3-4 Person Original Character Hogwarts RP?

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  1. This took me forever to figure out which I wanted it to be. A partner request or a group RP plotting... So forgive me if it shouldn't be a partner request...

    Anyways! I've always wondered what it would be like have a group like the golden trio. A tight knit friendship group in the world of Harry Potter. So instead of creating a giant RP with a lot of people, I want to make a small group RP, (3 or 4 people), and have us be our very own golden trio. We can all take on NPC's and other small rolls but our main focus would be our very own characters.

    I'm hoping to start this RP around the group's 3rd or 4th year. But at the beginning of the RP have like a 'flash back' of how the group met. You know? So we don't have to start off an RP from the first year as little kids and go through that awkward 'get to know you' stage. This way we can start with that awkward stage and then fast forward to the train on their way to Hogwarts during year 3 or 4. (I have a problem with deciding between 3 and 4, obviously).

    There are three options to go about doing this:
    1. Hogwarts-A New Generation: We play OC characters in the same time area as Harry Potter's children are coming to Hogwarts. And we take upon ourselves to be the same age as some of his kids and the other kids.
    2. Hogwarts-We Are the New Generation: Two of us our OC's and one, or the other two, are two of Harry's/Luna's/Someone else's children.
    3. Hogwarts-The Other Prophecy: We are a group of kids in Harry's year who have our own secrets that play into the prophecy.

    I'm mostly thinking 1 or 2, that way we can make our very own new prophecy like idea and have our secrets and adventures and not worry about Harry's old dang prophecy and story.

    If we have three players I think we either want: 1 girl 2 boys or 2 girls 1 boy.
    If we have four players I think we should have: 2 girls 2 boys.

    I will be playing one of the girls either way, because I play as female... I have this problem with playing boys, I'm just not the best at it. Forgive me.

    So anyways. Come post if you are interested and share your ideas!! First come first serve I guess?
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  2. Hey id like to participate . Id like to do number 1. And hopefully 1 girl two boys. Im a girl but i can do a boy.
  3. I like to join ^^ if it still open?
  4. Is it still open? If so, count me in!!
  5. I think it's still open! I should know... Ha.

    So that's 4 people interested! Which is how many preferably we would have... Yeah!
  6. So, which one are we doing???
  7. Bummer, I was totally interested in this... Oh well, let me know if anyone drops out! ^^
  8. It's up to you guys. I personally prefer #1.

    Oh shoot! I'm sorry... :/
  9. ^^ I don't care Maybe the 1st one I like it ^^ as long as I can be My own character I do not mind ^^
  10. No problem! ^w^ But like I said, I'd like to reserve a spot in case anyone drops out :P
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  11. I like you! your like up when you still feel down ^^
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  12. *is flattered* I can assure you though, you don't want to catch me on a bad day! XD
  13. I bet that as well. I wouldn't be the nice person on a bad day ether ^^
  14. I like the idea of #1 too, I think it would give us way more freedom :3
  15. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I like having more freedom with characters too! So that's why I say we go with #1 too. I'm thinking it would be a good idea to take place with characters around the same age as everyone's children to. That way we have names of NPCs and what not.
  17. ^^ yeah! lets do this ^^
  18. Exactly :3 say, what are your feelings on the 'token evil teammate'?
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  19. Hmm...... Sounds interesting!
  20. Perfect! :D

    What ideas you have regarding the plot??
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