3 Characters in need of some Rp love!

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  1. I have 3 characters that I work with constantly, and have done for years. I need new partners for them.
    Dominant MALES, preferably slightly older than my characters. (All characters on this list only need MALES, please no female characters. Thank you)
    I don't mind how many lines you write or anything like that. I always adapt myself to other people on that.
    They do have plots I normally have for each character, but we can change things about so nothing is really set in stone on that. I also have start posts ready and waiting so if you're cool with the plot line, show me your character and we can get started pretty much straight away.
    Romance, Fantasy, Action and Mature are my kind of role plays. Anything containing them all would be awesome, if possible.
    Name: Uzachi, Zenoa

    Age: 20

    Race: Demon

    Sex: Female

    Hair: Down to her hips, black and with streaks of white/grey. Dreaded/Matted.

    Eyes: Very dark, brown, but can look black in certain lights.

    Skin Tone: Quite a darkish beige

    Markings/Tattoos: Scars along her arms, nothing too extreme, looks like from when branches have caught her while climbing trees. Mulberry colored birth mark on her right shoulder spreading just up to her neck line.
    Clothing: Black, baggy, hand-me-down shirt with rips in, showing her stomach. Combat jeans, black, white and grey, tight. A trench coat, slightly to big for her and obviously very old.

    Personality: Bad attitude at first, trying to hide herself, but can be childish; Has a habit of ignoring people and doing what the hell she likes, having to defend her and her human brother. Rather flirtatious and forward. She has a mixed personality. She gets angry easily, making it hard to connect with others. Unpredictable. Protective of those managing to get through to her and get close.

    Likes: Blood apples, found on the trees in the church's court yard. Candy, it's a rather strange hate/like when it comes to sweets as she's not used to them. Singing in private, especially the lullaby her mother used to sing to her. Having fun whenever possible, this normally entails some poor crows being hit by stones and proving herself to be worthy of work.

    Dislikes: People considered as wrong-doers or unworthy of help.

    Weapon: Fists, speed, some demonic powers

    Weakness: Water, thunder

    Family: None known.

    History: Born of a human father and a demoness mother. The father didn't realize his own wife was a demoness, so locked Zenoa in a cage from her birth and kept away from her mother useless she was crying out to be fed. Her father drove himself near enough insane with grief and fear, shooting Zenoa's mother with a military revolver until she stopped breathing. Zenoa was left to watch and her brother only just managed to walk in on the scene. Before her father was able to shoot her, Luther got into a fight with him about the culling of his sibling, her temper flew out of control has he was knocked aside. As a result, the fire from the fireplace grew and consumed their father in an almighty inferno, leaving only his shadow against the wall as proof of his dwindling existence. After all this, and her brother came to, they left, leaving the rest of the house to burn and decay as they began their new lives. Grown up, to keep him and her brother safe, with all the penned up anger within her, she normally gathers money be killing off people someone doesn't want around.

    Plot: As she works as a hit man, she's normally your character's loyal servant in a sense. She kills your competition to aid your balance of power and success. After coming back from a job, only to gain another from you in a few minutes; how are you to react to her? Treat her as the servant or the friend? Love her or hate her? Or have you honestly decided yet?
    Name: Marquis, Tim.

    Age: 173 (Looks around 20)

    Sex: Male.

    Race: Vampire (Non-sparkley ¬¬)

    Hair: Black with hints of grey.

    Eyes: Black, glints and in the light have a slight tint of red.

    Skin Tone: Pale beige.

    Markings/Tattoos: Branded symbol of a lion on his back, scars.

    Clothing: Not much, at least not at first meeting.

    Family: N/A

    Personality: Timmy is a bitter, cold kind of guy. It's hard to tell if you're on his good, or bad side. very hard to understand but he lets down his walls after a while. Quite simply pleased, happy with just being next to someone where he knows his safe, over big fancy things. Reacts much without thinking first, surviving on his first instinct for years it's done him good so far. Not much in the way of 'people skills'.

    Likes: Peace and quiet.

    Dislikes: Any sort of weapon.

    Weapons: Fists, vampiric strength and speed.

    History: He can't remember much of his past. All he does remember are a few scenes of his Mother holding him, rocking him to sleep in her arms and humming, having a rather fuzzy view of her face, but focusing on a mother of pearl before his eyes which he used to grab and suckle. The last days of his human life were spend with his two 'friends'. They betrayed him, selling him as a pet to a Vampire to save their own skin. Years later he's still in that trap, nothing but a a sex slave to his master will.

    Plot: Somehow escaping from the hell he's lived in for so long, Tim runs miles away, in hope the pouring rain will over his scent as he makes a break for freedom. He either crashes into the back of your character, hitting his head on the curb where he's left vulnerable and open - or, he's found a light. Your home or shed, somewhere. He breaks his way in and hides for the night, hidden under any sort of fabric he could find. How will you find him in the morning?
    Name: Arnstein, Ingrid.

    Age: 13+ (depending on what age you what her, but I prefer her to stay around 13-17ish, she's my lolita)

    Sex: Female

    Race: Human.

    Hair: Soft brown, shoulder length.

    Eyes: Hazel

    Skin Tone: Pale Beige.

    Markings/Tattoos: A few scraps on hers knees and legs from climbing trees.

    Clothing: Simple dresses/smocks

    Family: Richard (Father) - very successful business man, Rochel (Mother) - Sweet and caring house wife. No siblings.

    Personality: Like any child, rather happy and oblivious to the business her father runs and would like to keep it that way. Doesn't understand the reasons for 'lessons' so normally escapes on long walks. Love for nature. For a child, rather big hearted and kind, conscious of what people think and do.

    History: Born into a very loving but strict family. Taking lessons from anything like dancing to piano, english to maths and so on. her father was successful enough to build up a mansion like home in a few acres, surrounded by a large metal fence. For a girl of Ingrid's age, she was still rather small, so being an adventurous human, she'd be known to slid between the bars and escape her boring lessons.

    Plot: During one of her escapes, she seems to have walked much further than usual. Singing to herself, she lost track of time, and where she was going. Funnily enough, you've told people about that stupid hole in the fence before, and low'n'behold, she's gotten through and realized that she doesn't know this place. A random intruder is nothing to be sniffed at.
  2. The First or third characters could be a lot of fun to play alongside. It's late here right now so I'm about to turn in, but please drop me a PM. :)
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