30 Hours

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  1. Tomorrow on April 25th, beginning at noon, nothing shall pass through my lips except water until six pm the next day. That is thirty hours without a single bit of food. Why? To raise awareness.

    Hunger kills more than 22,000 every day, 11,000 of them are kids under age 5. Imagine your cousin, or your little sister, dieing right in front of you because they couldn't get even a scrap of bread! Globally, 925 million people are hungry. That’s roughly 3 times the population of the U.S. going to bed hungry every night. The vast majority of these deaths are 100% preventable, but only if people do something about it.

    The Famine gives your a chance to help unmask the eyes of the people of the world, and support those who have no voice.

    So, I raised money, and now shall go hungry myself. I do hope you will at least pay attention to this, and think about it when you eat your dinner tonight and simply throw away your scraps. So, darling Iwaku members, just at least give it a look,

    If you want more info, great! Try here: http://www.30hourfamine.org/

    The real Hunger Games have begun. But no one seems to want to end them.

  2. Famine is a really touchy subject. Many people are ungrateful for the food they have when in other countries people, even kids are trying to get a piece of anything edible. But this is what people do; you know how there is an accident in the free way and people go slow, stop and stare, they might think "Oh I wonder what happen?" but then since every one is moving forward, they just keep going on and forget about the problem. There are only a few people that are willing to stop and help and most of them are just the police and ambulances, just because they have to. Its sad. Very sad and wrong. People should care about other humans, if we don't help one another then when we need help who is going to help us?