32 Songs in 8 Minutes

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  1. [video=youtube;mF6B8Xq7CiE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF6B8Xq7CiE&feature=related[/video]

    I found this video, and found it awesome. :D
    I think this kid did a very very good job. ^^ He had to think and plan out which songs would transition well, I mean, that's kind of difficult since there are SO many songs in the world. o wo
    I wanted to share it. :D You probably saw it, since it's two years old.
    But if not, enjoy. c:

    And comment on it perhaps! ^^
    Would you ever try to do this? On what instrument? :D
    etc. etc.~

  2. Did you know?
    He's Swedish :D
  3. And to answer your question, I would do it with help of a piano (or a keyboard if I had to do it in my house because I don't have a piano) And yes I could think of doing it. I'm a former music student, if I wouldn't want to then I would be a shame for my school former school x3 But, I am too lazy to transpose chords so I will probably not do something like this x3 Not with as many songs as he did at least. I would probably stop after eight songs and take longer parts from every songs, mostly so I don't have to transpose so damn much x3 hahah
  4. This was very awesome.

    Could I do it? Nah, you talented hacks can play your music :P. I used to do cello, but I never really stuck to it.
  5. I would do it Acapella because the only instruments I've ever known how to play are the piano and a trombone. I no longer have a piano. You won't catch me with a trombone anymore. >.>

    ...Go music kid! :D
  6. Well, that was awesome, but I could not possibly replicate it. If I had to choose an instrument, though, it would be definitely the Pipe Organ, and I would combine all the masterpieces of the baroque composers.
  7. Dude has got that RAW TALENT.