:3 Hellooooo

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Aphrodite walking

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I guess I am here for a random bit of board games and to look into Rp at one point. (Give me something to use up a bit of my spare time with pwease D.D) From first glance it looks like I will have lots of fun in this forum space. :lunaspin:

*glomphuggiebugs for everyone as confetti is tossed about ~*#*#*~ :3*

#^^# The thingy made my text black and it wasn't visable.
Hello there! Fine time to come in, when we're just running the upgrade and everything is a little funky. XD We'll try to get that all fixed up. You can help spot those errors and post them in the Feedback forum for us too!
Welcome to the forum, I'm one of the admins. If you have any comments or concerns ask TK feel free to send me a PM.

Now tell us a little more about yourself.

What sorts of plots do you like roleplaying?
HI!.......... not good with welcomes and all but HI!
At Diana: When I went to post it was default on black but even when I found out how to change the color it wasn't visable till I deleted some of my posts and did them over. *posts this elsewhere as well*

At Demon Hunter: I am not sure, new at it all. I would say fantasy if pressed. I like to read that the most so wouldn't that make sense?

At Taboo: Thank-you so much for saying hi! *tosses confetti her way* ~*#*#*~

Enjoy your stay, hope you find an RP that suits you. If not, you can always start one that does.
welcome to Iwaku, mind the crazies There be many of them here.
Welcome to Iwaku!

I'm not crazy...just mentally challenged...T_T
Watch out for the asylum, said mentally challenged people squat there.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site! I'm TK, and I'm going to be attached to your ankle for the next few days, ALRIGHT?!

I knew you'd love it..... a-all... n-new people love it...... I-it's the.... the best....

Anyways, in all seriousness, if you have any trouble at all with anything, please do contact me, and I'll help you. You can contact me at MSN: [email protected] OR you can skype me at juliajrudes

I do hope you enjoy the site!
Welcome to Iwaku, Aphrodite!
Wonder if the username means you're into mythology... Hmm...
Regardless, I hope you enjoy your stay at the Hotel Iwaku! ^_^
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help you.

*Walks off into the new Iwaku shadows*