite Elementals
    Forbidden Love
    Elementals in general
    Android x Android
    College Student x Professor
    Goddess x Goddess
    God/or High Being x Goddess
    Goddess x Human
    Drug addict x Drug addict (I kinda have a plot for this one)
    Drug addict x cured drug addict
    Half Angel x Half Demon
    Masquerade ball
    Human x Werewolf
    Waitress/Waiter x Customer
    Zombie apocalypse
    Commoner x Princess/Prince
    Guardian Angel x Human
    Photographer x Model
    Pregnant Girlfriend x Boyfriend
    Mermaid x Human
    Actress x Helper
    Other pairings. I am pretty open. All you need to do is ask.

    Holy crap that's a lot of pairings

    I just counted there's 42



    I just have a few rules though....

    1. I prefer to play the female lead, I will play male characters as side or supporting characters though

    2. We can double up on the pairings if you'd like, if we do heterosexual relationships

    3. We can either play a heterosexual pairing or a Yuri pairing

    4. I would like someone who can post frequently, and not leave me hanging, but if you have some things to do that's completely fine

    5. Cursing, violence, and gore is fine

    6. I can't stress this enough, don't ditch the roleplay, if you don't think it will hold your interest or the pairing/plot doesn't tickle your fancy, don't join it!

    7.If you can't post, please, PM me and let me know you will be gone for however long. I will NOT hold it against you.

    8. No god modding

    9. Proper Spelling and Grammar please.

    10. You have to contribute to the plot as much as I do, 50=50 or 50/50

    11. NO ONE LINERS. A paragraph or more, I can usually write two paragraphs, depending on what I'm given

    I know this was a bit long, and I aplogize, if you are interested, message me, or comment below. :3

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  2. Heyyyyyyy. I'd love to do the Vampire x Blood Slave pairing with you ^u^ Hetero or Yuri is totes fine!
  3. Oh yay I've actually wanted to try this pairing out :D
  4. Could the Pirate x Captive be modern? also the bodyguard x noble sound interesting.
  5. How would we be able to incorporate the Pirate x Captive as modern? I need an example xD and the bodyguard x noble is interesting :D I kinda had a plot for that one too...
  6. Like maybe the captive is traveling on a boat somewhere and it is hijacked by a band of modern day pirates. Watch the anime Black Lagoon and you'll see what I mean.
  7. I've heard of that anime but I didn't really have the time to watch it, but now I saw the first episode and that was amazing xD
  8. so you wanna do the pirate x captive rp
  9. Yeah cause it would be funer :3 (if that was a word)
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing how the nurse x patient would go.
  11. well send me the link and I'll rp a soon as I can
  12. Still looking guys~ You can never have too much roleplays, well you can, but I need more entertainment
  13. I have a plot for an Artist x Shy Girl pairing, if you're willing to do Yuri with me. :) If not, I'll take on a teacher x student relationship!
  14. Do you mean an artist like painting, drawing, etc or an artist like a musician? Either way I would love to try out that pairing :)
  15. Whatever kind of artist you'd like! I would play the shy girl. Feel free to PM me if you'd like.~
  16. Updated and still looking~
  17. @SkyBarrier212 Is another Vampire x Blood Slave out of the question? :x
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