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  1. Hello, I am Green

    I’m looking to have a new partner to RP with. I’m looking to do a multitude of RPs I’m totally fine with having one die or something since we can always think of a new one. This is all because school is starting up and most of my friends don't have time to RP anymore.

    I’m looking for someone who will be able to reply at least once a day or more. This person should be in my Iwaku age group. Also, I like to RP do a lot of RPs on instant messaging mediums like Skype (preferably this) or google hangouts.

    No Gos and Favs

    I enjoy a multitude of different genre’ s. For me, however, these are my no goes or things I don’t be often and only if I am in the mood or have an idea.

    Strictly Modern (most of the time)
    Full on Furries

    However, I enjoy these genres tremendously:

    High Fantasy
    Any sort of punk
    Anything with Nekos or part animals

    Romance Focused

    I always if not most of the time I do one x ones I do romance roleplays. I am willing to try some nonromance once and while, but my new partner must be willing to do romance as I do that most of the time. Others notes, I can to fandoms if I know them, as well as crossovers. (I mostly play OC in AUs). If you want to know if I can do a fandom RP, just ask if I know the fandom, I might be willing to watch or read something if it interests me too.

    In Bluestar roleplays I normally play a more submissive type. If you don't like to RP the specifics we can do fade in black, but I have done both before.

    These are some things that I am craving right now as well as some pairs and plots for those cravings.

    Magic the Gathering Crossover
    Planeswalker x Planeswalker
    Ravnica -
    Semic Merfolk x Diplomat - Tragic Romances that one dies and the other turns into the planeswalker, in the end, turning the story into an epic adventure of sorts.
    Guideless x High Official
    Plot - Antagonist type of plot where we will be playing as antagonists against each other where we also play as each antagonist friends or another thing like that. I also normally play females, but I am willing to try males once and a while if the characters suit my interests. I don't normally like playing masculine characters, so keep the thing in mind with pairings.

    General Pairings (* are the one I like to play)
    *Selkie x Human
    *Merfolk x Human
    *Faun x Human*
    *Crazy Person x Evil person*
    Vampire x freshly turned vampire*
    *Prince(ss) x guard

    Specific Plots

    Seasons: Winter - Longterm Coming of Age Modern Fantasy Adventure (open)
    Seasons (specifically part ¼) | Modern Fantasy Romance Adventure- Two teenagers meet in a small rural town in Vermont. Muse 1 is a foreigner and has a family who believes in fanciful genies. Muse 2 has workloaded parents who travel a lot and he moves from place to place. The two make friends with each other and Muse 1 realizing that Muse 2 is having visions foreboding a dangerous future in ice. As the angered Genie Cyro sets what seems to be the whole north part of the earth into a never ending snow storm, the two become trapped together at her house after school closes and they have to find out how to calm the angered Cyro by making a deal with a flirtatious, flamboyant, and blind Genie of sight Oculus as a price for the information.

    Blackmail - Modern School Crime Romance (open)
    Blackmail | Modern Romance - Muse 1 is a person who is the bit poor. They have dropped out of school and has gotten into a bit of trouble with blackmail after not paying their debts. After finding out about Muse 1's debts kind and sweet Muse 2 offers to help him. Muse 1 denies and Muse to find out about the blackmail and help Muse 1. During helping him about Muse 2 finds out she likes Muse 1. Then the blackmailer, who was ambitious to this point came into school kidnapped Muse 2 by tricking Muse 2 to give her a note to give to the teacher that said she was going to be picked up by something. the blackmailer picks up Muse 2 and keeps her hostage making Muse 1 have to go into his house and save her.

    Mechina - Steam/Cyberpunk Romance Mystery (open)
    Mechina | Steam/Cyberpunk Romance - Muse 1 is an acolyte of the grand church for one of the most powerful gods on this Steampunk Earth. This Earth is far into the future and most of earth has globalized. Huge cities now mark the populated areas of the each. The whole north east is one giant mega city. Religion is powerful in everyone's daily lives and the false flesh gods of the west (Allah, the Lord, Buddha, most of the current religions) are thought to be primitive and heathenous Now everyone believes in the Machines, AI that has change themselves so much that they are not uncontactable by anyone but the highest church. The churches are made up of the god's old bodies and even whole cities are made out of the remains of the shells. Muse 2 is skeptical of the church but lives out his life as the church sees fit. One day Muse 1 is almost assassinated by a terrorist before Muse 2 saves them. Muse 2 finds himself gifted mechanical wings of the angels and is forced to work as a minion to the church. Finding this as an opportunity Muse 2 searching for information soon finding out a dire truth that the church has been hiding all along.
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  2. Hidden Life | Vampire Fantasy Mystery Romance (open)

    Hidden Life | Vampire Fantasy Mystery
    Deep within a dark and forgotten forest, in the garden of the gods, houses a small civilization of many races. The impish and necromancer Vampire Elf of Deadwood. These vampires create minions and slaves called out of vine and flesh to do their bidding. Muse 1 is Elf of this kind and houses a deep fascination for life, unknowingly confused about how it works and that the part of necromancy that bare against it. Muse 2 is a minion girl of Muse 1, who has relative freedom among his household. Together they find a strange artifact and broken arrow with floating, glowing white shards at the end. Together they must retrace its steps and find out a dark truth that unravels there thought of their home.

    Demon Sisters | Sisterhood Paranormal ~ needs more development (open)

    Demon Sisters | Sisterhood Paranormal ~ needs more development
    Two step sisters find out at a young age their demon powers and decides not to tell their mother. The role play revolved around the two slowly separating from each other one become evil the other becoming good. The two might fight over a guy or girl they like and this may further split them. In the end, they have a fight that has them exposed one of them has to kill the other.

    Corosa's Saviors | Fantasy Adventure Epic (Maybe Romance) ~ needs more development (open)

    Corosa's Saviors | Fantasy Adventure Epic (Maybe Romance) ~ needs more development
    A dark force is reviving itself in the southern coast of Corosa. The war-torn nations of the Valley must stop there fighting to stop this threat of void and horror that threaten the very gods of the realm. This would revolve around playing as multiple characters, but have the main plot be about around the hero which will make up a sort of Dungeons and Dragons like party.
  3. I'm also open to any ideas for anyone willing to RP. I'm cool with most Modern Fantasy stuff :3
  4. @Neko_Green I don't really do yaoi or furries, I can do nekos\kitsunes and things of the sort(I don't know if that counts as furries.) I can reply at least once a day, I primarily like playing female, but I can do male. So, do I qualify?
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  5. Yes you do! Hello, we can start the plotting if you like. Was there anything in particular you were interested in? Or would you like to plot in PM?
  6. I was interested in doing the Prince x guard. We can discuss in Pms.
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