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  1. Clare:

    I pretend to be thinking it over then grin at him "Then of course I'd love to." I say with a smile
  2. Bram

    I kiss her back happily and I shush Mari absentmindedly as she mumbled about how happy she is. I notice the door open and Jack walks through. His eyebrow raises and he announces lightly

    "I'm going to take a nap. Don't make too much noise."
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  4. Clare:
    I giggle and play with his hair, "Well I-I wasn't w-what d-did you think I was saying?"
  5. Clare:
    I smile as I pull away then turn to the movie
  6. Bram

    "I don't either." I say calmly although every part of me feels like it is on fire. I hear Mari from under her pillow

    "Sha la la don't be shy you gotta..." I roll my eyes and press the pillow on her face. She scrambles and pretends to go limp before rolling back.
  7. Clare:

    I giggle and look at him "Mari, what should we do?"
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  9. Watch out for the asylum, said mentally challenged people squat there.
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  13. Bram

    I grin as I hear barking and Mari looks excited

    "Oh more family members!"
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