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  1. Lately I've been playing and enjoying DnD on the forums and recently came across a couple of settings I think would be great: Frostfell and Stormwrack. A third consideration is Rokugan. I'd like to give DMing a try but I'm torn between a freeform style and the dice style complete with stats and the like. Would anyone also be interested in playing? And would you rather it be a freeform game or stats?
  2. You know I'm up for it. I'll read frostfell and prolly talk to you about it over ims.
  3. A thousand times yes for me! Freeform, D&D - I don't really mind. Rokugan is the best, and the other two settings are amazing!

    I would love getting more D&D Dm's on here, though. Being one of the few people running dice games on here is a daunting task.