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  1. Okay, rules first.
    1. Check grammar and spelling please (everyone screws up so I'm not a stickler)

    2. Post at least three paragraphs. The more the better though so long as it is not just fluff.

    3. Please post once a day. Life is an obvious excuse to not to do so.

    4. Please be willing to contribute ideas for the progression of the story.

    Here are my three BASIC plots:

    1. My Bloody Valentine
    They've been friends since high school. He's always had a crush on her but he's been stuck in the friend zone. One night, she's raped by a date and goes to him for comfort. He promises to make it right. Now, people that give her trouble are turning up dead. When she finds out its him, has she fallen enough for him to find it sweet? Or will she turn him over to the police? Includes: dark shit not for the weak.

    2. More Than Partners
    A small town cop picks up a murder case and the Feds are called in when he/she is t making progress. The Fed assigned comes in and works with the cop instead taking over the case. As shit hits the fan and feelings develop, will their partnership fall apart or be strengthened?

    3. After the Fall
    The US was invaded and defeated. They were arrested and sent to work camps. He's been there two years now, she's a new arrival. The guards have no rules, no moral guidelines. Rape and murder, frequent beatings and starvation are used to motivate all the prisoners. There's even scheduled fights. He's a fighter, she's the entertainment. But when he kills a guard to save her and everything falls out underneath them, can they be the strength they both need to survive and escape?

    You must PM me if you are interested in any of these. I won't respond if you reply in here cause I don't check it again lol.
  2. 1 and 3 are taken. Still looking for a partner for 2
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  3. I sent you a message I would love to do idea two with you. If your still looking for someone.
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