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  1. Rent? Rent was not due already... Angel pulled the card from her purse and handed it to John. "Look ass, you know we have another week," Angel argued. John cocked his head back and laughed. "You think that you run this place?" Both of the two argued for half an hour or so until, like last time, you were given another week.

    Angel pulled at stool up to the counter and started counting the bills. Why was it every month was always hell? The third Thursday of the month was war for both John and Angel. If you had company over and they argued like that, they would be mistaken as brother and sister. That in itself was gross. While Angel did the bills you sat on your Xbox and played games, it's what you enjoyed. Angel didn't give you much flak for it, but when she wanted you off you got off. You had a computer on the side, but that was for work. Work was boring as hell, and you wished for something else. Living a life of mediocrity was not always fun.

    Sometimes you wished that you could live a better life, a new fresh life. You and Angel could always move away, go back and live with her parents in Jacksonville. It would be nice, no bills, no landlord, and definitely more space.

    Angel did keep it new though. You loved her...

    But who are you exactly?

  2. Blake sighed as he watched John, the landlord, walk out of the door. They were given another week to pay off their rent like usual, and Blake had no feelings towards this. Life was starting to become nothing but work and paying bills. There was nothing much for them to enjoy because they had to use most of their money to pay off their rent. His index finger reached for the power button on the gaming console, and a light bing was heard before the lights on the console, controller, and power box all faded away. Although Blake had a job, he had to find a better profession to support both him and the one that he loved. He stood up before putting his hands on his waists, and arched his back, cracking the bones within his back. Blake than walked over to Angel before smiling slightly and giving her a pat on the back.

    "Thanks for bargaining with him. I am sorry we haven't had enough money coming in recently, and I am really trying to find another high paying job. Maybe I will get lucky later. If you were with someone else though, you could have been living a happier life, instead of being with a sad-sack like me."

    He looked down to the ground in self pity. If finding a better paying job was something he wasn't good at, wallowing in his own shame was something he was perfect in. He walked away from her and sat on the the leather chair by the desk, which could be rotated. He pressed the power button upon the desktop keyboard before typing in his username and password for his user. He browsed the desktop, before closely examining the background. A sigh came from him. The background was a picture of him and Angel on their first date. Blake clenched his fist, before banging it against the wooden table.

    "Why am I so useless!"
  3. "You aren't useless, you're just having issues. Right now, no ones is really in the 'right spot'." Angel hugged Blake closely and then went into the bedroom. Your apartment overall wasn't that bad. It was a two bedroom, one bath with a couple of closets and a kitchen along with a living room. You and Angel shared one of the bedrooms while the other was used as a study/storage room. It wasn't like you had the worst life ever, but it wasn't the greatest ever.

    Angel sat on the bed with covers around her. She had a long day today, and John wasn't helping. Angel worked at a small bakery on the west side, it was owned by a family friend who Angel has worked for since she was sixteen. She never wanted to be a baker, but it was a cool hobby. In fact, while she was in college she studied to be a psychologist. She had done temp work during college, and was actually on the way to being a really successful psychologist until her mother died. After that she just did her own thing until she met Blake. Blake and her have been together for about a year and a half. They both love each other very much, and they don't argue. There have been times where Angel could have yelled at him, but she does not see the point in yelling.

    It was about to be six o'clock, and since it was Thursday it was TV night. Angel watched "Intrepid", a show about a young detective who tried to solve cases. It was nothing special, but Angel liked it. Angel made popcorn and sat on the couch and waited for Blake to join her.
  4. Blake typed on the keyboard. hearing Angel's words, while she was trying to console him. He looked up job offers in their town, but he did not really find any jobs that were interesting or had a higher pay than his. Blake had a job at some low end company, taking phone calls and redirecting the person to whoever they needed to speak to. It had decent pay, but it was not nearly large enough to help with their living expenses. He sighed and logged out of the computer before pushing himself away from it, and strode away from the chair. He walked to their room and sat down by Angel, his head in his hands. He looked at her for a moment before leaning back in the chair, and giving a slight groan. He cracked his knuckles before leaning back in the couch, and he slung his arm around her shoulder. His left hand went into the popcorn bowl, and he placed a few in his mouth.
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