3 Sentence Challenge #2

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  1. The objective of this challenge is to use 3 random sentences from below and include it in one of these:

    - A character
    - A story
    - A plot
    - Setting
    - Poetry
    - Song

    Requirement(s) or/and guides:

    - 2 or more paragraphs
    - Try to be descriptive
    - Let your mind wandered to places. Be creative!
    - Remember to have fun! This is for you to expand your horizons!


    - The world doesn't revolve around (noun; ex: you, me, him, ect)
    - I never meant to do you wrong.
    - What goes around comes around.
    - The clock was ticking slowly, almost eternally.
    - Just a classic case, [a] scenario.
  2. (This was better before but my computer closed down internet and the autosaving didn't save so I lost it and didn't remember completely how I wrote it before xb uhuhu)

    It rained heavily. He didn't look at me, instead his eyes pierced the ground. Whose fault did he think this were? "Stop acting like a child." I mumbled, he probably didn't hear me over the rain. "The world doesn't revolve around you." I screamed at him. He shrugged and backed a couple of steps, finally his eyes were on me. "Whose fault do you think this is?" I didn't even know whose fault it was. Was it his? Was it mine?
    Maybe it was my fault, was it my fault that he were hurt? He turned around and started to walk away, I looked frightened at him. If I had reached for him I could have still had stopped him. But instead I fell down on my knees and started to cry. "I never meant to do you wrong." I don't know if it was a whisper or a scream, but either way he didn't stop and soon he were gone. I just sat there alone on the ground, I didn't decide to move inside before it had stopped raining. Somehow the rain felt comforting. When I got inside all I could hear were the clock. The clock was ticking slowly, almost eternally.
    Cold and wet I sat down on the couch and stared in front of me. Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...
  3. ( That happened to me twice today! I was infuriated! Heh. Love the sad story )
  4. "I never meant to do you wrong, I'm sorry but the world doesn't revolve around the great wolves anymore..." The low voice seemed to snarl as the male circled his fallen and dying foe. The massive black wolf had been stricken to the ground, a lance had been driven through the chest of the beast. The creature stared up, golden eyes holding nothing but anger and contempt for the dark armour clad male. "This, old friend, is just a classic case of the prey turning into the predator. Sure, your kind helped to shake the rule of those even more deadly than you. Now they are gone and you became our threats. So we have killed your kind as well, we are the wolves now." His eyes narrowed upon the heaving male. Kneeling down he slid a slender blade just behind the base of the wolf's skull. "Rest now, humans are the top predator now." The beast gave one final whine before it went slack, carmine blood staining pure snow.

    Slowly standing the male looked out over the field. Death was everywhere, the Valkyries were busy taking the souls of both the humans and the sons of Fenrir from the field. The last few wolves left standing were put down by a volley of arrows, killed with a whimper. The last of a species wiped out by those they had tried to subjugate. This was a new dawn, this was the birth of a new empire. Just as the last one, built upon the corpses of it's predecessor. This is how humans came to rule, with Odin's blessing they had trampled the bastard children of Loki's own son. This was the beginning of a new rule.