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    Sky exited the train and brushed her blonde bangs behind her ear, reading over the roster and her room number. They only allowed her one bag, a backpack [​IMG] , in which she was supposed to put everything. She packed two sets of clothes: before test clothes, and during test clothes. She brought a journal, pencils, her knife set from home, rope, a canteen, a blanket, and a flashlight. She was told she could not bring food or water, that they would be given it in the test. She made her way to the hall of rooms. She shuddered as she saw there were only five, remembering that afterwards, those who survived or won would come back for one more night here...and they would see those who didn't return. Sky shook her head and slipped into her room, putting her backpack at the head of the bed on the left side of the room. She looked around. It was a simple, square room with two chests for their stuff and two beds, one on the left that she sat on, and one on the right. There was a window between them. Grabbing her journal, she sat in the window and looked outside, drawing the horizon were she could see the mountains meeting the sky, wondering who she was paired with. The roster didn't say. Each contestant was given their own roster explaining the training, which was the same for everyone, and their room assignments.
  2. Uzzah had arrived early to his room. He slid his bag from his shoulders and onto one of the beds. He looked around the simply decorated room and sat down. His body felt like every cell was vibrating at a rapid pace. He was still in a state of shock from when he had been chosen to participate. He opened his bag with shaking hands, the sound of the zipper too loud in the silent room. He dug through it, feeling all the items he had prepared. Along with the normal survival equipment (First aid kit, water purification straw, canteen, flashlight and ropes) it also contained two large Bowie knives, three packs of cigarettes, two lighters, and a small photo album. He grabbed one of the lighters and a pack of cigarettes from his bag before closing it. The plastic wrapping crackled as he tore it away from the pack. He withdrew one thin tube from its brethren, placed it in his mouth, and lit it.
    Uzzah leaned back against the wall and exhaled a long stream of smoke. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Winning would be nice, a chance to start over in a new town where no memories hid on every street corner. Uzzah wasn't here to win exactly, but he wasn't going to just let himself die either. Whichever ending found him was the one he ended up with.
  3. Talia exited the bus. She had taken the less expensive way to her destination, and had taken with her a small black cross-body bag with her that held her supplies. This included her change of clothes that were nearly identical to the ones she was wearing now, a flashlight with extra batteries, a small tube of antiseptic and Band-Aids, a Swiss Army knife, hair ties, and a full matchbox and leather gloves. It also included her electronic lockpick, but she hoped the situation would never become extreme enough where she had to use it. Although, these were pretty extreme circumstances already. Maybe there would be a time and place for the device.

    She had to admit, the prospect of "36 hours of kill or be killed" peaked her interest. Sure, she hoped, as probably most of the participants in this special event did, that they would never have to actually kill someone. Or be killed herself. But she had waited her whole life for something as exciting as this. Her boring old life back home consisted of school and homework, leaving no room for excitement of any kind. She needed this, and who knows? Maybe she could even survive long enough to be there a few days. She hadn't told her parents where she was going, of course, or they would have never let her go. Instead, she said she was going over to a friends house from school for a few days. She chuckled. The look on their faces was priceless when they heard the news. Of course, they agreed, and here she was, heading to her room. It was a double, but who she would share it with, she did not yet know. She hoped they were friendly. Or, at the very least, not eager to kill anyone so soon.

    Talia examined her room key as she walked down what she originally thought to be an empty hallway. But she saw two open doors, one with the foul stench of cigarette smoke coming from it. She crinkled her nose as she passed the open doorway, and continued down the corridor. The second open door had a small blonde girl in it, but along with the fear evident on her face, there was an air of determination. As if she was already planning to kill someone if needed. Talia shuddered slightly as she pulled out her room key and opened her own door, plopping herself down on one of the plain beds in the room. She took a deep breath, hoping her roommate would be there soon.
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  4. "Room 2...this is my room,right?" Shino asked herself in a mumble as she turned the knob and entered the room.She put her bag down on the bed on the right,then carefully placed the case that contained her sniper down besides it.She stretched her arms over her head before sitting down,then she looked over the empty bed.Hm,wonder who's gonna be in here with me... she thought,not quite sure whether to look forward in meeting them or not.Shrugging the thought off,she opened her bag and took the pair of scissors out."...my hair would be a bother in the test.Wonder where the bathroom here is..."
  5. Dio

    He strides down the hall, grinning. 'soon I'll meet another guy, and maybe they'll be a hunk! And then one thing will lead to another and theeeeenn..' his smile widens and a smirk twists his lips, he carefully flicks his messy hair into place as he reaches the door, he straitens his leather jacket and makes sure his belt keeps his pants in place. He quickly checks his shoes and nods to himself. He opens the door and saunters inside before stopping dead when he sees the girl on the bed with a pair of scissors. “no way! Ya a chick?!” He practically shouts gloomily.
  6. Evelyn stepped out of the taxi cab, her stomach churning and growling since she woke up that day to now, when she stands before the facility where the . . . test was supposedly to take place. She slung on her backpack, the only thing she was allowed to carry which contained necesities such as a change of clothes, a canteen, blanket, her father's bullet proof vest, armor for her legs and arms, a large notebook and pencil to write letters to him and her sister, along with his gun and a blade. She handed the driver her payment for the ride and watched him drive off before turning back to the building. With one huge breath, she walked inside.

    She walked through the halls, looking at the roster they gave her as she searched for her room number. She moved past a room where a girl was inside, window open and drawing something, a man smoking, and another where a man was shouting at a girl about something. I didn't think they would let coed boarding. Whatever the case, she at least hoped her roommate wouldn't attempt to kill her before the test even started. Finally she arrived at her destination: Room 4. She knocked on the door and opened it to see a girl with long dark hair already there.

    "Aah, s-so you are my roommate then?" she asked the girl.
  7. Shino looked up at the new face she assumed would be her roommate.Wait,why am I roomed with a guy?This must be some mistake... She put the scissors back in her bag and sighed."Well,does it look like I'm a guy to you?" she asked indifferently.It won't really matter who her roommate will be now that she thought about it.After all they'll only be together until the testing,and maybe longer if both of them survives...She quickly examined the stranger.He didn't look quite like the ideal person she would choose first if she was to pick a partner, but who was she to judge? It was just the first meeting, and she still barely knows the person.Although in reality they don't have that much time, they have to stick together for a while unless given their instructions by whoever's administrating the test.
  8. Uzzah heard the shout and stood up. He walked out of the room and walked towards the commotion, once he saw the cause of the noise he took the cigarette from his lips and called out. "Hey boy, you don't speak to a lady like that." He looked to the girl sitting on the bed. "Is he giving you any trouble miss?" He walked into the room while he lifted his cigarette to his lips and took another long drag. He was surprised to see how young these people were, didn't these children have any other things to do besides risk their lives in a game like this. He looked up to the other male and examined him.
  9. Sky heard voices. Several voices. She bit her lip. That many people were already here?? She wondered if she should go say hello or something.. Hesitantly, she put her journal in her bag. What was the point of going into the test with people you didn't know? You'd meet them eventually. She slipped out of her room and down the hall, noticing that all the voices came from one room now. Was there a rooming problem? She wondered how many there were per room...she didn't think about that. Silently, she stood by the doorway, looking over the people silently. There were a lot of people. Two guys, one girl...oh my. She hoped they weren't teaming up on her...yet, she couldn't find her voice enough to ask. She looked over the oldest guy, then the other guy, then the girl. Such age differences...they really wanted to pin these people against each other? Sheesh. She glanced back at her room, wondering if she should just go back. There was nothing she really could do here, at least, not until she gained some confidence, she reminded herself mentally.
  10. Dio narrows his eyes in thought as he contemplates her question. “nah, ya don't.” he says slowly, examining her as she examines him. 'I'm really freakin' expected to team up with this gal?! Seriously?! It ain't fair, she ain't gonna keep up with me! Although..' his eyes narrow in thought. 'although.. I could use this to my advantage, I could turn this around and turn this gal into my winning card..' he starts to smirk a little and slowly removes his sun glasses, his green and blue eyes watch her thoughtfully. He's about to say something else when he hears an older male's voice.

    Dio turns, spinning on his heal and folds his arms as he gazes at the older and stronger looking man. 'he ain't bad lookin'. Dio mentally considers before smirking condescendingly and tilting his head up and moving his eyes slightly to the right. “what's it to do with ya, OLD man?” he asks slowly, adding emphasise on the old. He watches the man levelly, not intimidated or concerned as he talks to the girl and then turns back to him. Dio slowly leans against the wall and places his hands in the pockets of his low strung jeans that show a bit to much flesh- decency is only kept by his long leather coat- and snorts slightly. “ain't ya a little to old to be in this game, gramps?” he says as he eyes the man, his voice goes slightly flatter and has an edge of cruelty that is emphasised by the causal way he says. “after all, killing is a young man's game.. unless ya here to die, which is an old man's game.” Dio pauses and listens, eyes flickering to the other girl he sees.
  11. Uzzah took in another drag and exhaled slowly. He stood up and walked over to the boy. He leans against the wall, resting on his forearm, placed right above Dio's head. He looked down into the other males eyes, his face stony and resolved. He leans down and whispers into the younger mans ear. "I'll tell you something boy, dying is anyone's game. Death doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care if you're an eighty year old man or a five year old girl." He pulls away. "You kids are to young to truly understand, aren't you, how many times have you seen death? And I don't mean just on tv, actually seen death? And how exactly do you know you can kill another person? Death is something children cannot understand."
  12. Dio gazes at the man as he walks over, he watches him like a hawk. The young man's smirk however falters when the older man places his forearm above his head and leans close and whispers in his ear. It's not that Dio's scared, he just hates the fact that his personal space has being invaded. “tch!” he scoffs once the older man's finished talking. “ya ain't got no right to prech to me, old man.. you ain't my pa!” or at least he hopes not, with the life his mother lead his father could have being anyone. “'an don't go assuming that I don't understand what death is, got it?! I've seen it close up and watched it happen..” a smile, a very strange smile tugs on his lips as he says calmly. “an' I've killed people to, an' once I get outta here I can continue to follow my orders.” he narrows his eyes and sneers a little. “an' for the record, old man.. I ain't no kid, I ain't no child.. I'm a man, and because I brought myself upright I'm gonna ask ya nicely..” his voice goes to a deathly flat tone of voice. “..never invade my personal space again, or ya'll regret it.”
  13. "You don't need to worry about me until the contest." He said waving a hand through the air as he walked out the room. "And I gotta say, you need to work on the whole intimidation tactic." He looked to the girl sitting on the bed. "He starts giving you any trouble you come see me, just because we're all gonna be at each others throats on the battlefield doesn't mean we have to here." He walked down the hall, his eyes dark. This really was surreal. How the hell was did they expect him to kill off children?
  14. She was silent as the older man walked out. She followed him a few steps before gaining her voice. "Erm..uhh..H-hi." she said, smiling shyly and waving. After waving, her hands returned to the pockets on her long brown jacket and she glanced over him, curious on to why he might have been picked. She didn't understand how the choosing went, but she figured if there was something they all shared, maybe that would answer her question.
  15. Shino watched the older man and her roommate in silence, and then just nodes as the man walkd out.Just then did she notice that she wasn't the only girl in the test, and before she could even gesture at least a wave to her, she left.Her gaze shifted to her roommate who was still leaning against the wall."Trying to act all tough, I see.Interesting.." she mumbled, not really caring if he heard her or not.She put her feet up on the bed and pulled them up to her chest, her hands locked behind her thighs holding the skirt up so it wouldn't reveal what's underneath."Hmm..may I ask what your name is..?" she asked, leaning her back against the wall.If she was going to stay in a room with him, she should at least know who he was.
  16. Dio glares at the back of his head. “I ain't gonna need to worry 'bout ya during the damn thing ether old man! Ya'll smoke ya self to death and maybe even keel over before it even starts!” he shouts after him. “an' I don't need to waste my intimidation on ya ever, grandpa!” he adds, louder still before taking a deep breath and muttering. “damn old coot..” under his breath, choosing to ignore the fact that his room mate will now be looked out for by the old man. 'geez, if I was stuck in a cave with him, I'd go freakin' crazy!' he thinks to himself.

    Dio bristles as he hears her, shooting a glare. “I'm always tough, always!” he gestures to himself with his thumbs. “ya seen' a hundred percent Dio here, baby!” he adds before picking up his rucksack and fishing through it. “so.. this is awkward, I don't really wanna sleep in the same room as ya.. it's not that I swing that way, hunky guys are my thing.. but I just ain't comfy with the thought of sleepin' in my boxers or briefs while in gal company..” he gazes at her as she puts her feet on the bed. “how do ya feel about that? Bet it's even worse for a gal to be in with guys..” he pulls out a stuff cuddly lion from his rucksack and smiles without hate or malice. “an' Mori's a guy to, object he may be but still a guy..” Dio hugs the lion to his chest as he flops on his bed with a thump. “..can't wait to start the main event though.. it'll make all this worth it in the end.”
  17. Scoping was a hawk's game. One that he fully intended to play, because it called for a minimal amount of energy. And only his attention. Adrian ? He had gotten here very early, too early in fact. Because, unlike the others, he actually owned a car. An old Bentley Arnage, old - practically ancient. (He could almost thank his father for it's inheritance, if he had the mind to.) Car settled somewhere far off, in which he walked the rest of the way. Some new area, some new place, and only one thought in mind. 'Do I really have to do this...?' Effort, effort was something that only came with motivation. A drive for something, a goal. But Adrian was difficult to motivate. Yet, was there no greater motivation then a threat being aimed at his life? 'How troublesome...' A single phrase, that he'd let replay in his mind, so many times - he'd lost count. In the hallway of where-ever they were supposed to be, is where he stood. Leaned against the wall, cigarette caught carelessly between his lips, with his eyes. Half lidded, and observing. A hawk's game indeed.

    One of these people had a sniper rifle.
    He would come to regret only bringing a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, a change of sneakers, and a handheld device.

    Adrian breathed out a smooth stream of smoke, watching everything unfold. Keeping silent and inconspicuous, with his easily forgotten presence. One of his greatest assets, really. A young guy, brash and insensitive. Young, too. An older fellow, no doubt someone he should keep his distance from. Several girls - most of them silent, one or two proved to be much more assertive then the rest. Should he have been glad, or distressed? He found girls like that difficult to handle. Another deep breath. And eventually the mass of conversation subsided, as people went their separate ways. Already, enemies had formed amongst them. How quickly until one of them dropped dead...?

    Adrian went back to his room, as there was nothing else to observe. Occasionally peeking into any open door with a sideway glance, but the stride to his room would hopefully - be uninterrupted.

    He walked, in silence. Calm and all.
  18. Evelyn jumped a little at the commotion outside. She stuck her head out the door, observing the confrontation between the two men. One of them was smoking and Evelyn felt bad for whoever was rooming with him. She also felt bad for the girl who was rooming with the guy who was yelling at her earlier. He seems . . . kind of annoying. She hoped her roommate wasn't like that. She would like to have some peace and quiet before the actual thing starts.

    The confrontation seemed to end after that, and the smoking guy and the girl who was drawing earlier left the room. They spoke to each other and Evelyn immediately retreated into her room, twiddling her thumbs and taking a deep breath. The test hasn't even started yet and people are already fighting or making allies. Oh Dad, Macy, what have I gotten myself into?
  19. Raven silently walked around not being noticed by anyone till she got to her room number she opened the door. first thing she noticed was a bag. room mate.... great. she sighed then placed her bag on her bed. it was just a some clothing and tooth brush and a dagger. she looked around and talked the place out touched the walls tapped. looking for carmas. which there where some only in here not the bathrooms. 2 carmas and a wire to hear peoples.... they really want are info on what we are going to do on this test. she sighed once more then sat down on her bed and waited for the mysterious room mate.

    (SORRY ITS SH*T BUT I wanted something in >.>)
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  20. Kayne didn't even realize he was slightly late. Why would he? Time was something only idiots worried about, or at least in Kayne's opinion. Only his own life mattered to Kayne, so other people's expectations were insignificant. However while Kayne's timing was substandard, his ride certainly made up for it. Rolling up slowly to the destination, Kayne looked out of the Maserati's blacked out windows. Not a bad place, really. With the car coming to a halt, Kaybe grabbed his backpack, something of a hefty weight. In it he'd managed to squeeze in his laptop, a foot-pump charger, ear phones, a gps tracking system, thermal goggles, a BRCK, a multi-tool, a small pistol with a small amount of ammunition, and some spare batteries. Oh, and a change of clothes, a little water canteen, plus a bottle of hand sanitizer. Kayne should have been worried about the strained seams of the bag, or the fact its weight was a nuisance, yet he ignored those factors, simply carrying the back out of the car.

    Shortly Kayne arrived in the dorm corridor. Lingering around were a few other participants, who were of no concern to Kayne. Soon Kayne arrived outside of his room, with the door already ajar. Prepared for someone to be inside, Kayne was very mildly surprised when he was greeted only by another rucksack. Obviously it's owner had gone for a walk. Grateful for the peace, Kayne set his bag down on the bed, and sat next to it. He considered unpacking, although revealing the contents of his bag to his room mate didn't seem wise at this stage. Thus Kayne sat there, waiting. For what, is unknown.
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